Sunday, 25 December 2011

First December Glossy Box Christmas Edition!

I first decided to subscribe to Glossy Box, after flicking through reviews & watching them. I wanted a personal Christmas present to myself, so I went & ordered this box. Which came just in the nick of time on Christmas Eve! Once I tore of the cardboard packaging, I was pleasantly met with a gorgeous red & in fact - glossy box! I would just like to mention, these images were taken early on Christmas Day, whilst I remembered. I do apologise about the shoddy quality, but I think it can be excused!

Once I lifted the lid, revealed thin white paper, which left you being  able to peek through. This was also tied up, with a  good quality, black bow. How pretty! There was also a gold & red shiny sticker, almost as their seal of approval!

Here I was met with a gorgeous selection of 5 various products. I was  unsure where to start! I firstly picked up the most beautiful looking product: Deborah Lippman Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet. Your eye instantly catches the sparkliest red glitter nail polish. As I opened this package on Christmas Day, I had already painted my nails red the night before, in preparation for the big day. I immediately panted to paint on this my nails, although I fought the temptation & decided to paint them later in the evening. I was so happy when I found this product in the box. It certainly is the most christmassy, festive & celebratory colour they could have possibly found for us! From the bottle, I highly recommend this product on the colour, however, as I have yet to try it, I can't say what its longevity & wear is like. This product is £16.00 full size.

Continuing on, I picked up Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment. As I at the tender age of 20, I wasn't sure whether to test out the product, as the product claims this particularly one should be aimed at the ages of 25-39, however, I believe that prevention is better than cure - so I may as well start early! The product came in a white box,, inside sitting a little glass jar, encased around foam, which gave it a luxurious, expensive feel - which I love! This product will most likely take quite a while to see anything noticeable, but I am curious & looking forward to the results. This product is £43.00 full size.

Then on, I discovered the BLINK + GO Eyeshadow & Blush Palette. After a little struggle, whilst finding out how to actually open it, I got there in the end - bearing in mind it was 7:00am! I found six beautiful, shimmery, glittery colours. Perfect for this celebratory season! Underneath, hidden away, was two blushers & a double ended applicator & brush. How neat?! I am extremely looking forward to testing out 7 playing with these pretty colours. This product full size is £14.95.

Moving on, I eventually picked up the largest product in the box, which I neglected, which was Rituals Foaming Shower Gel. The packaging ia bright hot pink with a scent of Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil. It smells absolutely divine.. well, depending on your personal taste! I cannot wait to try out this product tonight to see of it meets its claims of leaving your skin 'silky soft & smooth'. Fancy! This one is also full size, which is 200ml! Full size of this costs £36.50, which I think isn't too bad, if the product amazes you. I shall have to wait & see..

Lastly, I found lurking in  then bottom of the box, hidden away by all the crinkly pieces of white paper, was  Cargo Lip Gloss. I have yet to actually try it, so I am unable to give a decent review on longevity, true colour, application, taste, etc, although I will most likely update on this blog. The colour is a very pretty shimmery soft pink/peach, I'm unsure whether the application is sheer or not, but I think the colour would look very suitable either or..
This product full size is £10.00.


My final thoughts..

I believe this little box of special, luxurious goodies is an amazing concept & would be perfect for a girl of any age ( & Man now!), as you are able to create a beauty profile, which enables the Glossy Box people to select personalized products, just for you!

I have yet to properly & truly test the products out, as I only received the package today, although I am extremely happy with what was included, especially since this was my first box.

I have yet to decide whether I would like to continue on with my subscription, as I haven't played around with the products & looked at other reviews.

I would also like to take his opportunity to apologise yet again for the terrible images taken. It was 7:00am, & quite frankly I was too lazy (& excited as it was Christmas Day), to hunt for my camera!
If anyone has any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask away. :)

Thank you!

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