Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

Since publishing my very first post on Christmas Day, this is the second time I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award! How Exciting! I love expressing everything I love about beauty, make up, etc & its so exciting trying something new & being able to tell you beautiful lot about it! So a huge thank you to Rebecca-Louise at Autumn Leaves for nominating me! I'm so thankful my blog has been recognised, purely for what I love to write about!
So, as I have received this award, I shall share 7 facts about myself & nominate 15 other bloggers who I believe deserve this the most!

1. As cliché or obvious as this may sound - its true. I love to blog. I never before had a place to vent about all the things I know & love, without nagging at the other half! Blogging gives me the amazing opportunity to share new & old things to people who are new to beauty & know it alls!
2. I have an unhealthy addiction to White Hot Chocolate! I'm truly obsessed with Options gorgeous hot drink!
3. I'd honestly die to be given the opportunity to go the New York! Its my dream place to visit. I will make it a life goal to eventually go!
4. I adore YouTube, its like my own personal TV channel. I've watched channels for years now, which I have learnt many great tips & tricks from. It was my place to get away & have some 'me time'. Nothing better than curling up at night & watching some YouTube videos!
5. I LOVE River Island. Its my all time favourite shop. Its a perfect store to visit, for any outfit I'm looking for. Its also the only place I will go for my handbags!
6. I'm 20 & a full time art student. 
7. I'm obsessed with painting my nails. Any new polishes out, I'm eagerly excited to try!


Lauren at Betwixt Laur-
Amy Lynn at Suburban Blender
The A Girls at The Beauty Dosage
Islay at Islaayx
Gabriella Sofia at HauteFuture
Laura at  Laurzrah
Sian at La Belle Vie
Hannah Roza-Lyn at Two Grazed Knees

So, there you have it! Thank you for my nominations! It makes me so happy to know my blog is appreciated. I'm overwhelmed at the response I have received. I never thought it would have this outcome. Thank you!




  1. well done for getting it twice, and thankyou so much for nominating me, it really means a lot! :D Wow, I actually can't believe that you've only been blogging since Christmas and you already have so many followers! I'm also obsessed with YouTube- I would much rather spend a couple of hours watching beauty videos than watching T.V! Oh and I am totally obsessed with painting my nails- I feel naked without nail varnish on! :D xxxxxx

  2. Thank you! I've been hard at work blogging! I never expected this response, though! I just wanted to have somewhere, where I could waffle on about stuff I love.
    You sound just like me! I'm totally with you on YouTube & nails! I love curling up on a lazy day & catching up on videos. I don;t think I have ever had bare nails, not in a long time, anyway!


  3. Thanks so much for giving me the award too! love your blog and glad you enjoy mine too :) will write my blogger award post next week as im mega busy on an intensive make up course till sunday! thankyou! xxx

  4. Thanks Lucee! So nice to get a blog award... makes me feel like I'm doing something right for a change, haha!

  5. You're both welcome! I love reading your blogs. Its lovely to know what you're doing is appreciated!


  6. Thank you :o) I will post on my blog as soon as I get a chance. XXX

  7. Thank you for the nomination girl! Love your blog! =D

  8. Thanks so much we really appreciate it. We love reading your blog its amazing how you only started blogging at Christmas

  9. You're all welcome! I'm so happy you enjoy reading what I love to post! I've came so far, in a short period of time, but that's all thanks to you lot! I love your blogs, too!


  10. Thank you for nominating me! I did do a draft reply but I then deleted it! Ooops!


  11. Your welcome! I just wanted to express my appreciation!



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