Thursday, 9 August 2012

E.L.F Daily Brush Cleanser

I have owned this product for a while now, although I really have neglected it. 
My brushes have been in dire need of a good clean, so I thought I would take this opportunity to use the Cleanser on my very dirty powder brush, to see how much dirt & grime the Daily Brush Cleanser would remove. 
As this is a Daily Brush Cleanser, aimed at daily use (duh..), I wanted to see the products potential.

This is an antibacterial brush cleanser for quick cleaning in-between make up applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh & clean application every time. This also helps keep your brushes lasting longer, for extended use.

I usually use Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath to clean my brushes. I would normally just use their baby shampoo, although as I have two bottles of this, I'm trying to use it up! For today's tutorial, I will just be using the cleanser.
I like to use a few sheets of sheets of kitchen paper, to absorb the dirt & product, then I can easily throw it away. Less cleaning!
 Here is my powder brush.. my very old powder brush. Never the less, it does the job for me, & has done for the past few years! By the way, I am on the look out for a new face brush (Real Techniques, Real Techniques!) Any other suggestions welcome!

I began to spritz my brush with this product, then removing it, by swiping my brush against the kitchen paper, massaging the dirt & nastiness out of my brush. I did this several times as you can see, to show you how often I had to repeat this.

In my opinion, I think this Daily Brush Cleanser did a good job of removing make up build up on my brushes. Obviously, I wouldn't use this in this scenario again, rather deep cleaning them. Although, this is a good way to demonstrate the potentiality of the products use, whether you use a little make up on your brushes, or quite a lot. Using this product daily will gently remove daily make up from your brushes, so they're fresh, sanitised & clean for next use!

After researching into the brand for a link, I believe this product may be discontinued from there website, however lots of sites still sell this particular product such as eBay here (link)
You can also pick up there Brush Shampoo from, which is available on their site.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your brush cleaning techniques or favourite products?

Thank you!




  1. I had the brush cleaner within a swap, i use it inbetween deep cleaning my brushes. Its nice to know i always have clean brushes now. Ax

    1. Its great & simple to use daily. Just a quick spray & wipe, then you're done!



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