Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just a little thank you & All the best for 2012!

I thought I'd post a quick little messsge to say thank you to evveryone who has checked out my blog & supported me by advertising it! I never thought it would have done so well & its giving me the inspiration to write more on what I truly love, hoping people appreciate it! There is nothing more I love to do than reviewing things I genuinly like. I always look through blogs & YouTube videos before purchasing a product, etc, knowing that I will get an honest verdict! So what better way to return the appreciation than writing my own blog?!

So, a massive thsnk you to everyone & I would like to wish you all the best in the new year. I hope successfully strive to your goals, wishing you love & health!

New year - New start!

Happy New Year!

Love from LuceLovesBeautyBox!


Friday, 30 December 2011

What I plan on investing in during 2012!

I thought I would create a little compilation of some thing I would LOVE to have by 2012!

I would love this baby! I would also settle for the Sleek one! This has so many beautiful shades in, that could create the most perfect day or night time look. I've seen/heard/read so many reviews on this. I also know this second version is due out soon, so hopefully I'll be able to get my hand on the first one soon!

Mac Lipsticks
Creme d' Nude
Here is three shades of lipsticks I really do want to purchase through out 2012. Naturally, I would be entirely happy with the whole entire collection, but these are my favourites. I haven't yet bought a MAC Lipstick before, but after doing some research, they seem perfect! At £13.50 a pop, I will most definitely visit their counter to decide on the most suitable shade for my first one. So exciting!
Shy Girl
MAC Foundation
I would really like to invest in a high-end foundation. Possibly by MAC. I'm planning on visiting some make up counters & querying which products would be best for my skin. I'm unsure on which product I would like, although definitely something out of this range. I'm looking for something relatively medium to full coverage, ot simply something light that can be easily built up, depending on whether I feel I need more coverage on that ay. Any recommendations would be great!

Ilamasqua Skin Base Foundation
Sticking with the foundation theme, I have also been very interested in this product. I have yet to own some of their amazing & beautiful products, however, I will definitely look into seeing whether this would work for me & match my criteria!

llamasqua Freak
I love love love the packaging on this product! I haven't actually even had a whiff of this perfume, but from what I've heard, I'll love it. Even if I don't.. I'll convert myself, purely for this adorable, dark & unknown packaging! Who wouldn't want this taking centre place on their dressing table! 

Diesel Loverdose
This is another perfume I have yet to try, although the packaging again is just enough to make you purchase this product. From what I have gathered so far, this is exactly what I adore in a perfume. My boots points will be racking up soon! I feel sorry for my bank card!

Moroccanoil Oil
I've heard so much about this product, I just have to check it out due to all its hype. I rarely buy that many products for my hair, simply shampoo, condition, air dry. Nothing too exciting. I now feel that I should give my hair a little bit more love & attention. I rarely use any heat irons on my hair, just occasionally slide the straighteners through my hair to create some curls, if I have woken up to some Aslan hair! I feel this would help nourish & protect my hair, when I do use heat. I do however spray some heat protective spray, for added well.. protection! Although I always fear that its breaking my hair. I really want to keep it as thick, long & luscious as possible! Slowly but surely! I think I would invest in the smallest bottle, just in case its not to my fancy.

Sleek Face Contour Kit
This is something I've had my eye on for a really long time, along with the overly hyped neutral eyeshadow palette. At £6.50, this is a inexpensive product, worthy of investing, with great pigmentation. Obviously, I don't own this as I want this (duh!), but from reviews - so on & forth with - it is a really good product to own. This is available at boots & on their own website, as far as I know, Although, I do prefer to brose through a store so I can swatch the products.

Dr Martens
This is something I've wanted for a few years now. I wouldn't mind what colour, how many eyelets -  you name it. I just want a pair so badly! I love what they're about. They can go with so many different looks. I believe I would get a great amount of wear out of these, as I would just want to wear them every single day! I wouldn't look too forward to breaking them in, though!

So that's my little 'wants for 2012' blog post. There is no doubt more to this list, but for now - I want all of these. That's not saying I will. Fingers crossed, anyway! I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you really want in the next year!
Lots of  love, health, joy & support for 2012!

Thank you!



Thursday, 29 December 2011

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

Hello! As I have now re-purchased a foundation (another story! Potential blog post!), I thought I would review this product, as I have used it for a fair amount of months now.

Some information on the product: 

  • 30ml.
  • £13.50.
  • Available in six shades.
  • Shine free for up to 12 hours. Balances oil production & minimises the appearance of blemishes.
  • Colour stays true & looks fresher for longer.
  • Formula has been tested to provide a shine free look for up to 12 hours.
  • Salicylic acid had been included in the formula to help unblock pores & improve the condition of the skin throughout wear.
  • Leaves your skin shine - essential for anyone with oily skin. Minimising the appearance of pores, leaving a more flawless complexion.
  • With SPF 15, it helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Ethanol leaves your skin feeling cool & refreshed.
  • High levels of colour pigment means the coverage is relativly opaque with a silky matte finish. There is no powdery, grey finish associated with some matte foundations & overall looks flattering to the skin.
Sounds like you dream product for oily & visible pored complexions!
When I purchased this product, I hadn't originally researched in to this product, just a spontaneous splurge with my No7 £5 voucher!
Its been a great product for the majority of the time using it.
As you can tell from the photographs, I've had mine for sometime. I hope you can see on the bottle, how the product is squeezed up to the top, so you're not losing any product. Its lovely packaged, very sophisticated.
My negatives:
As I have combination skin, after moisturising on a night time, I have a well moisturised face. Perfect, However, when morning comes, it becomes dry. (I'm still on the hunt for a great day moisturiser). Once I have moisturised my face, I apply the product. I've sometimes found that when your face isn't fully moisturised it doesn't blend well & work in to your skin. As its a matte finish, I have to work quite quick with it, before it sets, Which is sometimes quite infuriating. This leads it to stick to drier areas of my face, which naturally looks unpleasant. The formula is quite thick, which is also a positive, although it becomes a problem when it begin to set when applying & starts to look slightly more orange tones in places, as you haven;t been able to blend properly. since writing this review, I have heard other people complaining that its not very bendable - so its not just me *sigh of relief*!

My positives:
Its full coverage, meaning I only need to apply mainly one layer. On good days, this applies 'beautifully', creating a flawless finish. This doesn't really have a scent, which is good & bad in peoples opinions. The tube the product comes in, is a plastic clear one. Which is great, so you can see how much you're using/have left. It also had a pump inside it, so it pressurises all the product to the top, meaning you're not losing a drop in the packaging! This also has a pump on top, so you can squeeze out exactly how much you want. In my case, not a full pump, about half & sometimes a tad more for extra coverage. This product will last you quite a while. Its lasted me sing Spring I believe, which is extremely good. 

I would recommend this product, as it does do what it says, depending on your skin type. I would personally apply this with your fingers, as with a Foundation Brush just eats up your product, rather than evenly distributing it throughout your face. I would definitely purchase another No7 foundation or product from their lone, as I believe they have a great understanding on peoples needs. They have great customer service, so you don't need to feel nervous or undetermined when approaching their counter!

I hope this was some what helpful! If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!




Hello! I was treated to a little shopping today, so I decided to share a little bit of what I was bought. I'll try & keep this short, as I tend to get carried away!

Firstly is this Black & Grey knitted Jumper. The top panelling is the Grey & Back weaved knit, with the sleeves & bottom panel, a blocked black. The sleeves are also cropped, with turn ups. The bottom is quite cropped, so I think I will wear a vest t-shirt underneath. The neck line is also quite broad - if you like collar bones on show, this is perfect. Again, I think I will wear a t-shirt underneath, for added layering & covering. I believe this costs around £10.

Here is some some Grey knitted leggings, that look so cosy! I can't wait to throw these on & layer the up, maybe even with the jumper above! These came in Black, Grey, light Grey, Red & some more colours. I believe these cost £6.

Finally, I chose the beautiful nude sheer shirt on the right. This has two pockets on the front, with gold buttons running down the top of the shirt, on the pockets & also on the sleeves. I fell in love with this shirt as soon as I saw it. This comes in a variety of colours, including Purple, Black, White & more. I also chose a nude vest top to wear underneath, so the shirt wasn't so revealing, as it is very sheer! These will look great with a pair of brown/rust Jeans/Leggings. The vest top may have cost around £2+ & the shirt costing £10. This is a perfect little addition to an outfit, for day or night!

Boots had an offer on most Maybelline products, which consisted of buy one, get one half price. I thought this was a great deal, as I was looking for a foundation. I have previously used this foundation, which is Dream Satin Liquis, a few years ago, so I thought I would re-purchase it, as I was looking for a liquid foundation. I may do a separate review on this product, seeing how I get on! My shade is also the lightest. Right, next! For the 'half price' product, I decided to get this Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner, which I have been contemplating purchasinf for a while! As I have always stuck with Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner, for as long as I can remember, I thought I would take up the offer, & give it a whirl! Potential review? Finally, I remembered I've been after this Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, after hearing/watching/reading may reviews! So excited to see of it lives up to its reputation! I will link the products below for you to check out!

River Island..
So..I almost died & went to heaven as I entered River Island - my favourite store! Sale, sale, sale! The first item I picked up, which was the closest to the door, is the item on the right. I fell in love wit this straight away, Its so unusual & unique, I had to have it! Its a cropped sleeved jumper/t-shirt, with wonderful snakes, chains, swallows, etc covering the entire of the item.There is also this gorgeous neck detail, which is a gold chain, threaded through some black velvet material. This also has shoulder pads, which I was unsure about - however, they are very subtle & add great definition to the top! The cuffs on the sleeves 7 the bottom panel of the shirt is just block print of black. This would look perfect with some black legging. Let your top do the talking! As you can see from the label, this was £12 - Yes! You may also notice the variation on the sizing, I am a size 12-14, however, I do sometimes choose to wear larger sizes, purely for the fit - if I want something looser, etc. Also, I was in a manic sale. You rarely get the opportunity to choose a clothing item in your specific size! Okay, blabbering.. On the left is a MTV Music Television t-shirt. I'm so happy I found this in this size - well it was actually the only one saw. It is very light & loose fitting, with the sleeves cut right down into the top, so you would have to wear a t-shirt underneath - unless you wanted your delicates on show! I love the studded detail on this shirt. I cannot wait to show it off!

Coming to a end now.. Here is just two cardigans, as they come in so handy for any outfit! On the right is a simple black one, which is a staple in my wardrobe. On the left I picked this one up form the rack, purely for its colour - to then realising these amazing elbow pads. How amazing?! These aren't to everyone's taste, but I think they add something extra! The black one cost £9.99 & the Beige £14.99.

So that's my little haul from today. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I rarely treat myself to clothes, so this post may be once in a blue moon! 

River Island
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

If anyone has any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nails of 2011!

I thought I would make a little blog about my nails throughout 2011, before we enter the new year! As I scrolled though all my images, realised how bad quality some of them are, although at the time, I didn't think I would be taking them for a reason, just to show off my snazzy nails. So I do apologise about the shoddy phone camera pictures, but you'll get the gist just the same!

So I'll start off with some nail designs I wore during the start of the year, I believe..
As I quite obviously haven't taken pictures each & every time I painted my nails, as far as I am aware, I started these during the summer. You may also be able to tell I'm not a neat nail painter! I personally don't have the patience to perfectly apply each stroke of the polish brush against my nails, with out touching the edges. Nor do I have the patience to use a cotton bud to remove excess polish. I simply apply my nail polish - usually on a night time - & it usually comes away through the duration of chores, etc the next day. Suits me fine! Unfortunately, I won't be able to remember the brand or names of these polishes, as they could quite simply be any, as my nail polish collection is ever growing!

So, the first one is a light pink base, with the famous Barry M Crackle Effects Nail Paint in Black over the top. I was obsessed with this effect when it came onto the market, which I still am, even if it is so last season! I have a very personal taste when it comes to my nails. If I like it, I like it. Who cares what anyone else thinks?! Okay, I'm blabbering.. So, this is the outcome. I believe I used a old N.Y.C Top Coat, as that was all I had at the time, just to seal in ll the layers & protect the effect on top.

Moving on is the sparkly nail. I believe I used the same light pink as a base, & then added numerous amounts of this beautiful glittery polish on top. Unfortunately, the quality of this photo does not give the polish any justice what so ever. In reality, it is very eye catching, girly & perfect for day to day looks!

Finally out of this selection, my favourite! I used a Rimmel Black nail polish, with a hint of shimmer in. Its a lovely colour, as with the shimmer, its slightly less harsh then a solid black. I used 2 -3 (possibly 4) coats of Barry M Holographic Nail Paint on top. I could honestly wear & rave about this product all day long! Its super pretty. Gorgeous pieces of holographic particles, that are multi-coloured. I think this look is great for a special occasion or birthday, as it does look very busy & full on, I always get compliments on this nail look, as its so different & eye catching! The Holographic Nail Paint does take a long time to dry, but that mostly comes down to applying so many cots. Not a lot of the particles come out with the brush, so by the time you've applied your wanted amount of holographic-ness, you've also applied copious amounts of clear nail polish! This makes it a nightmare to take off, but I think its so worth it!
So, I think these were summer nail looks, as I decided I preferred white in the summer, as it looks more fresh & light.

The first one is a very baby pink Barry M Nail Paint shade (I believe named something along the lines of Strawberry? Probably wrong!). Over the top, I applied the white version of the original Crackle Effects Nail Paint. I thought this made all of your nails absolutely pop & add something extra to your look, especially of you were just wearing a simple white tee! I'm still in love with this look (once it was cleaned up), as I am with the next photo! Cannot wait for the summer to paint my nails bright again!

Next is pretty much the same as the other one just with another Barry M Nail Paint in a very bright lime/bogey (ew, but I love the colour) green. This is perfect for the summer & is the only really time I will wear it. I remember when I first purchased this years ago, I was too scared to wear it in case of other judgemental people - but I thought what the hell! Never regretted it!

Lastly out of these three is a lovely very light, sheer pinky colour, that is two tone. All of the colours in this polish are between pinks & purples. To add something else, to jazz it up a bit, I decided to ass Barry M Holographic Nail Paint to my ring fingers. This gave a lovely subtle, yet beautiful look. Perfect for a wedding, or something special. I love this one! Shame the photo doesn't give it any justice!

So the last of my little photographed collection that I dug out..

I love this stripey one! I used a silver polish, most likely out of the Rimmel range. I then took a Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner (luckily on its last legs, & I had a new one ready), & applied this in downward strokes. This technique is something I definitely need to work on, bit  thought it looked really effective for my first try! I think by this time, I had invested in No7 Base Coat & Top Coat, so I would have applied these before  after. I really want to try this one again. I have since got No7's Nail Art Set, which I am very much looking forward to experimenting with! If anyone would like to suggest or request any, let me know!

Second last.. I obviously done this very close to Christmas. I chose a old very Christmassy coloured red, & applied a Green Collection 2000 Gell Glitter Eyeliner to create stripes, relating to a candy cane, using alternative colours. I thought this was a great effect. However, I would have liked to let the liner dry longer than I normally would with a polish, as mine smudged & smeared once I applied a generous top coat, to seal everthing in. By doing this, I lost most of the glitter colour, but it still looks effective! I love the idea of using a eyeliner if you can't get your hands on proper nail art pens. They create the same effect & are excellent for practisng. You can also pick them up very cheaply by MUA from Superdrug. I believe for around £1-£2? Bargain!

Nearly ending.. This is the same base red coat as the previous one, just with a e.l.f Gold Glitter polish on top. I believe I only applied 1-2 coats, as I wanted the red to peep through, too. I loved this look.

The final nail design of 2011...
I recently got this one done, just in time for New Years Eve at a salon. I've just completed a separate post about this look. Its a beautiful white gel on the majority of all the nail & Swarvoski Crystals on my ring fingers. Very glamorous! I really do love this one & just want to show everyone!

So that's my nails of 2011. I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it. Its been lovely reminiscing about the times when I had my nails painted in these designs - if that even makes sense.. (Anyway!). I am very much looking forward to experimenting with different looks & designs in 2012. I'll be sure to post about these as soon as. Maybe even some step-by-step tutorials? Any ideas welcome for posts! I'd love to hear/read about some of your alternatives!

Here is some of the products I could remember using:

Any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



Gel Manicure encrusted with Swarvoski Crystals!

Hello! I went to a salon today to get myself a manicure, so I thought I would share their amazing work!
I decided to get a soak off gel manicure with two signature nails, encrusted with Swarvoski Crystals! I can't rave bout this enough. It is a beautiful manicure, suitable for special occasions, or just to add that extra sparkle to your manicure.

As you can tell, they are truly amazing! I can't stop staring at them! This is the perfect time to get something like this, with New Years Eve, right on our door step!
I chose white gel for the majority of my nails, to keep it fairly simple & chose to have both of my ring fingers embellished with Swarvoski Crystals, which instantly make the nails pop. The white & Swarvoski Crystals work so well together. I think that by choosing a White colour, it adds that something out of the ordinary & a little bit different on its own, than your normal chosen colour. As I rarely visit salons to get a manicure, I can't really explain well enough on the procedure. However, if you're an avid manicure fan, you will most likely know what happens.
I also chose not to extend my nails, as I feel more comfortable with this. They are also easier for me to wear, rather than having to get used to a longer nail, making the simplest of chores difficult!

As soon as I entered the salon, you are met with the beautiful dark vintage d├ęcor. I was offered, tea, coffee or refreshment of my choice, which I was pleasantly surprised at. I literally felt quite at home. A lovely woman carried out the manicure on my nails, informing me on what she was about to do, throughout, which I found really helpful & interesting. I was told that these should last around 2 - 3 weeks, which I think is pretty good. So long as you keep them in the best condition you can - Perfect excuse to make then men do the washing up! You're basically getting your nails painted in a chosen colour, which will last for much longer than a normal nail polish. Perfect if you're going on holiday & the last thing you want to do is re-paint your nails, instead of relaxing & enjoying yourself! 
They come in several colour variety of colours, ranging from brights, to neutrals, to darks, to glitter. Ideal if you're looking for something classic, such as attending a wedding, you could go for a simple, neutral tone, or braving a bold colour for the summer or a holiday. You could also go for a dark try a darker shade for a special night out. The options are endless!

If you're interested in getting a beautiful, eye catching manicure, like the one I have, or something completely different, you can contact Luxe Salon on 0191 281 7889 or pop in at 87, Holly Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2QB. A Gel Manicure costs £25.00 & each Swarvoski Crystal Nail will cost you £5.00 each. Amazing!
They also offer a selection of other products, such as Spray Tans, which are £10. They also offer Waxing & Sunbeds, amongst others. They frequently distribute several special offers.

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



Daily Make Up Routine

Hello! I firstly start with a moisturiser, The one I'm using at the moment - just to use it up, really - is Clean & Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturiser. Once this is complete, I take my No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in 03 Porcelain. I loved this when I first purchased it & began using it, however, I don't particularly like it any more, as its a matte finish - its obviously not moisturising & I think that's what I need. Next investment is a liquid foundation. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment! Next, I apply No7 Quick Cover Concealer in 02 Extra Fair under my eyes, around the eye area & on any blemishes. This blends really well, once you have warmed the product up between your fingers. I really like this concealer, although I do want to try Collection 2000's that literally everyone has been raving about. I can see a haul coming on soon.. Okay, Once this is done, I move on to (sometimes, depending on my mood), applying some NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, which I had to depot into a little jar, as I couldn't for the life of my sharpen it! Finally for the base of my make up, I finish with a little e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer. I love e.l.f's products, especially for the quality & price. Cannot go wrong! Once this is all done & dusted, within bout 5 minutes, I get something like this..
As you can probably tell, my skin does not at all look dewy or glowing, just really matte. I don't particularly like this look at the moment, especially with my skin being in between dry & oily. Anyhow, this is what I look like with my base complete.

I now move on to using my e.l.f Professional Eye Shadow Brush, which is create as it packs on all of  your chosen colour. I chose a neutral light shade from my little trusty Revlon Colourstay 12 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in 02 Coffee Bean. Now, I really do want M.U.A Heaven & Earth Palette, or the Sleek one! But, this one does relatively the same job. So, I sweep my brush across the lightest shaded all over my eye area, from lash to brow. Then take the second lightest, & sweep that just across my eyelid, to add a little more dimension. These two colours are very subtle & barely there, but they will make a difference.
Okay, moving on, I take my newly acquired No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush (which is amazing! Perfect dupe for the MAC 217), & lightly swirl it in the third colour down/third lightest, effectively. I take this, & blend away into my eye socket/crease, very lightly. I repeat this step until I am happy with the outcome. This just adds dimension to your face, so its not just flat, & its not too much for a every day look, as they are very neutral colours. I also sometimes add a very little touch of the darkest shadow into my crease, just if I want something extra!
Right, I then take my trusty Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in 001 100% Black, which I could honestly not live without - its the only one I've used, as far as liquid is concerned. I take this from the centre if my eyelid, working it across to the outer edge & creating a flick. Then I come back ion myself to fill in the corner of my eye. This technique had taken me a few years to accomplish & I'm still working on it! So, if you're struggling with Liquid Liners don't worry, practice makes perfect. A handy tip, is to practise before you take your make up off, on a night. That way you won't spoil your make up if it goes wring, etc.
Almost done.. I apply a coat of Avon SuperCurlacious Mascara in black to my lashes, vibrating the wand from root to tip. once this is still wet/tacky, I'll take my Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Volume & Lift Mascara in Black & brush this through my lashes. I'll take the first mascara, & apply this to my lower lashes (depending on my mood!).
 Now the eye is done. I usually take Avon True Colour Blush in Russet, & apply this to my cheeks, just above where you would contour. I apply this with my e.l.f Stipple Brush. I know this brush is best for cream products, but it works for me! As I have just got my hands on the new BLINK + GO Eye Shadow & Blush, I have been using the lightest shade blush, just on the apples of my cheeks. Still getting used to it, so I'll see how that goes!
As I am blonde, I do have very fair eyebrows, so depending on whether I have time, or the look I am creating, I will use a touch of Revlon Vital Radiance Brow Fill-In Powder in 02 Blonde, and stroke this through my brows, in little feather motions, for a more natural look. 
I'll finally sweep a touch of Avon Ideal Shade Pressed Powder in Fair, across my face. I only use a touch, as the foundation was matte, so it just for extra measure for throughout the day!

 This is the finished look! I rarely wear anything at all on my lips. I am, however, contemplating investing in a MAC Lipstick, then I'd have to wear it! I do sometimes apply some Boots 17 Lipstick in Beehive, which is a gorgeous glossy lipstick, with a very neutral colour. So, this is what I wear pretty much everyday. The products I use are quite long lasting, as I look the same as I dead in the morning 'till evening.

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



Beauty Blogger Awards 2011!

I woke up this morning to this lovely announcement that I have been given this award. I have briefly seen this pottering about on people's blogs, but I was stunned to here I have one. Thank you so much, Izzy. She has been a wonderful inspiration for my blog & has very kindly supported me through my journey of blogging. You can check out her amazing blog - which I can not get enough of! - here!
Luckily Izzy left some instructions, so I can do the same, for people to quite knowing what this is about!
So lets go!

1. Thank the person who nominated you & share their link with your followers.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3.  Give the award to 15 of your favourite bloggers.

Now, if many people are aware, you will know I have just started my blog, within the last few days I have started posting. I have still yet to flick through blogs & follow one's I love. Therefore, I unfortunately cannot give the award to 15 followers, as that would mean I would have to dash around, find numerous amount of blogs, & nominate them. This would be a complete lie for everything I love on here. So, I shall select a few bloggers who I genuinely do love!

I would again, like to take this opportunity to thank Izzy for nominating this award to me. I am so grateful & happy!

Let me share some hopefully wonderful facts about myself!

1. I have two younger sisters, who I do adore. We are all into beauty, which is absolutely great. Means we get to share each others new products!
2. I LOVE Banana & Sugar Sandwiches. As odd as this sounds, I always have since I was younger!
3. I love crime/detective programmes, such as CSI - preferably New York, as I'd die to go there.
3. Mentioned just above - I am obsessed with new York City. I would die to have the chance to experience the lovely city!
4. I adore reading books. More along the lines of chick lits, such as Cecelia Ahern. I am also madly in love with Malorie Blackman books.
5. I love anything to do with nails, as far as my natural nails are concerned. I get SO excited about hearing what new polishes are on the scene!
6. I have size 7-8 feet. Luckily I never tend to have a problem finding shoes.
7. I watch YouTube as much as I can. Honestly. Its like my own personally TV!

So those were some facts you might have not known about me! Now I shall nominate a select few who I genuinely enjoy reading at the moment.






These are very few blogs I would go to flick though at the moment. I am slowly, but surely finding new blogs that interest me. Thank you to the people above for giving me a great read!

Thank you!



Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser

I thought I'd give my blog post to relate to my other No7 one. This is the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser. I think this is a beautiful product. It comes in a rich, luxurious consistency, making it an absoloute pleasure to work with.

This product comes in a very light blue box packaging. Very subtle & expensive looking. Once I opened the box, you are met with a clear tube, filled with the white product. I thought this was a great little concept, so you're aware of how much you are using & how much you have left. How efficient!
This also comes with a white Muslin Cloth.
As you can see from the image above, the consistency is very think & rich.
I apply this when I am in the bath, making it perfect for me to lay bath & soak away as its working its magic!  I start by removing my make up, using a everyday make up remover wipe. You can keep your make up on & use this to completely remove all of your make up, etc. I pat dry my face, apply one squirt of the product to my fingertips, & then begin to massage it & work it into my face. Once I am satisfied it is well absorbed & applied to my face, I run the cloth under comfortably hot water. I then wring the cloth to remove excess water & drape the cloth onto my face, tucking it into my nose, around my face, etc. Once this is complete, I lay back & relaxxx...
After 5 mins or so, I gently massage the cloth into my face, creating a light exfoliant onto my face. This is incredibly comfortable & not at all too stubborn for your delicate areas on your face! Finally, I remove the cloth & rinse away all the dead skin (ew!) & impurities. I then rinse away all of the product from my face & finish with a splash of cold water, to close up my pores. After this routine, I will continue on to using a Toner & Night Cream, which I have created a separate blog about - so make sure to check that out!
I don't tend to use this on a daily basis, just when I feel I need something extra to treat my skin, or when I have the effort!

Unfortunately, I could not for the life of me find this product on the Boots website, although I originally discovered it there. I can, however, supply this link to their other cleansers here. I do apologise I couldn't find this & supply the specific information you may want to know.

I can't say I honestly have any bad points about this product, just purely recommend this. Its a fabulous product for any age. I am glad I have discovered this product & for the price - you really cannot complain!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!



No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner & Essential Moisture Night Cream

Hello! I decided to make a post on my current, relaxed skin care routine. I must confess, I don't invest in my face enough, whereas creams & potions are concerned - which I know I really should! A couple of months ago, I was in receipt of a few No7 £5 vouchers. At the time, I had just run out of a average face cream, & I thought I best invest in a Night Cream, so it could work its magic as I slept. I then scrolled through No7's website, to discover their Toner. I remember a few years ago, I used an Olay Toner, although thinking back, I really didn't care about my skin care routine, as I was much younger - & not as in love with beauty as I am now! I am so thankful I invested i these two products. I really feel they have helped my skin, as far as moisturising & cleaning right in to my pores. My skin type is between dry & oily, which makes it slightly difficult finding the right products. I find on a night, I have a well moisturised face, by morning, it becomes dry, making it difficult to moisturise.

Here is what the products look like. I did some little research into the products, before purchasing for myself, as I would rather have a product suited perfectly for my skin, than to have bought it & have it sat on a shelf for a year or so.
I apply the Toner with 2-3 squirts onto a cotton pad. I then sweep this across my face, more so concentrating on my T-Zone, as I feel this is where I most need an extra cleanse - especially down my nose. Damn pores! As soon as I have applied this, I feel instantly refreshed & cleansed. Just what you want to have. You don't get any funny, tingly sensations, purely just a simple good cleanse!
Once this is completed, I apply a dot f the Night Moisturiser to each side of my face & spread out a further larger dot between my forehead, nose & chin. I then blend away! Its a beautiful formulation to work with. Instantly soaks up into your skin, so you don't need to wait around. Simply apply & go! 
Both of these products have lovely clean fragrances, too. Nothing too perfumed, to irritate your skin.

Little info on each product:
No7 claims - 'Leaves combination complexions rebalanced, revitalised & shine free, without drying.'

  • No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner for Oily to Combination Skin 200ml.
  • £8.00
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Fragrance free
  • Alcohol free
  • pH balanced.
  • You can purchase this here
Night Cream:
No7 claims - 'Nourishes & replenishes your skin while you sleep. Give your skin a little beauty sleep with No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream, No7's night moisturiser is a rich cream that replenishes lost moisture to leave your skin irresistibly soft & silky when you wake'.
  • No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream contains soothing Elderflower & caring Vitamins E &F.
  • £10.00
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Fragrance free
  • You can purchase this here
Overall, I think these are fantastic products, which I would highly recommend. I can honestly say I have had absolutely no problems with these products. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, so I can test out various products, without breaking out.

If anyone has any has any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate.

Thank you!



The Body Shop Strawberry, Shower Body & Lip Care

This is a lovely little gift set, that  thought I would share! If you're a fan of anything fruity & sweet - then this is perfect for you! Once I cracked open all the lotions & potions, my bathroom smelled absolutely divine. Just as if I was swimming around in a bath full of Strawberries! 
What's included in the gift bag: 

Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml
Strawberry Puree Body Lotion 60ml 
Strawberry Soap 100g 
Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm 10ml
Two-Tone Bath Lily & Strawberry Print Mirror.

A gorgeous little selection of all the things you need for bath/shower time!

I was really excited to try these little beauties out. I have only so far tried the Shower Gel & Puree Body Lotion & The Lip Balm. What can I say? As beautiful as ever. I find with the Body Shop - you simply cannot go wrong. They have perfect products, that you could not fault! he Shower Gel instantly foams up into the Bath Lily, requiring very little product - meaning it'll last so much longer! The Puree Body Lotion also immediately sunk into my kin &didn't feel sticky or irritating, which I sometimes feel a problem. Sometimes you just want to get out the bath, do what you need to do & run to the sofa! The Lip Balm isn't sticky or gooey, it simply smells of gorgeous Strawberries, & moisturises your lips, whilst giving them a touch of colour!
This gift set comes with a mesh/material bag, that you could use as a travel bag or to keep these products in, etc. For now, I'm storing these products in here. The bag has Pink, Green & Purples running through the sides of the bag & on top. Then on the other two larger sides, there is pink mesh, which makes it easy for you to find your wanted product - ideal in a rush! The material seems to be suitable if it becomes slightly wet, which is great again, of you don't have time to tidy everything up. The bag also comes with two small handles, ideal for carrying around, if need be.
I cant rave enough about The Body Shop products, they're gorgeous to apply & smell good enough to eat! You can grab this bag here for £12.00. The Body Shop is also having a sale, which I assume will last until stocks run out, so get queuing, with this little beauty in tow!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



No7 Make-up Artist Collection Nail Art Kit

Hello! I was so happy & ecstatic as I began to tear off the Christmas wrapping paper, to reveal these gorgeous shades of 4 Nail Polishes in Blue, Purple, Gold & Pink, a Top Coat Nail Polish, Pot of Gems & two Nail Art Pens in Silver & Black. They came beautifully packaged in a black & white stripey box, with a gorgeous black bow on top! If you like the sounds of this product, you can purchase it here! I have yet to actually try these products, although I can almost guarantee they will not disappoint you! I thought I must share these wonderful products with the rest of you!


Firstly, you are met with two Nail Art Pens in Silver & Black. They have a screw top, which reveals a very thin brush, which enables you to create intricate or simple designs on your nails, whether you are an expert, or simply want to play around with different techniques. No doubt I will be practising some designs, & I'll be sure to inform you on how I created them! Moving on, there is also a cap, which you can pull off, which reveals a metal nib, which will allow you to add further detail to your nail designs, such as dots, swirls, circles, etc. The packaging for these Art Nail Pens are also plastic, so you are able to squeeze every last drop of Nail Polish out, when you get too carried away! I am so excited to try these! I also love how they included a simple Black one, for more simplicity & also a Silver one, for a bit more sparkle & defentition to your nails.

Once I got passed the excitement for these, I struggled to tear my eyes away from these four Nail Polishes. I am very happy that they decided to included a variety of polishes - well thought out, rather than sticking to one theme. 
The first one is this beautiful dusky pink, with undertones of purple. Its beautiful for Autumn/Fall time (shame the seasons are changing!), or for a more neutral nail, with more of a pop of colour This is the shade I am more excited to try out! Its a matte colour - not finish. Very pretty for all ages, too!
Next is a stunning Blue, with tonnes of sparkles! Its perfect for any night time look, to add that extra accessory to your look. This shade also has tiny shimmers of green & purple. Would look great against all skin tones, too! This would be absolutely perfect for New Years Eve! Entering 2012 with fabulous nails!
Moving across is another one I am really excited to apply to my nails, which is this lovely shimmery Gold. I think this would work perfect against any skin tone, & as its quite a neutral gold, with shimmer, rather than glitter, I think would work extremely well as a day time look, or night time & also all year round. This could be a perfect investment for you, if you're looking for a neutral colour, with that little, subtle something extra!
Almost done! We now have a deep, dark, plum purple. Like the pink one, this is again a matte colour - not the finish. What I mean by this, is it has no shimmers, sparkle, glitter, etc. Its beautiful for a night time look, & especially against a paler skin tone, to make it really stand out!
Lastly, they have very thankfully included a top coat. I already use No7 Base Coat & Top Coat, which I highly recommend, so I love I now have another little one, that will work beautifully with the rest of the contents of this product 7 make my nails luscious & shiney!

Before I wrap up this blog now, I better tell you about the final little beauties included you get 3 compartments in this little clear jar - there is also a black bottom, on the jar, so you can instantly see what gems you are about to pick out, rather than tipping them about & never getting them back in! You get little stars, circles & raindrops. I am so excited to try these. As they are small, I believe they will last a lot longer, as they will be less likely to catch on clothes, etc.

Unfortunately, I haven't tried these polishes out yet, so I can't determine & review the longevity, durability, number of coats you will need, etc.I am very much looking forward to testing these out. I would recommend these to any age group, for any occasion! This set will cost you £18.00, which I think is a great price for the quantity & quality you will be receiving! As far as I am aware, this set is selling for half price at Boots, which is linked about, for a limited time only - until stocks run out. So, I would be queuing up in Boots, if you want fabulous nails, in time to welcome 2012!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!