Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to cope with your threaded brows

Now, I am usually a girl who couldn't care less about my brows. They are fair, sparse, but have a good natural shape, so I like to just let 'em be. However, lately I have been keen on the idea of filling them in with powder, just to add definition, and to show I actually have eyebrows! Toying with the idea of a tint and shape, I spontaneously chose to pop into a walk in stall at my local shopping centre. Oh, how I wish my other half would have talked me out of it, but either way, I would have ignored is words of surprising wisdom at that time, as I entered the stall.

Greeted by a eager lady stating "eyebrows?". At that point in itself, I should have walked away. Cheerily popping myself on the seat, I explain I wish to just tidy my brows, as this is my first time.. oo-er! I lay back, without any reassurance, the lady starts to strike away at my brows, as I feel my beloved brow hairs fall down face. As for the pain; ooh. I expected threading to be a fairly gentle approach, rather than waxing. But how would I know, I had neither done before! After the threading, she swiped over a soaked cotton pad and passed me the mirror. I kindly beamed a somewhat smile, and paid.

I left the stall totally regretting my completely spontaneous decision. Not one that should be taken lightly. For the rest of my shopping trip, I was in a foul mood. My partner even took me to Urban Decay for a Naked palette, to cheer me up. (How did he even know they were by UD?!)

So, the moral of this, again, spontaneous blog post, is do not rush into making decisions. Especially if you feel they are influenced just by what others are doing. In all honesty, mine were originally lovely. I wanted to have beautifully preened brows, to make filling them in a dream. So, if anyone has came across this post, after a regretful decision of threading your brows, be rest assured they will grow back in. It's as simple as that! I now intend on making them look fuller in the mean time, until I have a little celebration as my brows sprote back in!

Have you had any brow taming mishaps?