Friday, 30 December 2011

What I plan on investing in during 2012!

I thought I would create a little compilation of some thing I would LOVE to have by 2012!

I would love this baby! I would also settle for the Sleek one! This has so many beautiful shades in, that could create the most perfect day or night time look. I've seen/heard/read so many reviews on this. I also know this second version is due out soon, so hopefully I'll be able to get my hand on the first one soon!

Mac Lipsticks
Creme d' Nude
Here is three shades of lipsticks I really do want to purchase through out 2012. Naturally, I would be entirely happy with the whole entire collection, but these are my favourites. I haven't yet bought a MAC Lipstick before, but after doing some research, they seem perfect! At £13.50 a pop, I will most definitely visit their counter to decide on the most suitable shade for my first one. So exciting!
Shy Girl
MAC Foundation
I would really like to invest in a high-end foundation. Possibly by MAC. I'm planning on visiting some make up counters & querying which products would be best for my skin. I'm unsure on which product I would like, although definitely something out of this range. I'm looking for something relatively medium to full coverage, ot simply something light that can be easily built up, depending on whether I feel I need more coverage on that ay. Any recommendations would be great!

Ilamasqua Skin Base Foundation
Sticking with the foundation theme, I have also been very interested in this product. I have yet to own some of their amazing & beautiful products, however, I will definitely look into seeing whether this would work for me & match my criteria!

llamasqua Freak
I love love love the packaging on this product! I haven't actually even had a whiff of this perfume, but from what I've heard, I'll love it. Even if I don't.. I'll convert myself, purely for this adorable, dark & unknown packaging! Who wouldn't want this taking centre place on their dressing table! 

Diesel Loverdose
This is another perfume I have yet to try, although the packaging again is just enough to make you purchase this product. From what I have gathered so far, this is exactly what I adore in a perfume. My boots points will be racking up soon! I feel sorry for my bank card!

Moroccanoil Oil
I've heard so much about this product, I just have to check it out due to all its hype. I rarely buy that many products for my hair, simply shampoo, condition, air dry. Nothing too exciting. I now feel that I should give my hair a little bit more love & attention. I rarely use any heat irons on my hair, just occasionally slide the straighteners through my hair to create some curls, if I have woken up to some Aslan hair! I feel this would help nourish & protect my hair, when I do use heat. I do however spray some heat protective spray, for added well.. protection! Although I always fear that its breaking my hair. I really want to keep it as thick, long & luscious as possible! Slowly but surely! I think I would invest in the smallest bottle, just in case its not to my fancy.

Sleek Face Contour Kit
This is something I've had my eye on for a really long time, along with the overly hyped neutral eyeshadow palette. At £6.50, this is a inexpensive product, worthy of investing, with great pigmentation. Obviously, I don't own this as I want this (duh!), but from reviews - so on & forth with - it is a really good product to own. This is available at boots & on their own website, as far as I know, Although, I do prefer to brose through a store so I can swatch the products.

Dr Martens
This is something I've wanted for a few years now. I wouldn't mind what colour, how many eyelets -  you name it. I just want a pair so badly! I love what they're about. They can go with so many different looks. I believe I would get a great amount of wear out of these, as I would just want to wear them every single day! I wouldn't look too forward to breaking them in, though!

So that's my little 'wants for 2012' blog post. There is no doubt more to this list, but for now - I want all of these. That's not saying I will. Fingers crossed, anyway! I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you really want in the next year!
Lots of  love, health, joy & support for 2012!

Thank you!



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