Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | Worth the hype?

Not too long ago, Tesco had an offer on for Rimmel foundation, for £5. This was too much of a good deal to pass up on! Originally, I was deliberating between Wake Me Up and Match Perfect, although I seriously struggled matching myself up with the latter. They had an amazing pale shade, which is so rare to come by in high street brands, although I ummed and ahhed whether it was actually TOO pale. Something I never thought would say! Never the less, I opted for the highly raved Wake Me Up and I chose the lightest, I believe, 100 Ivory.

I generally stick with Bourjois, as their lightest shade compliments my skin tone, so it was interesting to return to an old favourite brand throughout my teens. Firstly, I must mention the shade. I, and many others on Twitter (@LuceeLoves) found the lightest shade too dark, orange and difficult to work with. I still agree, although I have found I just need to work a little more and blend away to achieve a flawless colour base, with no unblended edges! I have oily/combo skin, and this foundation is aimed to awaken your skin, giving a luminous and refreshed finish. This does entail finely milled shimmer. Not initially noticeable at all, although I found throughout the day wearing tbis, my pores appear significantly pronounced. I am in the midst of finding successful soloutions to tighten my pores, but this product just seems to highlight them. I have tried Benefit Porefessional and 17 Primer beneath it, with no avail. Again, another aspect and reason I have to work with it. However, I do find myself returning to it. It does have something special about it, that makes me believe my skin does look 'woken up'. I must say, this has generous coverage. I use a pump and a bit, which covers my face and hides redness and blemishes. I find whilst using this, I really only need concealer for under my eyes.

So, is this really worth the hype? If you're prepared to do a little more work to achieve the lusted luminous and refreshed look, then pop yourself down to Boots, ASAP! Now I have it, and have worn it on several occassions, I wouldn't say I would repurchase, as this isn't best suited to my skin tone or type. Although, have all #bbloggers jumped on a makeup bandwagon? What's your thoughts?

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  1. Everybody seems to be raving about this foundation, I agree! By the sounds of it we have similar skin type (very fair with pronounced poures) so this review was really helpful to me! I may have to give this product a miss! I just bought a new foundation that's pretty good and reasonably priced so if you are looking for one, and want to see what it's like before buying it, I reviewed it on my blog :-) xx


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