Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Beauty Blogger Awards 2011!

I woke up this morning to this lovely announcement that I have been given this award. I have briefly seen this pottering about on people's blogs, but I was stunned to here I have one. Thank you so much, Izzy. She has been a wonderful inspiration for my blog & has very kindly supported me through my journey of blogging. You can check out her amazing blog - which I can not get enough of! - here!
Luckily Izzy left some instructions, so I can do the same, for people to quite knowing what this is about!
So lets go!

1. Thank the person who nominated you & share their link with your followers.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3.  Give the award to 15 of your favourite bloggers.

Now, if many people are aware, you will know I have just started my blog, within the last few days I have started posting. I have still yet to flick through blogs & follow one's I love. Therefore, I unfortunately cannot give the award to 15 followers, as that would mean I would have to dash around, find numerous amount of blogs, & nominate them. This would be a complete lie for everything I love on here. So, I shall select a few bloggers who I genuinely do love!

I would again, like to take this opportunity to thank Izzy for nominating this award to me. I am so grateful & happy!

Let me share some hopefully wonderful facts about myself!

1. I have two younger sisters, who I do adore. We are all into beauty, which is absolutely great. Means we get to share each others new products!
2. I LOVE Banana & Sugar Sandwiches. As odd as this sounds, I always have since I was younger!
3. I love crime/detective programmes, such as CSI - preferably New York, as I'd die to go there.
3. Mentioned just above - I am obsessed with new York City. I would die to have the chance to experience the lovely city!
4. I adore reading books. More along the lines of chick lits, such as Cecelia Ahern. I am also madly in love with Malorie Blackman books.
5. I love anything to do with nails, as far as my natural nails are concerned. I get SO excited about hearing what new polishes are on the scene!
6. I have size 7-8 feet. Luckily I never tend to have a problem finding shoes.
7. I watch YouTube as much as I can. Honestly. Its like my own personally TV!

So those were some facts you might have not known about me! Now I shall nominate a select few who I genuinely enjoy reading at the moment.






These are very few blogs I would go to flick though at the moment. I am slowly, but surely finding new blogs that interest me. Thank you to the people above for giving me a great read!

Thank you!



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