Friday, 17 August 2012

F.A.B Body Moisturizer

I luckily won this body moisturiser a couple of weeks ago now, from the lovely Glossybox Girls!
This is my first product by the brand F.A.B aka First Aid Beauty! I received the Smooth Body Moisturiser.
This comes in the form of a 226.8g tube of loveliness! (I don't even care that loveliness isn't a real word, that was it is to me, ha!) This doesn't have an amazing Soap & Glory type scent, if anything, the total opposite. This has the most neutral, basic, clean scent, which is great for everyone & anyone. This would also be perfect for a gift for someone, especially if you don't know their tastes!
This has a squeezy application nozzle. I am unsure whether it is just the bottle I received, although I do find it quite difficult to distribute the product out of the bottle. Rather than easily flowing out, with a slight squeeze, I have to (no joke..) have a fight with the tube to distribute any product! I now just use both hand and squeeze for my life, some of the product onto my leg, then scoop it up and use it. So attractive!

Moving onto the actual body moisturiser. This comes out of the bottle fairly thick, which when I first used, I thought this would only really be suitable for night time, as I imagined it would take some time to soak in.
Well.. I was wrong! This such a light formulation, that INSTANTLY sinks into your skin. No walking around like a starfish whilst it soaks in! Woo!
As you can see, once you massage & break down the moisturise, it creates a silky soft formulation, that absorbs straight into your skin. Even though the product soaks away & doesn't linger, you stay moisturised.
I tend to only apply moisturiser after my bath before bed, so I'm not irritated about the sensation of stickiness. However, with this one, I like to pop some on through the day, when I think I need some, safe in the knowledge that I won't have to wait for it to sink in!
I am really happy with this product! Its one on my favourite body moisturisers & that is saying something, if you have seen the sheer amount of body moisturiser products I need to get through!
I really enjoyed using this brand, so I am interested to see what else I would fall in love with!

You can pick this up from Boots for £13.00 here (link).

Have you tried this before? What is your preferred body moisturiser?




  1. I really like this :) And haha at walking around like a starfish ;P xx

    1. Thanks! I hate the the feeling of having product just sitting on your skin! This is so lovely to use, though! :)


  2. I really want to try this but the price seems a bit high :(

    I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award :)

    1. I personally wouldn't have purchased this for £13.00, but after receiving it as a prize, I am happy I have had the opportunity to try it!

      Thank you for the nomination. :)



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