Thursday, 16 August 2012

V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir

I have something to show you, which I have kept in my bathroom cupboard, for when my hair really needs it. I am going to review V05's Hot Oil. I remember my Mam used to use this & it just got passed down to me! This weekend I decided to curl my hair with straighteners (really need a curling wand!) for a Christening.  My hair felt so dry & frazzled from styling my hair, that I thought it was about time I used my secret stash of hair saving-ness!
In the packaging, you receive 4 x 15ml tubes of Hot Oil. Doesn't seem an awful lot? You really don't need that much! I tend to use these when my hair is screaming for some TLC!
You will find each tube has a twist off cap, which will allow you to distribute the product. Before opening, I pop this into a cup of warm/hot water. On the packaging, this also informs you, you can also alternatively drop this into your bath/running shower. I never thought of this, although I still like the cup method!
Once its been heating away for a few minutes or so, you can remove the tube, twist off the cap & apply to wet hair before shampooing! Massage in & leave for 1 minute. Once soaked in & the minute is complete, you can begin to massage out the product from your hair & scalp, thoroughly. 
You can now continue to shampoo & condition as usual.

Its a really simple product, that I have been aware of for years. This instantly adds nourishment & moisture into your hair. A lot more hair oil products have came on to the market recently, but this is a staple oil hair product I turn to, before shampooing, opposed to taming my mane afterwards.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?




  1. I had this years and years ago - I didn't know it was still going strong! I had completely forgotten about this hot oil treatment so thanks for reminding me! Xo

    1. I remember this from years ago, too! Its been sat in my bathroom cupboard! So happy I have started to use it again, my hair is thankful, too!



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