Friday, 31 August 2012

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking

Today, I have to review for you, quite a high end product, for me, anyway!
I register quite frequently to Whats In My Handbag, which offers a 'Try' registration section on the website. You simply enter your details, whether you're lucky enough that week, you will receive the product!
I received the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking in Black. The tube is only a sample size, so you can see whether you wish to fork out £23.00, to coat your lashes with!
The brush & wand is something I quite like. I prefer bristles to my mascaras, as I feel like they are really brushing through my lashes, as opposed to just coating them. I found this sample size quite fiddly to use first, as I am used to quite a long wand, although after a few uses, I fell in love with this!

For me personally, I use this sparingly. 1. Its so expensive to purchase full size & this is the only YSL Mascara I believe I will own! 2. This does create quite a dramatic look to your lashes. Of course, you can apply one coat, or apply gently to create a softer, natural look, or you can build this up to look, well.. Shocking!

Below, I have included some pictures of the coats I applied, from bare lashes, to three coats, so you can see how far this mascara can go. I believe its a great mascara, in terms of you can use it for day to day use, & you can use it as a really false lashes effect mascara, to create drama lashes!
As you can see, this really has built up the lashes, as well as thickening them up. I applied this mascara without any eyeliner, so you can really see what the mascara is capable of.
I did find this mascara tougher to remove with just my usual make up wipes, then cleanser, etc. However, I did expect this, as the formulation is probably a lot stronger to what I am use to, as well as the layers I have applied! Other than that, I have no negatives!

I always thought high end mascaras are just the same as drugstore. How different can they really be?
I do think this would be worth the money, from my experiences with mascaras & the looks they can achieve, although, the price tag is just too scary in my eyes.

The things I do like, that are worth the price tag, is the luxurious looking packaging on the full size tubes. This product also comes in a range of different shades, opposed to just brown & black. There is black, with a touch of other colours, which you don't often see in drugstore mascaras.

£23.00, is it worth it?
Have you tried YSL Mascaras before?
You can buy it here (link).




  1. YSL Mascaras are reaaally luxurious but they're so expensive :(

    1. They are so lovely to use. I think they are great as a treat to yourself. I just couldn't justify that price tag on a mascara. Would rathe invest the money in a good foundation!



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