Sunday, 3 June 2012

Soap & Glory Night In Shining Armour Night Cream

A few months ago, I ran out of my trusty No7 Essentials Night Cream. I had been doing some research & on the hunt for a new night cream. I had already heard about Soap & Glory's Wish Upon A Jar (link), although I am also aware its a 21 day collagen treatment cream, I wanted something more continuous. This saddened me, as the packaging is so pretty & would look perfect on my dressing table!
I asked whether MissBeautyBudget had reviewed SteamCream, for a new & exciting alternative product, she continued on to suggest Soap & Glory's Night In Shining Armour Night Cream (link), which she had been contemplating on whether to purchase next.

After researching this, I discovered that at the time, if you spent £10 or more, you would receive a full size Foam Call Bath & Shower Wash (link) (review here) for free!

That is the story behind my recent night product purchase! I have been continuously using this ever since & I love it! Since purchasing my first Soap & Glory facial skincare product, I have now debating whether to purchase their Wish Upon A Jar, which I can alternate between both.

 Firstly, you cannot go wrong with their fabulous outer packaging! I have kept this to keep my cream in, as its so eye catching! I love that they have put subtle, dreamy packaging on the actual jar, which would suit neutrally with the rest of your product on your vanity.

This product contains 50ml of product, this will most certainly last me a while! For £13.00, I knew this would last my awhile in the long run, so I knew it would be worth it.

The consistency of this is fairly thick, which makes me feel as though its fully working into my skin through the night, ensuring I have soft, supple skin in the morning. I didn't find this to be greasy or heavy on my skin, either. This has a typical Soap & Glory scent that isn't offensive or overpowering, but subtle enough for night time.

I am really happy with the current use of this product. I don't tend to easily break out with new products. This has adapted quite nicely to my skin. I don't find I need to use a huge amount, which is great for value!

Have you tried Soap & Glory's Night In Shining Armour? Or Wish Upon A Jar? 
What is your thoughts?

Thank you!



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