Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No7 Make-up Artist Collection Nail Art Kit

Hello! I was so happy & ecstatic as I began to tear off the Christmas wrapping paper, to reveal these gorgeous shades of 4 Nail Polishes in Blue, Purple, Gold & Pink, a Top Coat Nail Polish, Pot of Gems & two Nail Art Pens in Silver & Black. They came beautifully packaged in a black & white stripey box, with a gorgeous black bow on top! If you like the sounds of this product, you can purchase it here! I have yet to actually try these products, although I can almost guarantee they will not disappoint you! I thought I must share these wonderful products with the rest of you!


Firstly, you are met with two Nail Art Pens in Silver & Black. They have a screw top, which reveals a very thin brush, which enables you to create intricate or simple designs on your nails, whether you are an expert, or simply want to play around with different techniques. No doubt I will be practising some designs, & I'll be sure to inform you on how I created them! Moving on, there is also a cap, which you can pull off, which reveals a metal nib, which will allow you to add further detail to your nail designs, such as dots, swirls, circles, etc. The packaging for these Art Nail Pens are also plastic, so you are able to squeeze every last drop of Nail Polish out, when you get too carried away! I am so excited to try these! I also love how they included a simple Black one, for more simplicity & also a Silver one, for a bit more sparkle & defentition to your nails.

Once I got passed the excitement for these, I struggled to tear my eyes away from these four Nail Polishes. I am very happy that they decided to included a variety of polishes - well thought out, rather than sticking to one theme. 
The first one is this beautiful dusky pink, with undertones of purple. Its beautiful for Autumn/Fall time (shame the seasons are changing!), or for a more neutral nail, with more of a pop of colour This is the shade I am more excited to try out! Its a matte colour - not finish. Very pretty for all ages, too!
Next is a stunning Blue, with tonnes of sparkles! Its perfect for any night time look, to add that extra accessory to your look. This shade also has tiny shimmers of green & purple. Would look great against all skin tones, too! This would be absolutely perfect for New Years Eve! Entering 2012 with fabulous nails!
Moving across is another one I am really excited to apply to my nails, which is this lovely shimmery Gold. I think this would work perfect against any skin tone, & as its quite a neutral gold, with shimmer, rather than glitter, I think would work extremely well as a day time look, or night time & also all year round. This could be a perfect investment for you, if you're looking for a neutral colour, with that little, subtle something extra!
Almost done! We now have a deep, dark, plum purple. Like the pink one, this is again a matte colour - not the finish. What I mean by this, is it has no shimmers, sparkle, glitter, etc. Its beautiful for a night time look, & especially against a paler skin tone, to make it really stand out!
Lastly, they have very thankfully included a top coat. I already use No7 Base Coat & Top Coat, which I highly recommend, so I love I now have another little one, that will work beautifully with the rest of the contents of this product 7 make my nails luscious & shiney!

Before I wrap up this blog now, I better tell you about the final little beauties included you get 3 compartments in this little clear jar - there is also a black bottom, on the jar, so you can instantly see what gems you are about to pick out, rather than tipping them about & never getting them back in! You get little stars, circles & raindrops. I am so excited to try these. As they are small, I believe they will last a lot longer, as they will be less likely to catch on clothes, etc.

Unfortunately, I haven't tried these polishes out yet, so I can't determine & review the longevity, durability, number of coats you will need, etc.I am very much looking forward to testing these out. I would recommend these to any age group, for any occasion! This set will cost you £18.00, which I think is a great price for the quantity & quality you will be receiving! As far as I am aware, this set is selling for half price at Boots, which is linked about, for a limited time only - until stocks run out. So, I would be queuing up in Boots, if you want fabulous nails, in time to welcome 2012!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



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