Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bedroom Body Shop Products

I adore The Body Shop smellies, they smell good enough to eat & make you smell divine! I thought I'd share some of my products that live in my bedroom - perfect access for when I've jumped out the bath!

 Here is the most gorgeous packaging, perfect to show off! I didn't receive all of the products in this box, only a few, I just choose to store them in this. I don't believe you can pick up this particular gift box from their store, however, I may be wrong!
 I own four Body Butters, although I've only shown three here as I have blogged about the Strawberry one in a previous post! So, we have Jolly Orange, Moringa & Japanese Cherry Blossom.
All of these are exactly what they say. They are incredibly buttery & smooth. However, don't get confused - they are not at all greasy, sticky or slimey. They absorb into your skin beautifully, leaving your skin soft & supple throughout the day & night. What also is wonderful is the fragrance of these products! They are also exactly what they say! Its lovely knowing whatever you are buying, you're confident in knowing you won;t be disappointed,. Perfect if you're a busy bee & prefer to online shop! (They also offer free shipping on orders over £20, or £2.99 for standard delivery. Amazing!).
You get a whopping 200ml in these gorgeous tubs, which will last you so so long! Their scent will linger perfectly from bath time, all the way round to bath time again!
 Here is two soaps I own, which I have yet to rip open with excitement! I already have one in the bathroom at the moment, I also have a Strawberry one, which I have previously blogged about. As I have yet to use these, I'm limited to what I can say, however, boy can you smell how gorgeous they are before you even open them! From what I use already, once you've lathered up these little beauties, they create bubbles & bubbles! They're so nice to apply to your skin, leaving you feeling hydrated & fresh. Unfortunately I can;t find the link for the Aqua Lily soap (It might possibly be discontinued), although the Moringa soap is still available online.
 Eau De Toilettes! I own the Aqua Lily & Japanese Cherry Blossom. Upon looking for links, I found I could not locate the one for the Aqua Lily, which leads me to believe they have discontinued the products in this scent (don't hold me to it, though!). These are perfect for a spritz after your bath/shower, especially after using The Body Shop products! The Japanese Cherry Blossom has top notes of Fuji Apple, a heart of Cherry Blossom & a base pf Sandalwood, Hinoki, Wood & Fruity Musk.
Finally in my little collective products is the Aqua Lily Body Lotion (which is again, pointless including as I can't locate them, but I may as well keep them in now, you never know!) Their Body Lotions are so perfect to apply, they soak into the skin immediately, to leaving you feeling uncomfortable & unclean again, as some tend to I find there is nothing worse than getting out a bubble bath & applying something that leaves you feeling horrid. Finally, my favourite item, that I couldn't have a bath without! Bath Lilys! I have a few of these, currently using a pink one. I have also got a new hot pink one, which was included in my Strawberry gift set. Honestly, I could sit here all day & rave about this poofy little ball of beautiful-ness! Simply apply a small amount of your chosen bath wash product & this enables it to create bubbles upon bubbles! I love the texture of these, as they are not in any way harsh on your skin. They're so soft & smooth & luscious!

So that's it. Just my little collection of The Body Shop products I keep stored prettily in my bedroom. I hope you enjoyed this!

UPDATE: The Body Shop contacted me, informing me that the Aqua Lily scent has been discontinued, however, you may be able to find them in some of their outlet stores!

If you have any question, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!




  1. ooo these look soo lovely... id be having baths every night with these products haha!! to be honest i love anything thats from the body shop though :) xo


  2. I love bodyshop and have a box in my room too! I'm loving Brazil nut body scrub and body butter at the moment!
    Please look at my blog http://babybeautybargains.blogspot.com/

  3. Lovely to know I'm not the only one!
    I have yet to try those, I'm currently using Cocoa Body Scrub. :)
    Your blog looks great!


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