Sunday, 12 August 2012

FashionistA 2 Step Mascara

If you have read my previous post on FashionistA's Palette & Shadows review, then you will be aware I informed you lovely lot I would be reviewing other products.
Today, I have to show you something I have been meaning to get my hands on, and that is a double ended mascara. Years ago (god, I'm only 20!), I remember these type of mascaras, but at the time, I didn't really appreciate make up as much & didn't appreciate what products could do.
Finally, I can share my views of what I think. Shall we carry on?
 This mascara has two ends, which consists of two different mascaras. The white side, a primer, the red side the actual mascara. The overall size of this is significantly longer than my usual mascaras, as this is holding two wands.
 First step, is the Ultra-Lengthening Base Coat. This comes in the form of a white formulation, which coats your lashes, in preparation for the black mascara. This will add length to your lashes, before you add the colour. Almost like layering the products upon your lashes? Yes?
 Step 2. This is the actual mascara. The one we all know & love. The wand is a full on bristle one. Something I have forgotten what it looks like. I am so used to using rubber/plastic ones. This fluffs through your lashes, very easily. Coating the top & bottom of your lashes, allowing you to coat over all of the white primer, disguising it. You will see from the images below my results & how I got on.
Natural lashes
One coat of primer base
One coat of the mascara
 From the final result, I found that I would have needed to allow the layers to almost thoroughly dry before applying more, as once you apply a coat on top of a wet coat, you are just removing & re-applying. Pointless really. I found that I did get the white brush in contact with my black eyeliner, as I really do get right up into the roots & wiggle away! This caused me to have to clean the brush & re-dip my brush thoroughly into the product. Of course, if you're not fussy on contaminating your brand new white mascara with your eyeliner, then this will not be a problem! I personally need to apply all of my eye make up before applying mascara, so this is a step I will have to take more carefully.

Anyway, that is my review. Something simple for a simple product. This is a great mascara for someone who has the patience to build up the product, but I just don't have the time in the morning to do my brows, never mind waiting on my mascara drying! Overall, this could be a brilliant product for particular people.

You can pick this up at Superdrug for £8.00 here (link).

Have you tried this mascara or recommend any other double ended mascaras? I would love to hear!



  1. I've nominated you for an award on my blog - Check it out here! :) <3

  2. Great review! I too wouldn't have time to make this an everyday product, but it could maybe be used as a night out mascara. Xo

    1. I think this would be ideal for more special occassions & nights out when you have the time to build it up. :)



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