Friday, 12 July 2013

Face Mask Friday | Montagne Jeunesse Prickly Pear Peel Off

I'm particularly partial to a face mask, actually, quite recently I have been sporting one every few days, to help clear up my skin. The latest one I have been trying, is good 'ol Mudd mask. I find this great to (I'm sorry), drag out all the impurities and gunk from my face. Repetition can get a little boring, so to mix it up, I chose this Montagne Jeunesse Prickly Pear Peel Off (RRP £1-£1.29) out from my stash. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with peel offs. I think they're a great idea, but they can be a little misleading and messy. I'm the time of gal that likes to have a soak, face mask and rinse in one go. Whereas with a peel off, you need a non steamy atmosphere to let it really set.

Montagne Jeunesse have rarely let me down with any of their products. I have always been a fan, as much as I did when my Mam introduced me to them, when I was a teen. I am particularly in love with their dual face masks, with the added sachet of moisturiser. I think they are a great concept. If my skin is feeling a little down in the dumps, I will instantly reach for MJ face mask. Back to the Prickly Pear - What a strange name, is this an actual fruit? You tell me! This has the legendary gorgeously fruity scent, that no one can turn their nose up at. On the peeling side of things, I applied mine before my face, so I could remove the residue then. Once applied, I gave it 1-15 minutes whilst I pottered about (alternatively, you could relax!). I always find that the perimeter of my face never sets as well as well as around my nose and cheeks. Anyone else? Nevertheless, once it has set as much as it can, it peels away fairly easily. I have a strange and satisfying love for removing this plasticy material that has transformed from the once jelly like consistency, form out of the packet. I really feel like these pull out the nasties, but do leave a residue, which I go back and cleanse away. 

I will always return to Montange Juenesse for face masks. Always have and always will. They are hugely recognised for their difficult to pronounce name, eye catching packaging and promising product.

Do you have a favourite face mask? Do tell!

Love Lucy. x

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