Monday, 27 January 2014

Jar of Hearts. ♥

As soon as I seen these little beauties of glass jars, I knew I had to share them with you. I'm instantly attracted to all things glass. I think they look elegant on display - eventually, on my dressing table. I already have quite a large vintage sweet glass jar, which I actually picked up for £5 at Matalan. Such a good bargain, especially for it's size. This currently is holding all my Essie Polishes. So, as soon as I seen these two new jars, I knew they would make the perfect accompaniment. There were several sizes and shapes available, with the heart design on the front. As I knew I already have quite large one, I opted for a medium one, and a little small one. Initially, I fell in love with the frosted, textured glass, and wanted two in the same design but different sizes, but I thought it would look quite vintage to have contrasting textures, clashing amongst the dressing table.

I spent a good half an hour pondering in the aisle. I am terrible at shopping alone, so I decided to go for a medium size plain glass jar, which retails or £5.99, and the small textured heart jar, which retails at £4.99 - both available at TK Maxx. You could also grab yourself a square, tall or small jar, which I thought looked equally beautiful. I think they're are such individual pieces, that will stand out amongst the rest. I intend on filling them with some essential beauty products, to make for prettier storage. I'm really not sure yet - if you have any suggestions, let me know! 

I hope some of you found this post useful! I wouldn't have come across them unless I decided to have a little 'browse'. If anyone of you have any recommendations on where to find a good white dressing table, do let me know! Also, make sure to follow on Instagram at @luceeloves, to keep up to date with anything, before it reaches the blog!

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  1. These are gorgeous. TK Maxx is the best for finding awesome little things :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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