Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

A few months ago, I received this The Body Shop Body Butter as a gift. I thought it was about time I reviewed it! Firstly, I'd like to mention, this is indeed, the first body butter that I own, that has came in pristine shape, opposed to being lopsided!
Anyhow, as per, I cannot fault it. This comes with the famous The Body Shop scent, which in this case, in Shea. This is he first product I have tried or owned, with this scent, so it has been a refreshing change.
For £12.50, you receive a generous 200ml of product, which is excellent value for money, considering this will last you quite a while & has an expiry of 12 month. With these body butters, I've found you need a limited amount, to apply to the skin. I can safely say, this has not left me disappointed.
The scent isn't overwhelming offensive or OTT, but subtle & light, which is perfectly suitable for people all round, especially those you wish to purchase this for,who you are unsure on their tastes.

As per, this product sinks wonderfully into your skin, without you having to dance around your bedroom, whilst it soaks into your skin, before clothing yourself! This immediately drenches your skin with moisture. For The Body Shop lovers, you will know each & every product caters for a specific skin type, or a normal one, for which you are safe in the knowledge to find one perfect for you. As this one was a gift & is for in particular; very dry skin, & I don't have any specific skin type, I found this to work successfully as the others to my skin.

Shea Body Butter (link)
'This super-rich & creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft & smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade shea butter & has a delicious nutty scent

  • 24-hour hydration
  • Great for very dry skin
  • Delicious nutty scent'
- The Body Shop Website

Have you tried the Shea Body Butter? What is your favourite The Body Shop product?

Thank you!




  1. I love these body butters, £12.50 is a little pricey for me but I love them as a treat (Plus they seem to always be half price!)

    1. I am in love with these, but can't bring myself to purchase full price. I always tend to luckily receive them for birthdays, etc, which is always good! Xx

  2. I love the body shop especially their body butters I have never tried the Shea one though!

    1. I do, too! They're so moisturising & smell gorgeous!
      I found the Shea scent to smell subtle. Its lovely to use!


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