Friday, 29 June 2012

Addition to my blog!


I have recently added a voting poll to my page, to help gain an idea of what to post more of & less of. After all, I am aiming to please my audience, as well as delivering a variety of posts.

On the right hand side of my page, you will find the voting poll, which you can select between four of my main posts.

If you have any other particular requests, suggestions for my blog, etc, please do not hesitate to ask & comment away!
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

A few months ago, I received this The Body Shop Body Butter as a gift. I thought it was about time I reviewed it! Firstly, I'd like to mention, this is indeed, the first body butter that I own, that has came in pristine shape, opposed to being lopsided!
Anyhow, as per, I cannot fault it. This comes with the famous The Body Shop scent, which in this case, in Shea. This is he first product I have tried or owned, with this scent, so it has been a refreshing change.
For £12.50, you receive a generous 200ml of product, which is excellent value for money, considering this will last you quite a while & has an expiry of 12 month. With these body butters, I've found you need a limited amount, to apply to the skin. I can safely say, this has not left me disappointed.
The scent isn't overwhelming offensive or OTT, but subtle & light, which is perfectly suitable for people all round, especially those you wish to purchase this for,who you are unsure on their tastes.

As per, this product sinks wonderfully into your skin, without you having to dance around your bedroom, whilst it soaks into your skin, before clothing yourself! This immediately drenches your skin with moisture. For The Body Shop lovers, you will know each & every product caters for a specific skin type, or a normal one, for which you are safe in the knowledge to find one perfect for you. As this one was a gift & is for in particular; very dry skin, & I don't have any specific skin type, I found this to work successfully as the others to my skin.

Shea Body Butter (link)
'This super-rich & creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft & smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade shea butter & has a delicious nutty scent

  • 24-hour hydration
  • Great for very dry skin
  • Delicious nutty scent'
- The Body Shop Website

Have you tried the Shea Body Butter? What is your favourite The Body Shop product?

Thank you!



Friday, 22 June 2012

49p Superdrug Sale & Primark Haul!

I have literally just got back home from a bit of shopping & thought I would share my lovely little finds! I will start witht the exciting stuff, incase anyone isn't interested in the teeny clothes haul.
So, I casually dragged my other half to Superdrug, to have a browse at the MUA stall. Conveniently, the stand next to it had a 49p sale, including lipsticks, nail poilishes, foundations, concealers, you name it, basically! As you can imaging, I immedietly dived in, amongst the other girls, of course!
I was tempted to pick up some colourful gel eyeliners, just to own, however I thought I would probably have no need for them, & stuck to what I knew I would use & love - nail polishes!
I found these little Bourjois gems, in mini form. So cute! I decided to hunt for the colours I would most likel;y use, so I picked up these.
L-R: Emplettes a New York, Club a Miami, Sunset a Rio & Cocktail a Barcelona. 
I love the colours I chose. Especially the second fom the left. I can imaging it would go beautifully over the first polish!

l also picked up this cute little Collection 2000 mirror. I don't particularly need it, but for 49p, I knew it would come in handy! It comes in basic packaging, however, inside the mirror is protected originally by a plastic sleeve bag & a velvet style sleeve bag. This would make such a cute gift to someone!
Primark Haul!

Lastly, I picked up some tees. I've recently had the builders round my home for the last week (urgh), so I've needed just some T-Shirts to potter around the flat in, opposed to my PJs! I planned on looking in the womens section, although their section was quite limited for me, or at least what I was looking for. My other half quickly suggested (before I took a tantrum. I hate being a woman at times!) for me to look in the mens section, which I do quite often anyway, although didn't think of doing. Brownie points for him!
 First: Mens section - £3.00.
Second: Mens section - £2.50.
Third: Mens section - £4.00.
Fourth: Womens section: £3.00.

I love the tops I picked up. I was looking for oversized, slouchy tees I can care-free throw on & not have to think about at 8.00am. I will defiently look in the mens section again for these types of tees!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Apologies on the quality & photography of the images. I was in a mad rush to immedietly upload this post for you guys!

Have you dived into the Superdrug sale? Mens tees - Yes? No?

Thank you!



Sunday, 3 June 2012

No7 Gold Polish

I originally received a nail set for Christmas of last year, which consisted of nail polishes & nail decorations. In this set, one of the polishes is a gold one, which I will be reviewing. I have tried to track down the polish on No7's websites, however, I believe kit must have been a limited edition shade. Through further researching, I discovered No7 have released another limited edition Nail Kit, which it looks as tough it contains their polish I have been loving recently!
No7 Nail Kit

I could easily compare this to liquid gold, drenched upon your nails!
The other amazing thing about this polish, is its formula. I only had to apply one simple coat, to create a bold, block colour, without my nail base peeping through. What more could you ask for when you're in a rush or terribly impatient?

Furthermore to this post, I am also loving this Nail Collection above. As a bonus for myself, they are minis. I have found over the years, I have accumulated several nail polishes, that are still fairly full & the end of the bottle is nowere to be seen. Whereas with minis, you receive a small amount, that you won't haul for years, as they run sticky, tacky & dry.

Have you tried any No7 polishes?

Thank you!



Montagne Jeunesse Beauty Travel Pamper Pack

I was really excited to receive this little beauty in the post, packed full of all your essentials for on your holidays, whether it may be a weekend away, or a few weeks. This is contains all your needs to treat & pamper yourself, like there is no tomorrow! I intend to use this in the summer, which will be my perfect accompaniment.

'Treat yourself on the go naturally! Whether you're jetting off for a weekend city break, a hen night abroad or a last minute get away, this is the ultimate little pampering luxury that fits cosily in your hand luggage. An infusion of natural goodies, packed full of the most invigorating & refreshing ingredients for a perfect top to toe pamper treat' - Montagne Juenesse.
Included, there is:

  • 1x Pomegranate & Passion Flower Passion Peel Off Masque 10ml
  • 1x Apricot & Mango Skin Smoother 10g
  • 2x Orange Body Wash 15ml
  • 1x Blueberry & Spearmint Foot Cooler 10 ml
  • 1x Lime Oil & Citrus Intensive Spa Hair Masque 15ml
There is such a variation is this little beauty pack, which would even be perfect for a girls night in or a pamper night! This Pamper Pack comes in the form of a small folder, that will easily slide into a side compartment or your handbag - cannot complain! You can then tear out which ever sachet you desire, easily, which will enable tidiness, without sachets floating about!

I love the fact that each sachet contains a good amount of product, which can even be distributed into two portions, which is excellent value for money. These products are all suitable for combination skin, dry skin, mature skin, normal skin, oily skin & sensitive skin. There really isn't much else you could ask for!

I would highly recommend this, even for a personal little treat. Let those holiday blues drift away & delve into a pamper treat! For only £5.00, you are getting a delicious pack. You can purchase this here at (link)

I hope you enjoyed this post, I am really looking forward to experiencing all the wonderful products & amazing scents that always come with them. I know I won't be disappointed!

Have you tried this Beauty Travel Pamper Pack? What is your favourite face mask?

Thank you!



Soap & Glory Night In Shining Armour Night Cream

A few months ago, I ran out of my trusty No7 Essentials Night Cream. I had been doing some research & on the hunt for a new night cream. I had already heard about Soap & Glory's Wish Upon A Jar (link), although I am also aware its a 21 day collagen treatment cream, I wanted something more continuous. This saddened me, as the packaging is so pretty & would look perfect on my dressing table!
I asked whether MissBeautyBudget had reviewed SteamCream, for a new & exciting alternative product, she continued on to suggest Soap & Glory's Night In Shining Armour Night Cream (link), which she had been contemplating on whether to purchase next.

After researching this, I discovered that at the time, if you spent £10 or more, you would receive a full size Foam Call Bath & Shower Wash (link) (review here) for free!

That is the story behind my recent night product purchase! I have been continuously using this ever since & I love it! Since purchasing my first Soap & Glory facial skincare product, I have now debating whether to purchase their Wish Upon A Jar, which I can alternate between both.

 Firstly, you cannot go wrong with their fabulous outer packaging! I have kept this to keep my cream in, as its so eye catching! I love that they have put subtle, dreamy packaging on the actual jar, which would suit neutrally with the rest of your product on your vanity.

This product contains 50ml of product, this will most certainly last me a while! For £13.00, I knew this would last my awhile in the long run, so I knew it would be worth it.

The consistency of this is fairly thick, which makes me feel as though its fully working into my skin through the night, ensuring I have soft, supple skin in the morning. I didn't find this to be greasy or heavy on my skin, either. This has a typical Soap & Glory scent that isn't offensive or overpowering, but subtle enough for night time.

I am really happy with the current use of this product. I don't tend to easily break out with new products. This has adapted quite nicely to my skin. I don't find I need to use a huge amount, which is great for value!

Have you tried Soap & Glory's Night In Shining Armour? Or Wish Upon A Jar? 
What is your thoughts?

Thank you!



Skin Heroes Montagne Jeunesse

You may have most likely seen these posts popping up on your Blogger newsfeed already. If not, or you're interested, here is another!
The lovely people at Montagne Jeunesse asked me if I would like to review their new Skin Heroes range. I have previously used this companies products for a number of years, already, so I knew accepting, would benefit not only myself, but more importantly my readers.

In the range of Skin Heroes:
  • De-Clog Nose Pore Strips
  • Break-Out Mask
  • T-Zone Peel Off
  • Dry Skin Mask
  • Shine Control Mask
I initially decided to seperatly review these products, although this would have probably taken more time for my readers to read, as my skin isn't often in the particular condition that a certain mask caters for.
I did initially intend on reviewing these products as soon as possible, however, as a beauty blogger, I have several products concurrently trying & reviewing.
You can purchase any of the companies products from here (link). This whole range is now available at ASDA.
All products are suitable for vegetarians & always look to use natural ingredients, which is great for sensitive skin. Knowing you have the most caring properties in your skin range is so important.

Now for the important part; the reviews! I did intend on taking photographs of each product in use, to help my readers gain an idea of the product look, consistency, etc. Although, I thought written reviews would suffice, as many would assume what they would look like.
I more than likely prefer to apply my face masks in the bath, just to make it easy for removing, etc.


De-Clog Nose Pore Strips
De-Clog Nose Pore Strips
These are great little strips, which provide removal of in bedded dirt in the pores of the skin & de-clogging blackheads & grime. I have previously found certain pore strips are too aggressive or the gently skin around your nose, however, I found these to be very good! They include a natural citrus & witch hazel, which carefully draws out deep rooted impurities, to leave your skin clear, cleansed & healthy. You simply remove the backing from the strip, apply to damp skin, with dry hands. Let them sit for 5 minutes, gently peel away & you have de-clogged, beautiful pores!
£1.49 for 3 strips.

Break Out Mask
Break-Out Mask
After having some bad skin days, I thought what better time to use this particular mask. I can happily say I thoroughly enjoyed this. The remainder of these masks in this Skin Heroes collection, including this one, each contain two sections. A mask & a moisturiser. This is great, as after the initial treatment, you have a second treat to help you skin!
The consistency of this one, is a mud mask. I love this, as I feel as though the product is fully working into the skin. This mask includes Tea Tree, which is not at all offensive or overwhelming. I found this instantly calmed down my skin. Again, this is included in the moistruiser, which refreshers your skin, as the final step.

T-Zone Peel Off
T-Zone Peel Off
I found this mask to be similar is scent & its intended properties to the skin, as the Break Out Mask, as a different consistency. This came in the form of a peel off mask. I don;t often tend to enjoy applying these, as I find I spend more time removing the product, than anything else!
However, I did give this ago & persevered, with positive thoughts! Again, the Tea Tree scent isn't over the top & gentle on the skin.

Dry Skin Masks
Dry Skin Mask
As I have combination skin, this one fitted in perfectly with my skin routine. I tend to have a variety of skin troubles, which vary from day to day.
The texture of this mask is a souffle. Very interesting & different, to your usual mud mask, which makes a refreshing change! This is paced full of raspberries, blueberries & red grapes, which provide anti-oxidants, to help your skin, along the way!
This was a pleasure to apply, enjoy & use. I especially loved the moisturiser, which gave a final boost of replenishment to your skin!

Shine Control
Shine Control
Again, with my combination skin troubles, this became a perfect mud mask for me to try. This is bursting with Argan Oil, which contributes to balance oily areas of your face. This is also packed with Acai Berries, an anti-oxidant, that will help to protect.
 In relation, I found the moisturiser to be the perfect ending to a face treat, which helped combat excess oils in my face.


I can safely say I was not disappointed by this Skin Heroes range. I found that this collection would be suitable for all age ranges, not just for teenagers/sufferers of certain skin types. As a 20 year old, I found all of these products to have advantages to my skin, which gave me a positive outlook on the product. I thoroughly enjoyed using them all, as I have done over the years, also!
I would certainly recommend these for all age types, as well as sensitive skin, that can easily be aggravated by certain products & ingredients. Every ingredient included in these, will help contribute & aid your skins needs.
For £1.49 for each product in this range, you can expect great quality & quantity.

I hope you enjoyed this delayed post. I wanted to give an honest, genuine & thorough post, to review these products, to help anyone that has been interested in these before.

Thank you!