Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fifty Facts About Me.

Since I have been seriously slacking in blogging lately, I thought what better way to return, than tell you a bit more about me. I don't have a particularly interesting life, so this could be a boring one! There is 50 things for me to tell you, so lets see what I can tell you all!

1. I am a college student, studying Art and Design, hoping to be studying Fine Art at University this year.
2. I barely drink. As a 21 year old, this may sound strange, but I'm quite content this way.
3. I trust very few people.
4. I love going on journeys. Even just a 15 minute train ride will make me happy.
5. If I could, I would wear PJs all day long. No joke.
6. I am even more content being home. I would much rather me in the comfort of my own home, than party every night.
7. I wish I was as thin as I was years ago, but I have come to terms that I was a lot younger then. Body shapes change.
8. I have been with my other half for four years. Four long, difficult years, I tell you. I wouldn't change it for the world, though.
9. I kept a strict skincare routine, which only made my skin worse. I now stick to cleanse, tone and moisturise, only.
10. I love a good pamper night, especially on a Sunday, consisting of an hour soak and face masks.
11. I have sadly never left the country. I would like this to change by next year, hopefully!
12. It is my dream to go to New York. I WILL ONE DAY.
13. I have no tattoos. Complete virgin skin. I am happy with that.
14. I do however, have piercings. Scaffolding, conch, first and second lobe, belly button.
15.  I would happily live off all healthy foods, and probably not look back. If only things weren't so expensive.
16. I donate blood. No sentimental reason, but its good to know I am doing something positive.
17. I have a cat named Kitten. She is about 2 and a half years old. My other half arranged for someone to spontaneously drop her off. We never did choose a name for her, hence 'Kitten'..
18. I went to see Jessie J for my 21st birthday. This view was so worth it after waiting HOURS in the pouring rain and muddy fields.
19. I have an rather unhealthy obsession with chocolate. There is genuinely rarely a day that goes by, that I don't have any chocolate. So bad.
20. I own one high end product.
21. I am a perfectionist. I need everything to be a certain way.
22. My favourite season is Autumn/Winter, but this year, I can't wait to see a bit of sun and have warmth hitting me!
23. I watched King King for the first time last night and cried my eyes out. I am a sucker for a sad movie. I don't know why I do it!
24. Without fail every night, I catch up with my YouTube subscriptions, to the annoyance of my other half.
25. I have wanted children of my own for a long time. With uni now on the horizon, my two beautiful nephews will fill that gap. :)
26. I'm looking forward to actually sitting on a grassy bank, with a packed lunch, as the other half fishes.
27. I love to have freshly painted nails. I hate that they never last longer than a day or so.
28. I love shellac nails even more!
29. I really enjoy baking. Not saying I'm particularly good at it, but I love baking sweet treats. I would love to try baking bread.
30. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead. So sad I have to wait until February for it to return. Not long now!
31. I'm more appreciative of everything in life, as I get older.
32. I have plenty of pet hates. Too many to mention. One is have respect. The smallest thing to acknowledge, will get you far.
33. I never follow fashion trends. Just wear what I like and what I am comfortable with.
34. I have been engaged for nearly as long as I have been with my other half. I should have introduced him earlier. Meet John!
35. I have a very fair complexion, which makes finding a pale foundation, often difficult.
36. In Summer time, I drench myself in sun protection. As well as protecting myself, I enjoy having pale skin.
37. I could not live without my Samsung Galaxy S3, now I have it.
38. I religiously check my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I don't know why. I rarely update a status.
39. Skater dresses flatter my figure, better than any other cut of outfit.
40. I tried to make chocolate truffles as gifts for my family. This was a messy procedure, that I never finished. Good first attempt, though!
41. I'm determined to move house in the next year or so. As I am currently living in a flat, it would be nice to just step outside your front door.
42. I can't wait to purchase IKEA storage and furniture for when we move!
43. Marilyn Monroe had a figure to die for. This is something I always have in mind for myself. I will never be stick thin. Embrace the curves!
44. My favourite meal is Lemon Chicken and Chips/Rice or Lasagne.
45. My favourite restaurant is Frankie and Bennys. For sentimental reasons, as well as its a delicious restaurant!
46. I dream to have thick, luxurious hair, whilst I have thin, flat hair. Boo!
47. I don't understand comedies  My worst nightmare would be to have to attend a comedy night. The only comedian I like is Lee Evans.
48. I went to see my first pantomime recently. To see Peter Pan, featuring Tom Lister aka Carl King in Emmerdale. I can't wait to see another one!
49. I'm determined to go on walks. Even if they are local. The picture I took below is from around form where I live. No excuses with a scene like that!
50. This tag was surprisingly difficult! There is so many facts I could tell, but thinking of them all at once, isn't so easy. Woo, I made it to 50!

I really enjoyed doing this tag. I originally saw this tag on Beautifully Superfluous. It gave me the opportunity to reminisce over the past few years and encourage me to do more things! Roll on Summer, I say!

I tag everyone that would love to do this tag. Go on, you will enjoy it! Let me know if you have done this, so I can have a little read!



Sunday, 13 January 2013

Products I have had my eye on.

I'm forever on the look out for a new holy grail product. As much as I love my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation, I tend to get bored as I near the end of the bottle and crave a new product. At the mo', I have been eyeing up Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foudation. Nearly every blogger and beauty lover on the blogosphere must own/have at least tried this, but I am one of those types of girls that will happily plod along with one foundation at a time, or they purely won't all get used. I have heard great this about this, but with my oily/combination skin type and the need to powder, I have a feeling this won't benefit me, what so ever. Thoughts?
Another foundation I have been contemplating purchasing, is Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation. As I have very fair skin, I am always on the look out for a pale foundation, that won't leave me with an orange complextion. That is where my love for Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum lies. I have their lightest shade, that suits my skin tone to a T. I don't need to even use a mirror or blend, as its that perfectly suited. However, I would like it to have slightly more coverage, for when I need it in certain areas of my face. From what I have heard, this Revlon one has good coverage?
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle has been on my wishlist for a while! I only own one high end product, which is a MAC Lipstick in Myth. If I were to invest in a high end product, I would want it to be justified and worth it. As I have oily/combination skin type, I do have to powder my face. There is no way around that. Its a shame, as I do like the look of a dewy finish from my foundation, but by the end of the day (or even lunch time), I will just look a greasy mess. Nice. However, this is why I thought this highlighting glow shade would be perfect to add some luminosity back to my skin, in a powder form. Yes? Even though it is £21.50 for a compact of powder, this would get greatly used and I can imagine I wouldn't run out of it any time soon!
 Mineralize Skinfinish
Contouring. Wouldn't it be lovely to have chissled cheek bones, naturally. Well, I don't have that. As I have to powder my skin, I sometimes feel that I just flatten my face, giving it no definition. Which is why I have been thinking about dabbling into contouring. Sleek Contour Kit in Light. I just have a fear I will think it will look seamless in my bedroom, until I enter the outside world, to be told I have orange streaks across my cheek bones. Imagine! What are your thoughts for the paler girls? 
Face Contour Kit-Light

So for the time being, these are what I have had my eye one, before my current one's run out! What are your thoughts? 



Thursday, 3 January 2013

Everyday Products Storage

I have always had a messy dressing area. This is because if I don't see the numerous amount of body butters and moisturisers that I own in front of me, I will simply forget about them and not use them! That is why I have been after something to keep them more organised, but within immediate eyesight. Thank god for my sweet other half, how bought me this little drawer organiser set for Christmas. This consists of four reasonably sized clear drawers. In here, I store skincare, haircare, bodycare and miscellaneous. All that I use on a daily basis, also enough that I can alternate between different products, knowing they're close to me.
 Drawer 1
As soon as I have had a bath, I concentrate on my skincare to begin with. That's why the first draw is skincare. I have organised the draws alignment in which order I use them. Included in this draw, is Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Toner, Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser - Combination/Oily, sample of Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream and Olay Total Effects Day Moisturiser. I also have a few Cotton Pads popped in here, to swipe the toner across my face. All of these products fit comfortably in the draw, with room for others. At the moment, I am trying to use up what I own, before purchasing new products!

Drawer 2
Secondly, I like to apply a hair oil into the ends of my hair, to give time to work, before I move onto body care. Before that, I prep my underarms with a spray of Palmolive Soft & Gentle Anti White Marks Deodorant. Included in this draw, is Moroccan Oil Treatment, Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, V05 Miraccle Concentrate Elixer with Argan Oil and a little embellished hair grip form a Japenese store Toki Yoki. Also in the back, I have kept some little Macadamia hair samples in, that I will be using and reviewing soon for you all! Again, this draw has so much space left, to fill up with other products, etc.

Drawer 3
Third step is body care. I have too many body moisturisers, that really need used up before they expire. No pressure! At the moment, I have put in here The Body Shop Jolly Orange Body Butter, The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter, The Body Shop Strawberry Puree Body Lotionnspa Rich Cocoa Bean Rich Body Butter, Victoria's Secret Body Moistiuriser and Sanctuary Body Lotion. A LOT to get through. This isn't even all of it!

Drawer 4
This final drawer is for all bits and bobs that have no other significant home. Here I have included some good old Bio-Oil - in my case, old is the appropriate word. I am in dire need of a new Bio-Oil-like product. Whether its just a new one, or a new brand. I would love recommendations! I also have in here a bottle of FAB Body Moisturiser. This isn't something I greatly reach for, or dying to use up, so this can stay here for a little while. Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion also stays here. Again, its lovely to use, but I need to concentrate on using up my TBS Body Butters first! I have a tiny sample of Bepanthen Ointment. Purely for the other halfs tattoos. After running out of the full size, this has been just enough! Also squeezed in the fullest draw, is my newest additions to my perfume collection; FCUK Connect Fragrance and Body Lotion. If I don't keep them here, they will just sit pretty and never get used. Final product.. phew! Is Regis Designline Flat Iron Spray. I rarely straighten my hair, but when I do, this aids the straightening process, as well as protecting my locks!

Over all, I really love this drawer set. I am already wanting another one, for the other products I own. Its a great way to organise all of my bits and pieces, in a structured way.

You can pick this up from ASDA, or online here (link) for £6.97.

Have you something similar?