Monday, 27 August 2012

FashionistA Eyebrow Kit

Today, I am going to review the third & final FashionistA product!
I have really enjoyed using all of their products I have received. Excellent quality for the price you are paying. This allows you to be able to splurge on more of their products! Anyway, lets get on!
The packaging looks so professional & sleek. A matte background & glossy lettering, make the palette look stylish & modern. The palette itself is quite small, a perfect fit for your hand, so you are safe in the knowledge you can easily do your brows on the move!

You receive 4 pans of brow product. The top two are the initial brow powders. Left is the lightest, right is the darkest. Bottom left you have the highlight colour, which I think looks to peachy than a brightening highlight, but I can imagine it will create a fresh, perfect brow bone, to enhance your brows. Finally, bottom right, you have the clear wax, which will help adhere the powder, and make your brows last longer and add a pigmented colour! I will opt for just the powder, as I have fairly fair brows, I don't wan them too harsh!
This kit comes complete with a cute mini tweezer. This is the smallest I have personally seen, but I can imagine this is so handy to pluck away any infuriating stray hairs! The kit also comes with a double ended brush to apply the products. One has a slanted edge to the brush, whilst the other is more straight. I would use the straight side to apply he wax & the slanted to apply powder, for more precision.
Below, I have applied some swatches to my hand, so you can compare the pigmentation with or without the wax, and also for you to determine whether they're the colours for you!
Okay, so on the first couple, we have the lightest shade. On the left, is just the brow powder, on the right is with a wax base. You can see this has immediately boosted the pigmentation!
Second swatch, we have the darkest brow powder. I can't imagine I will ever use this on my blonde, fair brows, although I can use this as an eyeshadow - perfect to use to contour your eye crease!
Finally, I thought I would also show you the colour of the highlight powder. As you can see, the left is very pale, whereas with the wax base, you can really see the peachy colour. Of course, you wouldn't use the wax underneath the highlight powder (unless you wanted to!).
This is the final look of my brows! On the left, is with the wax base, on the right is naturally without the wax and just the powder! I used the lightest shade of the powder, although I found (as per usual!) that the powder just didn't suit my night on non existent eyebrows! Mine are so fair, that any colour just looks un-natural. I will still persevere with the product, as I may be able to experiment with the application.
I found that these powders all had incredible pigmentation. You barely needed to swipe your brush across the shadows pan, before you had more than enough product on your brush!
So, that is my review. I think this is a great little kit for use everyday, keeping in your make up bag, your hand bag, hand luggage, etc! This has all the necessities, no other fiddly bits, that you really do not need!

You can pick this up from Superdrug for £7.00, or purchase online here (link).

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite eyebrow kit?




  1. Ohh I really like the look of this, I am obsessed with doing my eyebrows!
    I have used Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes to do mine for so long (even though it's not really for that!) lol

    I will be trying this though!
    Lovely blog, new follower

    check out my giveaway if you get a chance

  2. I think it is such a neat little kit! I am just starting to get into doing my eyebrows, as they frame my face so much better, as they are so fair, naturally!

    Thank you! I have entered your giveaway, fingers crossed!
    Your new follower!



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