Friday, 31 August 2012

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking

Today, I have to review for you, quite a high end product, for me, anyway!
I register quite frequently to Whats In My Handbag, which offers a 'Try' registration section on the website. You simply enter your details, whether you're lucky enough that week, you will receive the product!
I received the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking in Black. The tube is only a sample size, so you can see whether you wish to fork out £23.00, to coat your lashes with!
The brush & wand is something I quite like. I prefer bristles to my mascaras, as I feel like they are really brushing through my lashes, as opposed to just coating them. I found this sample size quite fiddly to use first, as I am used to quite a long wand, although after a few uses, I fell in love with this!

For me personally, I use this sparingly. 1. Its so expensive to purchase full size & this is the only YSL Mascara I believe I will own! 2. This does create quite a dramatic look to your lashes. Of course, you can apply one coat, or apply gently to create a softer, natural look, or you can build this up to look, well.. Shocking!

Below, I have included some pictures of the coats I applied, from bare lashes, to three coats, so you can see how far this mascara can go. I believe its a great mascara, in terms of you can use it for day to day use, & you can use it as a really false lashes effect mascara, to create drama lashes!
As you can see, this really has built up the lashes, as well as thickening them up. I applied this mascara without any eyeliner, so you can really see what the mascara is capable of.
I did find this mascara tougher to remove with just my usual make up wipes, then cleanser, etc. However, I did expect this, as the formulation is probably a lot stronger to what I am use to, as well as the layers I have applied! Other than that, I have no negatives!

I always thought high end mascaras are just the same as drugstore. How different can they really be?
I do think this would be worth the money, from my experiences with mascaras & the looks they can achieve, although, the price tag is just too scary in my eyes.

The things I do like, that are worth the price tag, is the luxurious looking packaging on the full size tubes. This product also comes in a range of different shades, opposed to just brown & black. There is black, with a touch of other colours, which you don't often see in drugstore mascaras.

£23.00, is it worth it?
Have you tried YSL Mascaras before?
You can buy it here (link).



Tuesday, 28 August 2012

NOTW | Classic French Manicure

This week, I decided to give my nails a fresh look. I have recently been giving my nails a break from any polish, as they have just been breaking at any chance they get. Boo!
Whilst browsing through my shopping centre, I cam across the stand with reduced priced polishes, including Essie! I opted for a Essie polish (NOTW to come on this!) & this Bourjois French Manicure polish, with a special brush, that is curved to the tip of your nail, so you can achieve a polished french manicure!
 This is the first french manicure I have done on myself. I always thought they would be quite difficult to achieve on your own. How wrong I was! This was one of the simplest nail looks I have created yet! As the brush on the Bourjois French Manicure polish is short & curved (see image on bottle), I literally just pressed the brush across the tips of my nails, working my way across, allowing me to choose how thick I wanted my tip.

To create this look, I first applied my trusty No7 So Smooth Base Coat. I then applied the Bourjous French Manicure polish to the tips. I found out that this polish comes in a French Manicure set, however, I picked mine up singularly. If you just want this, you can buy it here (link). I only needed one coat of this, which is extremely good compared to some white polishes! Continuing on, I painted two coats of Essie's Sugar Daddy, which is a very pale, sheer pink, perfect for this look! Finally, to seal in the layers, I applied a coat of my No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.
I really like the outcome of this look. It looks so polished & fresh. Not OTT at all! This look is perfect for if you work in an office or a work place/school that doesn't allow you to wear nail polish. You could easily pull of this nail look as your own natural nails, as it does look so natural & healthy!

 On the topic of my Nails of the Week, I also picked up these pretty nail files from Primark, as I stood in the queue. My The Body Shop one is coming to an end now, so I thought I would see how these are. I personally found these very rough on my nails. I had to use them very gently, in case they took away half of my nail! As lovely as they look, I don't think I will continue using them!
Any recommendations for a new nail file?
 So, that is my Nails of the Week. Nothing to out there, but something a little more simpler & fresh. Perfect for getting back to school/college. I would definitely be keeping this nail look handy, for when I just want my nails to look healthy, & not crazy as per!

What do you think of this nail look? Are you a fan of a French Manicure?



Monday, 27 August 2012

FashionistA Eyebrow Kit

Today, I am going to review the third & final FashionistA product!
I have really enjoyed using all of their products I have received. Excellent quality for the price you are paying. This allows you to be able to splurge on more of their products! Anyway, lets get on!
The packaging looks so professional & sleek. A matte background & glossy lettering, make the palette look stylish & modern. The palette itself is quite small, a perfect fit for your hand, so you are safe in the knowledge you can easily do your brows on the move!

You receive 4 pans of brow product. The top two are the initial brow powders. Left is the lightest, right is the darkest. Bottom left you have the highlight colour, which I think looks to peachy than a brightening highlight, but I can imagine it will create a fresh, perfect brow bone, to enhance your brows. Finally, bottom right, you have the clear wax, which will help adhere the powder, and make your brows last longer and add a pigmented colour! I will opt for just the powder, as I have fairly fair brows, I don't wan them too harsh!
This kit comes complete with a cute mini tweezer. This is the smallest I have personally seen, but I can imagine this is so handy to pluck away any infuriating stray hairs! The kit also comes with a double ended brush to apply the products. One has a slanted edge to the brush, whilst the other is more straight. I would use the straight side to apply he wax & the slanted to apply powder, for more precision.
Below, I have applied some swatches to my hand, so you can compare the pigmentation with or without the wax, and also for you to determine whether they're the colours for you!
Okay, so on the first couple, we have the lightest shade. On the left, is just the brow powder, on the right is with a wax base. You can see this has immediately boosted the pigmentation!
Second swatch, we have the darkest brow powder. I can't imagine I will ever use this on my blonde, fair brows, although I can use this as an eyeshadow - perfect to use to contour your eye crease!
Finally, I thought I would also show you the colour of the highlight powder. As you can see, the left is very pale, whereas with the wax base, you can really see the peachy colour. Of course, you wouldn't use the wax underneath the highlight powder (unless you wanted to!).
This is the final look of my brows! On the left, is with the wax base, on the right is naturally without the wax and just the powder! I used the lightest shade of the powder, although I found (as per usual!) that the powder just didn't suit my night on non existent eyebrows! Mine are so fair, that any colour just looks un-natural. I will still persevere with the product, as I may be able to experiment with the application.
I found that these powders all had incredible pigmentation. You barely needed to swipe your brush across the shadows pan, before you had more than enough product on your brush!
So, that is my review. I think this is a great little kit for use everyday, keeping in your make up bag, your hand bag, hand luggage, etc! This has all the necessities, no other fiddly bits, that you really do not need!

You can pick this up from Superdrug for £7.00, or purchase online here (link).

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite eyebrow kit?



Friday, 17 August 2012

F.A.B Body Moisturizer

I luckily won this body moisturiser a couple of weeks ago now, from the lovely Glossybox Girls!
This is my first product by the brand F.A.B aka First Aid Beauty! I received the Smooth Body Moisturiser.
This comes in the form of a 226.8g tube of loveliness! (I don't even care that loveliness isn't a real word, that was it is to me, ha!) This doesn't have an amazing Soap & Glory type scent, if anything, the total opposite. This has the most neutral, basic, clean scent, which is great for everyone & anyone. This would also be perfect for a gift for someone, especially if you don't know their tastes!
This has a squeezy application nozzle. I am unsure whether it is just the bottle I received, although I do find it quite difficult to distribute the product out of the bottle. Rather than easily flowing out, with a slight squeeze, I have to (no joke..) have a fight with the tube to distribute any product! I now just use both hand and squeeze for my life, some of the product onto my leg, then scoop it up and use it. So attractive!

Moving onto the actual body moisturiser. This comes out of the bottle fairly thick, which when I first used, I thought this would only really be suitable for night time, as I imagined it would take some time to soak in.
Well.. I was wrong! This such a light formulation, that INSTANTLY sinks into your skin. No walking around like a starfish whilst it soaks in! Woo!
As you can see, once you massage & break down the moisturise, it creates a silky soft formulation, that absorbs straight into your skin. Even though the product soaks away & doesn't linger, you stay moisturised.
I tend to only apply moisturiser after my bath before bed, so I'm not irritated about the sensation of stickiness. However, with this one, I like to pop some on through the day, when I think I need some, safe in the knowledge that I won't have to wait for it to sink in!
I am really happy with this product! Its one on my favourite body moisturisers & that is saying something, if you have seen the sheer amount of body moisturiser products I need to get through!
I really enjoyed using this brand, so I am interested to see what else I would fall in love with!

You can pick this up from Boots for £13.00 here (link).

Have you tried this before? What is your preferred body moisturiser?



Thursday, 16 August 2012

Current Empties #2

Welcome to my second empties post! These have been collected over a few weeks, so I am quite proud of my progress of using up all my products! It may be a long one, so grab yourself a cuppa!
I ordered this quite a while ago, not really researching into it, before I decided to take the plunge & add it to my basket! Apparently, its aim is to, well.. Perfect your complexion! I personally wouldn't say it did that. I just used this as a regular setting powder, so it wouldn't go to waste, in the hope it would neutralise some of my more warmer foundations, that were a tad too dark for my pasty complexion!

I really enjoyed using this cleanser. I would use it in the tub, to remove the remainder of my make up, after using a make up wipe. I found it did slightly sting around my eyes, which made me hesitant to finish using it.
Just some samples I ordered. I found this was quite nice to use, & a lovely base for under my make up, although, as I have oily skin, this would just contribute to the oil build up throughout the day. Boo!
I decided to take the 14 day challenge, although I just couldn't complete it, with 2 sachets remaining! For a while, I could get on with it, although again, it didn't sit well with my skin type & I found myself sighing with relief as I returned to my faithful Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Moisturiser!
A Glossybox Christmas Edition product. I used this a long time ago, just forgot to include it in my previous empties post! I loved using this! Its a lovely consistency, so rich, which makes me feel as though its working! I could just never justify the price tag to re-purchase. Shame!
Primark 4 in 1 Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes
Who hasn't really tried these? If I am ever in Primarni, I usually pick these up last minute at the till, for the sake of two packs for £1. I prefer to remove the majority of my make up with a wipe, then cleanse! These just do the job for me really. Nothing too special to say!

I have had this in my bathroom for only god knows how long. I chose to pick up a huge 500ml, as it was on offer at the time. Boy did I regret that! I just got sick of the sight of it, I decided to add it to my bubble bath. It has a lovely scent & lathers up well. Its pretty standard, really!

Again, another Avon order purchase. I was immediately attracted to the name & look of this, so I thought why not. I liked the creaminess of the product, which worked well with one of those poofy shower thingies!
This came with a set for Christmas from my Nana. I loved the scent of this, so relaxing in a night time bath! Again, this is a shower cream, so it lathers up like a dream, making your skin so soft!
This was my favourite shower gel. I just can't describe the scent. So delicious & fresh! I would definitely repurchase this! I just didn't get tired of it!
The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel
I have gone through a lot of shower products! This has a more fresh, revitalised feeling & scent, which I loved in the mornings, to awaken me! I love the oriental looking packaging, too!

Finally, the last body product! I found this tub lasted me a life time! I did enjoy using this, as I do with ALL of The Body Shop Scrubs! This was so fresh & clean smelling. Leaving my skin so soft & smooth!
I have also reviewed these here (link). These just completely refresh my hair, especially after using too much heat & I feel like my hair need some much needed TLC! I've used these for years & will continue to do so!
I remember my Mam using these years ago, when I lived at home, so I thought I would give them a shot myself. I picked up a sachet to see how I went on. This left my hair SUPER soft & just made my hair feel so healthy & every other positive descriptions you could say about an amazing product!
Pantene PRO-V Colour Protect Colour Seal
After getting my hair done, I picked this up to protect my hair & keep in the freshly dyed colour. I thought this was lovely & the concentrated conditioning powers just made my hair feel alive & revived!

Just a basic shampoo I picked up. Its been a while since I have used Herbal Essence, so it was a nice change to try. This is aimed at smoothing & softening your hair. I think it did do that, although nothing as groundbreaking as some other shampoos have done before.
N.Y.C Quick Dry Top Coat
I have had this for just too long now. I have finally finished it! I usually flitter between different polishes, although I ran out of my trusty No7 Top Coat (wah!), so I thought I would finally finish this off! I found it did quickly dry my nails & strengthening them, also. If I could find it, I would repurchase it!
I absolutely need this little baby in my life! Its the most perfect top coat for my nails. Dries fairly quickly, adding a lovely glossy shine, also extending the length of time my nails chip!

I was quite sad to see this go. Its been a good little friend to my nails! Just a spray on your nails, adds a oily residue, which so immediately dries my nails. I loved using this, especially when I have applied a fair few layers, through nail art. Its been a great product!

So, that's my second empties post! Sorry its been so long! I just kept adding empty products to my empties box, not realising I would have to review the huge pile!

What do you think of this post & the products included?



V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir

I have something to show you, which I have kept in my bathroom cupboard, for when my hair really needs it. I am going to review V05's Hot Oil. I remember my Mam used to use this & it just got passed down to me! This weekend I decided to curl my hair with straighteners (really need a curling wand!) for a Christening.  My hair felt so dry & frazzled from styling my hair, that I thought it was about time I used my secret stash of hair saving-ness!
In the packaging, you receive 4 x 15ml tubes of Hot Oil. Doesn't seem an awful lot? You really don't need that much! I tend to use these when my hair is screaming for some TLC!
You will find each tube has a twist off cap, which will allow you to distribute the product. Before opening, I pop this into a cup of warm/hot water. On the packaging, this also informs you, you can also alternatively drop this into your bath/running shower. I never thought of this, although I still like the cup method!
Once its been heating away for a few minutes or so, you can remove the tube, twist off the cap & apply to wet hair before shampooing! Massage in & leave for 1 minute. Once soaked in & the minute is complete, you can begin to massage out the product from your hair & scalp, thoroughly. 
You can now continue to shampoo & condition as usual.

Its a really simple product, that I have been aware of for years. This instantly adds nourishment & moisture into your hair. A lot more hair oil products have came on to the market recently, but this is a staple oil hair product I turn to, before shampooing, opposed to taming my mane afterwards.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?



Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Beauty And Fashion Fix HUGE Giveaway!

If you have not heard of MyBeautyAndFashionFix's Giveaway, where have you been? It is HUGE!
What could I win, I hear you say? Read on!
  • TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner
  • TRESemme Heat Protection Spray
  • Loreal Elvive Colour Protection Shampoo
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • MUA Lipstick
  • 3 No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish
  • Silver Glittery Nail Polish
  • 3 17 Mini Nail Polishes
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
  • Benefit Stay Don't Stray
  • Clinique Make Up Remover
  • 17 Liquid Eyeliner
  • Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara
  • MUA Concealer
  • 2 FCUK Lipglosses
  • Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover
  • No7 Eyeshadow Palette
  • MUA Blusher
  • Loreal Paris Silk and Gloss Hair Cream
  • 2 Suprise goody bag!
Yes, that is a LOT! All you have to do to enter, is head over to Sharna's Giveaway at

You can also go follow here as @SharnasBeaut!



Sophee's DKNY Purse Giveaway!

If you haven't heard of this fabulous giveaway yet, a lovely girl called Sophee is giving away a beautiful DKNY deep pink purse. Perfect to fit all of your beauty reward cards in!
To enter to win, all you have to do is head over to here blog, which is at & fill out the rafflecopter application. As simple as that! You can also follow her on Twitter at @Sopheewebb!



Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

As I shopped around recently for a dress for my nephews Christening, I casually (I practically ran into the shop!) strolled near The Body Shop, after seeing a 50% off sale sign, flashing at my very eyes. I didn't even need to know what they were selling, & I wanted it! After closer inspection, I noticed their 100ml Hand Creams were half price at £5. I thought I would immediately snap up this deal, as the smaller hand cream is £5 itself, so I thought I had got a good deal!
The Body Shop website image
There were 3 different scents to choose from, each for different skin types. I opted for the one suitable for all skin types, which came in the form of Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I also decided to pick this up, as this is also aimed at use for your nails. I have been wanting to look for a hand product to use daily, to pop in my handbag & use throughout the day to keep my hand in tip top shape. I have also been wanting a product to keep my nails in better condition. I only ever really give them some good TLC when I apply nail polish, which is usually once a week. Really, my nails are lacking attention that way!

The scent is Almond, which is lovely & subtle. Perfect for everyday use. The consistency is what you would expect with every hand cream. Not too thick, not too thin. I don't find this too heavy to use, as some are more suitable to use on a night time. I tend to use a small amount & just use a tiny bit more if I feel it necessary. The packaging comes in the form of a metal type tube, which you are safe in the knowledge of the tube being safe & secure in your handbag! I also prefer these, as you can squeeze every last drop of product out, giving you excellent value of money!

You can purchase this Almond Hand & Nail Cream for £10 here (link).

Have you tried this hand cream before?



Monday, 13 August 2012

Essie Polish in Sugar Daddy

As its my nephews Christening soon, I picked up a peachy pink dress with leather detailing. As I browsed through my shopping centre, I looked through a reduced make up stall. Luckily, I noticed they had a few shades of Essie Nail Polishes. I immediately picked up my first one. I wish I picked up more now! I decided to go for a light nude pink one, which would suit my outfit perfectly, in the shade 15 Sugar Daddy. I was extremely happy to find out that these retail at £7.99, & I picked up mine for a mere £1.99!
I know this is a poor picture, but its the best I could use! I decided to add Barry M's Hologram to my thumb & ring finger nails, to add a little more glamour.  The actaul Essie polish has a lovely smooth formulation, that glides upon your nail like a dream. The brush itself is an excellent shape, that fans out across your nail, allowing you to apply one coat in one sweep! 

You can pick this up at Superdrug for £7.99 (link).

Have you tried any Essie Nail Polishes? Any shade recommendations?


Sunday, 12 August 2012

FashionistA 2 Step Mascara

If you have read my previous post on FashionistA's Palette & Shadows review, then you will be aware I informed you lovely lot I would be reviewing other products.
Today, I have to show you something I have been meaning to get my hands on, and that is a double ended mascara. Years ago (god, I'm only 20!), I remember these type of mascaras, but at the time, I didn't really appreciate make up as much & didn't appreciate what products could do.
Finally, I can share my views of what I think. Shall we carry on?
 This mascara has two ends, which consists of two different mascaras. The white side, a primer, the red side the actual mascara. The overall size of this is significantly longer than my usual mascaras, as this is holding two wands.
 First step, is the Ultra-Lengthening Base Coat. This comes in the form of a white formulation, which coats your lashes, in preparation for the black mascara. This will add length to your lashes, before you add the colour. Almost like layering the products upon your lashes? Yes?
 Step 2. This is the actual mascara. The one we all know & love. The wand is a full on bristle one. Something I have forgotten what it looks like. I am so used to using rubber/plastic ones. This fluffs through your lashes, very easily. Coating the top & bottom of your lashes, allowing you to coat over all of the white primer, disguising it. You will see from the images below my results & how I got on.
Natural lashes
One coat of primer base
One coat of the mascara
 From the final result, I found that I would have needed to allow the layers to almost thoroughly dry before applying more, as once you apply a coat on top of a wet coat, you are just removing & re-applying. Pointless really. I found that I did get the white brush in contact with my black eyeliner, as I really do get right up into the roots & wiggle away! This caused me to have to clean the brush & re-dip my brush thoroughly into the product. Of course, if you're not fussy on contaminating your brand new white mascara with your eyeliner, then this will not be a problem! I personally need to apply all of my eye make up before applying mascara, so this is a step I will have to take more carefully.

Anyway, that is my review. Something simple for a simple product. This is a great mascara for someone who has the patience to build up the product, but I just don't have the time in the morning to do my brows, never mind waiting on my mascara drying! Overall, this could be a brilliant product for particular people.

You can pick this up at Superdrug for £8.00 here (link).

Have you tried this mascara or recommend any other double ended mascaras? I would love to hear!


Friday, 10 August 2012

FashionistA Palette, Blush, Bronzers & Eyeshadows!

I was very kindly sent some Fashionista products, which I have heard a lot about, just never tried myself, so I politely accepted to see whether they were to meet the expectations & to inform you lovely lot whether to give them a try! I have some other products in this range to come, so keep your eyes peeled!
Today, I have to show you their Custom Design Palette, which enables you to mix & match, arrange & customise eyeshadows, blushers & bronzers, perfect for travelling or making your make up storage more slimline, rather than having single shadows everywhere!
 Here is the products popped out of their original single packaging & placed into the customised palette. They gave a circular bottom, in the single pots & the palette, which allow you to easily pop them out, without risking dinting the shadows with your nails! You can very simply pop them back into the single packaging if you feel the need, or wish to travel, only needing very minimal make up.
 On the back of the palette & the singular packaging, they have circle cut outs, so you are aware of each product. This is great if you customise your palette with several different cosmetics, such as blushers, eyeshadows, etc. This circular opening also makes removing each shadow pan easier & more effective that pulling away at the edges of the pan!
Top left, we have a marbled blush named Stylish. This is a lovely rosy pink. Perfect to add a touch of colour to your face, or go a little heavier with a neutral eye.
Top right is the marbled eyeshadow is Stylish. I was very intrigued as to see what the overall shade of this pan would be, as there is some cream, bronze & a gorgeous ripple of gold running through it. After a little (disheartening to spoil the look of it) swirl of the product, this pleasantly surprised me with a /bronze/light gold finish. This would look lovely in the inner corners for something a little bit different or swept across the lid to awaken your eyes!
Bottom Left there is another marbled product in the form of a bronzer in the shade Barcelona. I think this would look beautiful as a everyday natural lid colour, to perk up the tone of your eye lids. This will be perfect for me, as I am fairly pale, so it won't be too harsh!
Bottom right is finally the last matte bronzer. This is something I am quite excited to use, as I would like to delve more in to warming up my face, or simply contouring to add more definition! I believe I will have to use this quite light handed, to add a touch of warmth to my pasty complexion!
L-R: Blush in New York, Eyeshadow in Stylish, Bonzer in Barcelona & Bronzer in  Tokyo
 So, that's my review of FashionistA's Custom Palette & products. I have really enjoyed reviewing this, as its something new & different to my usual posts. I will defiently be looking more into this brands line of products, as they are incredibly pigmented & look amazing in their packaging! 
As I said briefly before, I will be reviewing some other products by this brand, so keep a look out!

You can check out their products in Superdrug stores, or online here (link).

Have you tried any FashionistA products before? What are your thoughts?

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Soap & Glory Mini's Glad Hair Shampoo & Conditioner & Flake Away Body Scrub

I stayed away for the weekend, & just after leaving the house, I realised I didn't pack any shampoo or conditioner. Nightmare! As the hotel I was staying at only had some soap & shower wash samples, I had to run to Boots & purchase some hair goodies. 
I already I knew I wanted to try these two hair products in the minis size, to try, so I thought this was perfect timing! As I took these to the till, the lovely lady told me the Soap & Glory range are currently 3 for 2. So I rushed back to pick up another product I have had my eye on & picked up the Flake Away Body Scrub.
Glad Hair Day Daily Shampoo
Give your moody mane the heave-ho, have a GLAD  HAIR DAY with this Ultra-shine Daily Super Shampoo.

Not surprising, this has the typical  Soap & Glory scent. If you're already a lover, then this is perfect for you!
This has a lovely consistency, which lathers wonderfully into your hair. Ideal for daily use - exactly what is on the packaging! I sometimes tend to skip using conditioner, if I am feeling particularly lazy, which I believe this would be suitable to apply alone, giving your hair a new lease of life!

Glad Hair Day Daily Thick Conditioner
Thick and tired? Tame your mane with super conditioning GLAD HAIR DAY Intensive Conditioner, for full, frizzy or fried hair.

I decided on picking up the thick version of the conditioner, opposed to the original formula conditioner, as I thought this would probably be a stronger formula for my hair. This has a thick & luxurious consistency, which coats your hair in softness. I really enjoyed applying this to my hair, which gliding through smoothly.

Flake Away Body Scrub
Superhero-strength skin smoothing body exfoliator with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Flake Away, a spa-strength dry skin body scrub.

I have previously used the Scrub 'em and Leave 'Em Body Exfoliator. I have loved using this, & as I only have a few uses left (sob.. sob!) I knew I wanted to try a different scrub, for a change.
I picked up the Flake Away Body Scrub, which consists of a typical scrub formulation, opposed to the Scrub 'Em one, which is more of a sugar texture. The Flake Away has finer particles of scrubiness, which softly & gently remove dead skin & everything else, leaving you with soft, revived skin.
 Glad Hair Day Daily Shampoo - £2.50 (link)
Glad Hair Day Thick Conditioner - £2.50 (link)
Flake Away Body Scrub - $2.50 (link)

Have you tried any of these?



Thursday, 9 August 2012

LuceeLovesBeautyBox Blog is live on Facebook!

Just a quick little update, to let all my lovely readers know I now have Facebook Page!
If you're more of a regular user of Facebook (I'm an addict!), rather than Twitter, so you find you miss out on posts & updates (sadly relatable to me), this will be right up your street. or if you use both equally as much, then head on over & 'Like' my Page!
I am still in the process of making it my own & adding my own touches. I will be posting all of my current posts & any other posts that I may find you would be interested in. I will also be invloving more fashion into my Facebook Page & ask for opinions, etc.

So, that's that! If you are interested, head on over to & 'Like' my Page for updates, blog posts & more! I have just included a new Facebook Like button at the top right, to make it easier access!

Thank you!



E.L.F Daily Brush Cleanser

I have owned this product for a while now, although I really have neglected it. 
My brushes have been in dire need of a good clean, so I thought I would take this opportunity to use the Cleanser on my very dirty powder brush, to see how much dirt & grime the Daily Brush Cleanser would remove. 
As this is a Daily Brush Cleanser, aimed at daily use (duh..), I wanted to see the products potential.

This is an antibacterial brush cleanser for quick cleaning in-between make up applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh & clean application every time. This also helps keep your brushes lasting longer, for extended use.

I usually use Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath to clean my brushes. I would normally just use their baby shampoo, although as I have two bottles of this, I'm trying to use it up! For today's tutorial, I will just be using the cleanser.
I like to use a few sheets of sheets of kitchen paper, to absorb the dirt & product, then I can easily throw it away. Less cleaning!
 Here is my powder brush.. my very old powder brush. Never the less, it does the job for me, & has done for the past few years! By the way, I am on the look out for a new face brush (Real Techniques, Real Techniques!) Any other suggestions welcome!

I began to spritz my brush with this product, then removing it, by swiping my brush against the kitchen paper, massaging the dirt & nastiness out of my brush. I did this several times as you can see, to show you how often I had to repeat this.

In my opinion, I think this Daily Brush Cleanser did a good job of removing make up build up on my brushes. Obviously, I wouldn't use this in this scenario again, rather deep cleaning them. Although, this is a good way to demonstrate the potentiality of the products use, whether you use a little make up on your brushes, or quite a lot. Using this product daily will gently remove daily make up from your brushes, so they're fresh, sanitised & clean for next use!

After researching into the brand for a link, I believe this product may be discontinued from there website, however lots of sites still sell this particular product such as eBay here (link)
You can also pick up there Brush Shampoo from, which is available on their site.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your brush cleaning techniques or favourite products?

Thank you!