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Review | Real Techniques Fine Liner brush

I recently had some birthday money to spend. I knew I wanted to spend it on some things that would be worth it, as well as things I desperately needed. As I contemplated whether to pick up some face brushes, I settled for a brush I knew In definitely needed!
I really did want the Buffing Brush, I just would have preferred if it came singularly, rather than in a set, that I will probably not use the rest! At least I came away with a brush, so I can determine my thoughts!
I have been wanting a good eyeliner brush, specifically for my Maybeline Gel Eyeliner. I love the product itself, just the free mini brush that comes with it, lets it down. I watch countless amounts of make up tutorials, as well as the Pixiwoo girls & Sam's Real Techniques tutorials, of course!. They all include fine brushes to create a winged line - which is my signature look. Finally, I have a brush I can actually work with!

If you are completely i=unaware of what I am babbling on about, where have you been?!
I am showing you the Real Technques Fine Liner Brush developed by Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Sam Chapman.
Boots sold ever other brush in the collection, apart from this Fine Liner Brush. I really wanted to pick this up on the day, although it was just never going to happen, so I ordered it from Amazon. After a few days of patiently waiting at the front door each morning, it finally arrived! Woo!
After reading the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised to read that the brush is suitable to use with liquid eye liner. In probably won't use this with that, although it is great to have the option there! The brush arrived very securely in the Real Techniques packaging, with advice on the reverse, explaining the online tutorials that are specifically created for each brush & explain how to use. This is a great concept, if you are just getting into make up, or you have just came across the brand.

Real Techniques have already made me feel comfortable with their products, as I can use their online tutorials, if I feel lost with what I have bought, I can be talked through how to use this, to the best of my ability.
The brush itself is very fine. In the image above, this doesn't look the case. Once you've coated the Taklon bristles with your liner of choice, they will bind together to a pixel point, allowing you to create a fine line, close to your lash line, to create an illusion of fuller lashes, or you can create a thick, winged liner flick.

The brush has a long handle stem, so you can hold the brush quite close to the brush itself, you hold it further away, depending on how comfortable the brush sits with your hand.

Below, I took some photos of different eyeliner looks, from a simple eyeliner flick, creating a more dramatic look..
As you can see, the brush is capable of achieving a subtle, delicate click of gel liner, to something quite dark & bold! I personally only wear just a bold flick, like the second image, although its been great fun experimenting with what the brush can do! For this review, I used Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, which I have found to be an amazing liner for a drugstore product!

RT Finer Liner Brush (link).
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasgting Drama Gel Liner (link).

Do you own the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush?
What are your thoughts upon this review?




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  2. Love the double and triple flicks you've done! I'm addicted to real techniques, I save all my boots points and then use them when they have the 3 for 2 on the brushes!

    1. Thank you! I loved creating them gradually from a single fine flick!
      I really want to get some more RT Brushes! Might have to steal that idea!


  3. Great review :-) I really like the inclusion of photos so we can see the capability of the brush. I've been toying with purchasing this brush but I definitely will now.


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