Friday, 10 August 2012

FashionistA Palette, Blush, Bronzers & Eyeshadows!

I was very kindly sent some Fashionista products, which I have heard a lot about, just never tried myself, so I politely accepted to see whether they were to meet the expectations & to inform you lovely lot whether to give them a try! I have some other products in this range to come, so keep your eyes peeled!
Today, I have to show you their Custom Design Palette, which enables you to mix & match, arrange & customise eyeshadows, blushers & bronzers, perfect for travelling or making your make up storage more slimline, rather than having single shadows everywhere!
 Here is the products popped out of their original single packaging & placed into the customised palette. They gave a circular bottom, in the single pots & the palette, which allow you to easily pop them out, without risking dinting the shadows with your nails! You can very simply pop them back into the single packaging if you feel the need, or wish to travel, only needing very minimal make up.
 On the back of the palette & the singular packaging, they have circle cut outs, so you are aware of each product. This is great if you customise your palette with several different cosmetics, such as blushers, eyeshadows, etc. This circular opening also makes removing each shadow pan easier & more effective that pulling away at the edges of the pan!
Top left, we have a marbled blush named Stylish. This is a lovely rosy pink. Perfect to add a touch of colour to your face, or go a little heavier with a neutral eye.
Top right is the marbled eyeshadow is Stylish. I was very intrigued as to see what the overall shade of this pan would be, as there is some cream, bronze & a gorgeous ripple of gold running through it. After a little (disheartening to spoil the look of it) swirl of the product, this pleasantly surprised me with a /bronze/light gold finish. This would look lovely in the inner corners for something a little bit different or swept across the lid to awaken your eyes!
Bottom Left there is another marbled product in the form of a bronzer in the shade Barcelona. I think this would look beautiful as a everyday natural lid colour, to perk up the tone of your eye lids. This will be perfect for me, as I am fairly pale, so it won't be too harsh!
Bottom right is finally the last matte bronzer. This is something I am quite excited to use, as I would like to delve more in to warming up my face, or simply contouring to add more definition! I believe I will have to use this quite light handed, to add a touch of warmth to my pasty complexion!
L-R: Blush in New York, Eyeshadow in Stylish, Bonzer in Barcelona & Bronzer in  Tokyo
 So, that's my review of FashionistA's Custom Palette & products. I have really enjoyed reviewing this, as its something new & different to my usual posts. I will defiently be looking more into this brands line of products, as they are incredibly pigmented & look amazing in their packaging! 
As I said briefly before, I will be reviewing some other products by this brand, so keep a look out!

You can check out their products in Superdrug stores, or online here (link).

Have you tried any FashionistA products before? What are your thoughts?

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  1. wow what a lovely palette!
    great post

    1. I think this is so good! So versatile, too!
      Thank you!


  2. love this post, the colours are so wearable! I've just started a beauty/fashion blog i'd appreciate it if you would follow or check it out xxx

    1. Thank you! They will suit a lot of skin tones, which is great!
      I will check out your blog, too. :)



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