Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MUA Lash Boom Mascara

MUA have recently launched their latest mascara, promising volume and length. Lash Boom Mascara (MUA, £3.00) features a rather odd looking bristled wand, with a contoured end, which will allow you to catch the tiniest of lashes in the inner and outer corners, to create a fanned out effect. I found the wand tricky to use at the beginning, but that's because I am used to a particular wand at a time. My preferred wand does consist of bristles, rather than a comb or plastic bristles. Once you familiarise yourself with how the wand fits and combs through your lashes, you're away! I used the wand in the same technique as I would with a typically shaped wand and found it really did grab my lashes. The first coat initially coated my lashes, like any other mascara would. The second coat is where I was really wowed. The mascara seems to work in sync with each coat, rather than taking some of the already mascara applied away, etc. It clung to the tacky lashes, and genuinely added volume and drama.
In the shots above, I have no eye make up on, just so you can tell exactly what it is doing to my lashes. From before to after, there is a significant difference, and you can imagine what the finished lashes would look like with my completed face of makeup. I found the formula of the mascara to be just right. There is nothing more annoying than a fresh mascara, and the formula is too wet, y'know - when you have to use it a few unsatisfying times until it becomes the right consistency. MUA Lash Boom Mascara offers what you're looking for, at a fraction of the price of other high street mascaras, for £3!
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Illamasqua Electrify Lipgloss and Vernau Eyeshadow

This must be a shocking statement to make for a beauty blogger, but I have never indulged in any Illamasqua products. I adore scrolling through their Instagram feed, and I love what they stand for - but I do steer more towards high street products. As of late, Illamasqua have been holding their infamous £5, £7.50, £10, £20 sales, showcasing a huge array of products, suitable for many budgets. Of course, as my purse strings don't stretch too far, I opted for the £5 sale, which offers a selection of eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipglosses, nail polishes, false eyelashes, and more. This is a great time to check out their sale, especially if you're an Illamasqua newbie!
My first purchase, is a Lipgloss in the shade Electrify (RRP £14.50). Now, I am not a lipgloss girl. Typical statement to make, but I loathe the sticky residue, and most times, the intensely wet glossy finish. I thought I would branch out of my comfort zone and give one another try. Electrify is a light pink shade. Nothing loud or offensive, which is something that drew me to it. I know I will be able to reach for this straight away, without hesitating whether it will clash with the rest of my makeup. As Illamasqua is a high end brand, I had an inkling it wouldn't be as bad as I thought. That, it was not. I found this Sheer Lipgloss actually quite pigmented. I had planned to purchase a pink lipstick to wear beneath the gloss, although I feel as though the pigment in the gloss is enough to add something extra to the face and finish off the look.

My second purchase, was influenced by a current product I am using. Lately, I have been using one shade from a 12 pan palette. It's a brown blending shade, which I simply apply to the crease. The only problem, is that it is running low and I hate having a full palette for one shade in use. Vernau (RRP £15.50) is described as Yellow Ochre. I myself, am not familiar with that description, but I would class it as a warm brown. That shade you use as a blending base. Of course, I am happy to report the pigmentation is amazing, which comforts me to know this will keep me going for a while. I also love the simple black packaging, perfect to fit in my makeup bag. 

What is your favourite Illamasqua product? Did you snap anything up in the sale?

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | Worth the hype?

Not too long ago, Tesco had an offer on for Rimmel foundation, for £5. This was too much of a good deal to pass up on! Originally, I was deliberating between Wake Me Up and Match Perfect, although I seriously struggled matching myself up with the latter. They had an amazing pale shade, which is so rare to come by in high street brands, although I ummed and ahhed whether it was actually TOO pale. Something I never thought would say! Never the less, I opted for the highly raved Wake Me Up and I chose the lightest, I believe, 100 Ivory.

I generally stick with Bourjois, as their lightest shade compliments my skin tone, so it was interesting to return to an old favourite brand throughout my teens. Firstly, I must mention the shade. I, and many others on Twitter (@LuceeLoves) found the lightest shade too dark, orange and difficult to work with. I still agree, although I have found I just need to work a little more and blend away to achieve a flawless colour base, with no unblended edges! I have oily/combo skin, and this foundation is aimed to awaken your skin, giving a luminous and refreshed finish. This does entail finely milled shimmer. Not initially noticeable at all, although I found throughout the day wearing tbis, my pores appear significantly pronounced. I am in the midst of finding successful soloutions to tighten my pores, but this product just seems to highlight them. I have tried Benefit Porefessional and 17 Primer beneath it, with no avail. Again, another aspect and reason I have to work with it. However, I do find myself returning to it. It does have something special about it, that makes me believe my skin does look 'woken up'. I must say, this has generous coverage. I use a pump and a bit, which covers my face and hides redness and blemishes. I find whilst using this, I really only need concealer for under my eyes.

So, is this really worth the hype? If you're prepared to do a little more work to achieve the lusted luminous and refreshed look, then pop yourself down to Boots, ASAP! Now I have it, and have worn it on several occassions, I wouldn't say I would repurchase, as this isn't best suited to my skin tone or type. Although, have all #bbloggers jumped on a makeup bandwagon? What's your thoughts?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Little Life Update..

I thought I would post a quick rambly post, just to catch up with everyone. This past week has been so busy and flustered, I haven't even had time to religiously watch my YouTube subscriptions! Last week, I was given the opportunity for a work trial at the oh so glam Poundworld. A job is a job, though! I was literally told the day before, so I had to manically buy new work clothes, arrange transport, etc. I have just finished my 5 days trial there. Everyone was lovely and it's not a bad place to work! I found that I had no time for myself, let alone housework, the other half, etc. If I do get the job, I have learnt to prioritise, as getting home at 7pm leaves me with no time for anything! Life, eh! I'm so looking forward to earning my own wage, though!

Aside from busy life! Last week, I also received my prize from Tattooed Tealady, Sleeks Blush By 3 Candy Collection Blush Palette. SO lovely! She also threw in some samples, which was a kind surprise! Also on the beauty front, my second Illamasqua purchase arrived! Woo! I ordered an eyeshadow in the shade Vernau, to replace an MUA one, for my crease. I LOVE it! Naturally, I will be reviewing them - so keep your eyes peeled!

So that's my little natter for the day! I have been so preoccupied, today is my first day off, so I'm busying myself with much needed housework, laundry, etc! How exciting! Not all bad, though.. I will be squeezing in some YouTube! ;)

What have you all been upto?