Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Satchel Obsession | Steve Madden & Primark

  Firstly, I must point out. Bags are my weakness, my thing. You know how everyone has a favourite item, clothes, shoes, makeup.. Well, mine has always been bags. My preferred choice is River Island. For years now, I always treat myself or I am gifted a RI handbag. They tick all the boxes for me, especially black and studs - yes please! I do intend on treating myself to a new one for my birthday, but for the time being, I really did need a new bag.
Lately, I have been seeing satchels left, right and centre! I adore the look of The Cambridge Satchel Company's bags, they are to die for, and they cater for every need, with different styles, materials, etc. I need one! Another company that I hear about is Zatchels, which I believe held a huge clearance a little while back, which I missed. #sob. Anyway, as my purse string will not stretch that far, I opted for good 'ol Primark. Well, firstly I must say I did not purchase this tan satchel, nor did I even choose it. My other half surprised me with it, as I have been umming and aaahing over whether to buy a black satchel, or a small black bag, which consisted of carved detailing and small studs, which The Persian Babe regularly raves and features on her YouTube channel!
The Primark tan satchel retails for £9, I believe, and not on a bad note, the quality does reflect the price tag. Bearing that in mind, you are a purchasing the latest trends for a fraction of the price, so I think it's a great bargain for what it is. The material is slightly plasticy, although you can't really complain. As I have worn mine, the bag has become more soft and manuable in the strap, which has been great. The satchel is framed lovely, and has maintained it's shape, ones I have filled it up. I am really happy I have been surprised with this, as the colour goes with everything - I have too much black! I think this is a great starting piece to a collection, and if you really do fall in love with the satchel design, you can purchase another in different colours!
As I initially had my eye on the smaller black bag with the intricate detailing, before I headed to Primark, I popped into good old TK Maxx - many bargains to be had! I spotted this Steve Madden small studded satchel bag, which I snatched from the stand immediately! I LOVE this! The leather is so soft and you can tell the material reflects the brand. I have heard of Steve Madden, but never seen any of the products in person, so this was exciting. I picked this up for £15, from £30, although online they do retail higher, so I am super happy I got this! I plan on using this for days out when I really do not need to carry a humongous bag, or for evenings out.
I love both of these bags, and I plan on taking some OOTD's with them, so you can see them in action and a bit for clearly. I hope you enjoyed this post, as I rarely treat myself to accessories and clothes, so it's exciting to show you my finds!
Love Lucy.


  1. I really love the tan satchel, it's a great price as well. I like the Steve Madden one but I like my bags a little bit bigger :)

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I totally agree! I usually always opt for quite a big bag, as I like to carry everything, but I think the Steve Madden one will be perfect for evenings out, where I don't need my everyday stuff! :)



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