Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to cope with your threaded brows

Now, I am usually a girl who couldn't care less about my brows. They are fair, sparse, but have a good natural shape, so I like to just let 'em be. However, lately I have been keen on the idea of filling them in with powder, just to add definition, and to show I actually have eyebrows! Toying with the idea of a tint and shape, I spontaneously chose to pop into a walk in stall at my local shopping centre. Oh, how I wish my other half would have talked me out of it, but either way, I would have ignored is words of surprising wisdom at that time, as I entered the stall.

Greeted by a eager lady stating "eyebrows?". At that point in itself, I should have walked away. Cheerily popping myself on the seat, I explain I wish to just tidy my brows, as this is my first time.. oo-er! I lay back, without any reassurance, the lady starts to strike away at my brows, as I feel my beloved brow hairs fall down face. As for the pain; ooh. I expected threading to be a fairly gentle approach, rather than waxing. But how would I know, I had neither done before! After the threading, she swiped over a soaked cotton pad and passed me the mirror. I kindly beamed a somewhat smile, and paid.

I left the stall totally regretting my completely spontaneous decision. Not one that should be taken lightly. For the rest of my shopping trip, I was in a foul mood. My partner even took me to Urban Decay for a Naked palette, to cheer me up. (How did he even know they were by UD?!)

So, the moral of this, again, spontaneous blog post, is do not rush into making decisions. Especially if you feel they are influenced just by what others are doing. In all honesty, mine were originally lovely. I wanted to have beautifully preened brows, to make filling them in a dream. So, if anyone has came across this post, after a regretful decision of threading your brows, be rest assured they will grow back in. It's as simple as that! I now intend on making them look fuller in the mean time, until I have a little celebration as my brows sprote back in!

Have you had any brow taming mishaps?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Forget Me Not..

Just a spontaneous post today! 

It has been quite a few months since I have published any blog posts, which makes me very sad. It is such a passion of mine, but unfortunately, life and so does get in the way.
I have not long started my BA Hons Degree in Fine Art, which still does not seem real! This has naturally been taking up all my time, but rest assured, I always make time for my 'night time treat', to cuddle up and watch my latest YouTube subscriptions, as well as catching up on Bloglovin'! 

As you can imagine, through the time I haven't been blogging, I have came across lot's of new beauty favourites I have been dying to type up about, espesically my new fondness for Revlon Colourstay Foundation!

I love keeping up to date with the new trends, especially as Christmas is around the corner (eek!), I am super excited to see new festive posts come up!

I regularly update my Instagram with what's happening in my life, so please check that out - @luceeloves! I have recently posted a picture of the new Nails Inc by Kate Spade Collection! You can also catch my tweets at @luceeloves, too!

I hope to speak soon!

Love, Lucy.


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MUA Lash Boom Mascara

MUA have recently launched their latest mascara, promising volume and length. Lash Boom Mascara (MUA, £3.00) features a rather odd looking bristled wand, with a contoured end, which will allow you to catch the tiniest of lashes in the inner and outer corners, to create a fanned out effect. I found the wand tricky to use at the beginning, but that's because I am used to a particular wand at a time. My preferred wand does consist of bristles, rather than a comb or plastic bristles. Once you familiarise yourself with how the wand fits and combs through your lashes, you're away! I used the wand in the same technique as I would with a typically shaped wand and found it really did grab my lashes. The first coat initially coated my lashes, like any other mascara would. The second coat is where I was really wowed. The mascara seems to work in sync with each coat, rather than taking some of the already mascara applied away, etc. It clung to the tacky lashes, and genuinely added volume and drama.
In the shots above, I have no eye make up on, just so you can tell exactly what it is doing to my lashes. From before to after, there is a significant difference, and you can imagine what the finished lashes would look like with my completed face of makeup. I found the formula of the mascara to be just right. There is nothing more annoying than a fresh mascara, and the formula is too wet, y'know - when you have to use it a few unsatisfying times until it becomes the right consistency. MUA Lash Boom Mascara offers what you're looking for, at a fraction of the price of other high street mascaras, for £3!
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Illamasqua Electrify Lipgloss and Vernau Eyeshadow

This must be a shocking statement to make for a beauty blogger, but I have never indulged in any Illamasqua products. I adore scrolling through their Instagram feed, and I love what they stand for - but I do steer more towards high street products. As of late, Illamasqua have been holding their infamous £5, £7.50, £10, £20 sales, showcasing a huge array of products, suitable for many budgets. Of course, as my purse strings don't stretch too far, I opted for the £5 sale, which offers a selection of eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipglosses, nail polishes, false eyelashes, and more. This is a great time to check out their sale, especially if you're an Illamasqua newbie!
My first purchase, is a Lipgloss in the shade Electrify (RRP £14.50). Now, I am not a lipgloss girl. Typical statement to make, but I loathe the sticky residue, and most times, the intensely wet glossy finish. I thought I would branch out of my comfort zone and give one another try. Electrify is a light pink shade. Nothing loud or offensive, which is something that drew me to it. I know I will be able to reach for this straight away, without hesitating whether it will clash with the rest of my makeup. As Illamasqua is a high end brand, I had an inkling it wouldn't be as bad as I thought. That, it was not. I found this Sheer Lipgloss actually quite pigmented. I had planned to purchase a pink lipstick to wear beneath the gloss, although I feel as though the pigment in the gloss is enough to add something extra to the face and finish off the look.

My second purchase, was influenced by a current product I am using. Lately, I have been using one shade from a 12 pan palette. It's a brown blending shade, which I simply apply to the crease. The only problem, is that it is running low and I hate having a full palette for one shade in use. Vernau (RRP £15.50) is described as Yellow Ochre. I myself, am not familiar with that description, but I would class it as a warm brown. That shade you use as a blending base. Of course, I am happy to report the pigmentation is amazing, which comforts me to know this will keep me going for a while. I also love the simple black packaging, perfect to fit in my makeup bag. 

What is your favourite Illamasqua product? Did you snap anything up in the sale?

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | Worth the hype?

Not too long ago, Tesco had an offer on for Rimmel foundation, for £5. This was too much of a good deal to pass up on! Originally, I was deliberating between Wake Me Up and Match Perfect, although I seriously struggled matching myself up with the latter. They had an amazing pale shade, which is so rare to come by in high street brands, although I ummed and ahhed whether it was actually TOO pale. Something I never thought would say! Never the less, I opted for the highly raved Wake Me Up and I chose the lightest, I believe, 100 Ivory.

I generally stick with Bourjois, as their lightest shade compliments my skin tone, so it was interesting to return to an old favourite brand throughout my teens. Firstly, I must mention the shade. I, and many others on Twitter (@LuceeLoves) found the lightest shade too dark, orange and difficult to work with. I still agree, although I have found I just need to work a little more and blend away to achieve a flawless colour base, with no unblended edges! I have oily/combo skin, and this foundation is aimed to awaken your skin, giving a luminous and refreshed finish. This does entail finely milled shimmer. Not initially noticeable at all, although I found throughout the day wearing tbis, my pores appear significantly pronounced. I am in the midst of finding successful soloutions to tighten my pores, but this product just seems to highlight them. I have tried Benefit Porefessional and 17 Primer beneath it, with no avail. Again, another aspect and reason I have to work with it. However, I do find myself returning to it. It does have something special about it, that makes me believe my skin does look 'woken up'. I must say, this has generous coverage. I use a pump and a bit, which covers my face and hides redness and blemishes. I find whilst using this, I really only need concealer for under my eyes.

So, is this really worth the hype? If you're prepared to do a little more work to achieve the lusted luminous and refreshed look, then pop yourself down to Boots, ASAP! Now I have it, and have worn it on several occassions, I wouldn't say I would repurchase, as this isn't best suited to my skin tone or type. Although, have all #bbloggers jumped on a makeup bandwagon? What's your thoughts?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Little Life Update..

I thought I would post a quick rambly post, just to catch up with everyone. This past week has been so busy and flustered, I haven't even had time to religiously watch my YouTube subscriptions! Last week, I was given the opportunity for a work trial at the oh so glam Poundworld. A job is a job, though! I was literally told the day before, so I had to manically buy new work clothes, arrange transport, etc. I have just finished my 5 days trial there. Everyone was lovely and it's not a bad place to work! I found that I had no time for myself, let alone housework, the other half, etc. If I do get the job, I have learnt to prioritise, as getting home at 7pm leaves me with no time for anything! Life, eh! I'm so looking forward to earning my own wage, though!

Aside from busy life! Last week, I also received my prize from Tattooed Tealady, Sleeks Blush By 3 Candy Collection Blush Palette. SO lovely! She also threw in some samples, which was a kind surprise! Also on the beauty front, my second Illamasqua purchase arrived! Woo! I ordered an eyeshadow in the shade Vernau, to replace an MUA one, for my crease. I LOVE it! Naturally, I will be reviewing them - so keep your eyes peeled!

So that's my little natter for the day! I have been so preoccupied, today is my first day off, so I'm busying myself with much needed housework, laundry, etc! How exciting! Not all bad, though.. I will be squeezing in some YouTube! ;)

What have you all been upto?

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sleek Blush By 3 Candy Collection

This summer, Sleek launched their Candy Collection, featuring three blush shades, with three finishes; cream, matte and shimmer. A lovely little selection of something different, in one handful size. What is lovely about this palette, is the three shades; they look individual worn alone, or you can layer them together, which compliment each other seamlessly.
Blush By 3 Candy Collection Sweet Cheeks (Sleek, £10.00) is the first Sleek product I have tried, and I luckily won this Limited Edition palette through Tattooed Tealady's June Giveaway! I enter so many competitions, and rarely win anything, so this was super exciting news to finally try something I entered to win! I am quite a heavy handed person when it comes to applying make up, so when I use my usual FashionistA Blush in New York (Superdrug, £4.00), I don't need to worry about applying too much, as the pigmentation is quite weak, leaving me with a subtle glow, which doubles as a highlighter, and pinched cheeks look. It was realty refreshing to experiment with different shades of blush, I normally would have been too nervous to try. I would never have dreamed of picking up a lilac toned blush, but in fact, this is my favourite of them all! Dolly Mix (centre shade) is the matte finish out of the trio, which again, is different to what I usually wear. For being an unusual shade to what I am used to, I find this compliments any eye look I go for; which is typically a contoured neutral eye and liquid liner flick. I have quite fair skin tone, so this really does pop against my skin and adds something special, when I go simple on the rest of my makeup.
The cream finish of the trio, is the shade Cupcake (left shade). Again, I found this has a warm, purple undertone, but is very bright and adds an instant pop of colour. It's been a good few years since I have used cream blushes, but the pigmentation of this blush is immense. The product picks up so easily with one swipe and gives such an impact of colour. When initially swatching, I barely touched the pan, as I didn't want to stick my mitts straight into it, and the above swatch transferred. In comparison to the other two powder shades, you can see they would work perfectly in combination with the cream, to set it and give the blush longevity. Lastly, is the shimmer of the trio; Candy Floss (right shade). This is so pretty to look at - a bright coral pink, with subtle gold flecks running through it. This shade is super pigmented, so a little will go a long way, as once it is on, it is on! For being a powder blush, this has the impact and longevity of a cream.
What is your favourite Sleek product? I am so impressed with this Blush By 3 palette, I'm really interested to see what their eyeshadows have to offer!
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BakerDays Personalised Letterbox Cake

The lovely people over at BakerDays sent me a generous tweet, offering me the opportunity to sample their cakes. Now, I am the biggest sweet tooth, so who am I to say no to free cake?! At this point, I was also very intrigued to determine how I would receive the cakes, if they would be fresh and whether they would be damaged in transport. I emailed the company, who informed me they offer an option to order a Letterbox Cake, which is exactly that. Such a cool concept, I think!

I was offered to send them any design/image I desired, so I thought it was only apt to send in my blog header. I did note in the email, that I would have had a floral border or some kind, if I had more time, so I proceeded to send my simple blog header. To my absolute surprise, the cake arrived with the most pretty and delicate floral arrangement, surrounding the border of the cake. This made me feel really passionate about the company, as they are happy to cater and meet all of your needs, and I think this is such an important aspect to a company, to create relationships, as well as a customer/company ratio.
I was initially sceptical to see how I would receive the Letterbox Cake. One morning I heard a thud, in comparison to my normal post. My cake had arrived! I opened the securely closed box, to discover a round metal tin, a little packet of balloons, candles and a gift card. This is such a thoughtful and independent touch to add, as since you are ordering an online cake, it could be no surprise that you forget to pick up those pesky candles, or missing some balloons! 

Inside the tin, is your perfect cake! On the lid of the tin is a patch of padding, to soften any blow to transportation, securing your cake. The cake is encased in a clear protective sleeve, with a strip of paper across, which enables you to remove the delicate cake, successfully. I thought all of these touches were so lovely.
The cake itself is delicious, need I say more? I received the Carrot cake, although they do offer many flavours, including Sponge, Fruit, Belgian Chocolate Chip and also Gluten and Wheat Free cakes. I have actually only recently got into carrot cake, which is good timing! For anyone interested or wondering, I found the carrot cake subtle and delicate, and nothing to overpowering for it's size. This Letterbox Cake is suitable for around 3-4 portions, which is perfect for a little get together with family and friends, or a surprise to your loved one. I really do love the aspect of being able to order a cake online, with any flavour and design, and the complete comfort of knowing it will arrive at the recipients successfully, whether they are home or not. I can just imagine anyone's face lighting up as soon as they set their eyes on this beauty!

Letterbox Cake's retail at £14.99, and you receive all of the named above, including the 5 inch cake of your choice.

Have you tried a BakerDays cake before?
Love, Lucy. x

Friday, 12 July 2013

Face Mask Friday | Montagne Jeunesse Prickly Pear Peel Off

I'm particularly partial to a face mask, actually, quite recently I have been sporting one every few days, to help clear up my skin. The latest one I have been trying, is good 'ol Mudd mask. I find this great to (I'm sorry), drag out all the impurities and gunk from my face. Repetition can get a little boring, so to mix it up, I chose this Montagne Jeunesse Prickly Pear Peel Off (RRP £1-£1.29) out from my stash. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with peel offs. I think they're a great idea, but they can be a little misleading and messy. I'm the time of gal that likes to have a soak, face mask and rinse in one go. Whereas with a peel off, you need a non steamy atmosphere to let it really set.

Montagne Jeunesse have rarely let me down with any of their products. I have always been a fan, as much as I did when my Mam introduced me to them, when I was a teen. I am particularly in love with their dual face masks, with the added sachet of moisturiser. I think they are a great concept. If my skin is feeling a little down in the dumps, I will instantly reach for MJ face mask. Back to the Prickly Pear - What a strange name, is this an actual fruit? You tell me! This has the legendary gorgeously fruity scent, that no one can turn their nose up at. On the peeling side of things, I applied mine before my face, so I could remove the residue then. Once applied, I gave it 1-15 minutes whilst I pottered about (alternatively, you could relax!). I always find that the perimeter of my face never sets as well as well as around my nose and cheeks. Anyone else? Nevertheless, once it has set as much as it can, it peels away fairly easily. I have a strange and satisfying love for removing this plasticy material that has transformed from the once jelly like consistency, form out of the packet. I really feel like these pull out the nasties, but do leave a residue, which I go back and cleanse away. 

I will always return to Montange Juenesse for face masks. Always have and always will. They are hugely recognised for their difficult to pronounce name, eye catching packaging and promising product.

Do you have a favourite face mask? Do tell!

Love Lucy. x

Monday, 8 July 2013

My Summer Favourites!

I must start this post by asking how everyone's summer has been? I think throughout the country, everyone has been welcomed by some gorgeous sun! I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you all about a few of my summer favourites! This weekend, I have spent with the other half, a lovely friend, and some newly met friends! A bit more exciting than my usual boring weekends. I dined at a gorgeous restaurant, where I tried something new, as we were in the presence of people who were familiar with the food. I can't remember any of the names, although I know the starter consisted of Olives, Salami, Bread, Goats Cheese. Safe to say I won't reorder, although it was nice to try something new and out of our comfort zone! Other than that, I have enjoyed a wander through the park and visited my new favourite place - Pets Corner, where you can freely pet Goats, Pigs, and see some birds. Lots of fun!
Anyway, enough of my chit chat! As the sun has definitely made an appearance - round of applause - I am super anti burn/tan. I mean, that's half true and half a lie! Let me explain.. I am a sucker for lathering on sun protection. I really do want to protect my skin, and I do enjoy embracing my paler self. For the past few years now, I have been devoted to Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect+ SPF 50. I don't feel particularly educated on SPF's to be honest, I don't think it's regularly established enough, although I knew that the higher the factor, the better the protection, so I opted for full on factor 50. This is a clear spray, non sticky. This has never let me down, it's incredible. I apply it before I leave the house, and pop it in my bag for top ups, although I have just applied it once in the morning, and I still came home burn free! This bottle has also lasted me ages - perfect for families!
PS. At the moment Boots are offering half price on selected Garnier Ambre Solaire sun protection and aftersun.
Now, for the counterpart of that ramble! As much as sun protection is so important, I do feel like I look healthier and feel better within myself with a bit of a glow. This is where Garnier SummerBody comes in! I have mentioned this before on the blog, and every other BBlogger is in love with it, but it's the perfect combo of moisturiser and self tanner. As you apply it daily, the tan builds up to a warm, sunkissed glow. I often apply this three days in a row, and I'm happy with that, but it really does give you a natural colour, especially if you're as pale as me, it does not go orange!
My nails have been LOVING Essie's Action! I have a bright orange Essie already, although I thought I would add another to the collection. In the bottle, this does look like a pale, muted bright orange, although on the nails is a different story! Now, this does take three, tacky for hours coats, but the end result is so worth it. It's almost hitting a neon orange, which I am all over! Next time, I may try a coat of white polish, then a coat of this, to speed up drying time!
On the note of orange, my lips have been loving Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti! This is a gorgeous orange, a wearable on at that. I am usually so not one to brave a bright lip colour, but there is something special about this one. The formula is so moisturising, too. Perfect for summer days and evenings! And finally, to finish of my summer look, I have been adoring Paul Smith Floral perfume. It's a perfect combination of floral and sweet for summer. I have been waiting months to wear this, as it really is one of those summer scents!
So, how have you been spending the summer so far?
I would love to hear your favourites!
Love Lucy. x

Friday, 5 July 2013

Cath Kidston Inspired Nails

Okay, so I say Kath Kidston inspired, as this is such a recognised design. However, I got my influence for my nail art from the lovely Islay, who always has perfectly manicured nails! I knew I wanted to create a background of Essie's Bikini So Teeny and white stripes, but I wanted to be more adventurous for a change, and give some floral action a go. Now, I have NO nail art pens, materials, tools, etc, apart from the white nail art striper, which I used to create the white stripes. I love the pale, classic Kath Kidston background.
I had a browse through Islay's Instagram, and came across one of her latest designs. As this was a first for me to try, I wanted something simple, and easy. Once I had my background painted and dried, I poured a small amount of the chosen coloured polishes onto a piece of scrap card/paper, that I could throw away, to use as a palette. I then used a bobby pin as my 'tool'. The glued ends of the pin act as a ball, that will grab the polish, to create a perfect circle. I dotted three circles of Models Own Raspberry Crush close together, to create a three bumped circle? I don't know how to describe the shape, ha! Anyway, I repeated the same process on top, although this time, smaller circles to leave an edge, to let the darker pink peek through. I used Essie's Off the Shoulder which acts as a highlight to make your flower have more dimension. To make the flowers look more realistic, I used Essie's Mojito Madness for the petals, with Barry M's Lime Green as a highlight!
I'm am totally obsessed and in love with this design! It looks so detailed and pretty, but it's actually so simple to recreate, you don't even need anything special - just what you already have!
Love Lucy. X

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Satchel Obsession | Steve Madden & Primark

  Firstly, I must point out. Bags are my weakness, my thing. You know how everyone has a favourite item, clothes, shoes, makeup.. Well, mine has always been bags. My preferred choice is River Island. For years now, I always treat myself or I am gifted a RI handbag. They tick all the boxes for me, especially black and studs - yes please! I do intend on treating myself to a new one for my birthday, but for the time being, I really did need a new bag.
Lately, I have been seeing satchels left, right and centre! I adore the look of The Cambridge Satchel Company's bags, they are to die for, and they cater for every need, with different styles, materials, etc. I need one! Another company that I hear about is Zatchels, which I believe held a huge clearance a little while back, which I missed. #sob. Anyway, as my purse string will not stretch that far, I opted for good 'ol Primark. Well, firstly I must say I did not purchase this tan satchel, nor did I even choose it. My other half surprised me with it, as I have been umming and aaahing over whether to buy a black satchel, or a small black bag, which consisted of carved detailing and small studs, which The Persian Babe regularly raves and features on her YouTube channel!
The Primark tan satchel retails for £9, I believe, and not on a bad note, the quality does reflect the price tag. Bearing that in mind, you are a purchasing the latest trends for a fraction of the price, so I think it's a great bargain for what it is. The material is slightly plasticy, although you can't really complain. As I have worn mine, the bag has become more soft and manuable in the strap, which has been great. The satchel is framed lovely, and has maintained it's shape, ones I have filled it up. I am really happy I have been surprised with this, as the colour goes with everything - I have too much black! I think this is a great starting piece to a collection, and if you really do fall in love with the satchel design, you can purchase another in different colours!
As I initially had my eye on the smaller black bag with the intricate detailing, before I headed to Primark, I popped into good old TK Maxx - many bargains to be had! I spotted this Steve Madden small studded satchel bag, which I snatched from the stand immediately! I LOVE this! The leather is so soft and you can tell the material reflects the brand. I have heard of Steve Madden, but never seen any of the products in person, so this was exciting. I picked this up for £15, from £30, although online they do retail higher, so I am super happy I got this! I plan on using this for days out when I really do not need to carry a humongous bag, or for evenings out.
I love both of these bags, and I plan on taking some OOTD's with them, so you can see them in action and a bit for clearly. I hope you enjoyed this post, as I rarely treat myself to accessories and clothes, so it's exciting to show you my finds!
Love Lucy.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin..

So, since we all know Google Reader is disappearing tomorrow #sob, we have all converted to Bloglovin, whether we wanted to or not! I'm still adjusting to the change. I personally prefer Google Reader, but it's a hard life..

Anywho, just a quick post to remind you lovely lot, that you can come follow me on Bloglovin here:

There is some really great step by steps on their homepage, to convert all of your beloved blogs to Bloglovin. How easy!

So, I hope to see you all over there!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Nude Nails

I know it's summer, and I am probably breaking all of the rules, by reviewing non-bright, summery shades, as I have been attending a lot of interviews and such lately, I though this was an opportunity to share my favourite nude polishes. I have just received a conditional offer for an apprenticeship within the NHS for Business Admin, which is very exciting. I am looking forward to the prospect of a career, within such a recognised company! One thing that gives me a boost of confidence and just finishes off a look, is to have manicured, polished nails. I think its an important touch, even if you're the only one to notice them! As much as I love my brights at the mo, I don't think they would have been particularly appropriate for a business position interview. I always opt for a nude polish, I think it looks so classic and mature. I have a few favourites, which regularly feature on my nails, post interviews!
Ciate Cookies and Cream is my newest addition to my polish collection, as I am sure it is to many other bloggers, too! This came in a set, along with the caviar, which I have yet to try, but the polish has already set the bar high! This is also my first Ciate polish, so it's been interesting trying different formulations and brushes, apart from my beloved Essie's! Cookies and Cream is a perfect name to describe.. It's a milky nude, which really just neutralises your nails, giving them a preened look. This is something I would actually recommend for weddings, or if you're not allowed to wear bold polish in the work force, although you like your nails to look done.
Models Own Nude Beige is one of my favourites. This is a warmer nude shade, but still very demure. Once I came across this shade, I was besotted. To me, this reminds me of milky milk chocolate. This is a bit more noticeable than the previous polish, although it instantly gives your nails a look that you would expect from the salon. I have had many compliments of this shade, as it is a signature nude. I only have two Models Own polishes, although I do highly rate them, especially for £5 each!
Essie Neo Whimsical has recently featured in my Discounted Essie Collection. It has to be one of my favourite polish at the moment, whether I am attending interviews or not. This regularly features on my nails, and everyone loves it when they see it. In the bottle, it is an unusual shade, which is why I picked it up. I don't own anything remotely similar. It is a nude in my eyes. Although, it has a soft pink/lilac hue. Only in particular lighting, or on whoever is looking at it. I reach for this in a heartbeat!
Barry M Mushroom This is an old, old favourite of mine. I used to be obsessed with Barry M polishes. They have an extensive range of colours and textures, at an affordable price. Mushroom is the darkest nude tone of the lot, a dark milk chocolate shade. This was my first favourite nude, before I discovered Models Own Nude Beige, and so on.  Barry M polishes apply so thickly, so one coat does the job, and they wear great. Again, the finish on this polish looks like you've walked straight out of a salon!
So, these have been my latest favourite nude nail polishes, especially for interviews. I always feel the most elegant and grown up with a classic nude lacquer applied to my nails!
PS. Wish my luck for the apprenticeship!
What is your favourite nude polish?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

SXUC Bruno White Sunglasses

Since trialling contact lenses, after wearing glasses since I was young, I finally took the opportunity to try some sunglasses, and feel like everyone else in the summer! Today, I have to show you some gorgeous sunglasses, which have a unique twist on Ray Ban Wayfarer's, at a fraction of the price.
The Sunglasses Shop are an online store, who is the largest in the UK. They aim to deliver top quality products, at affordable prices, which is great to keep up to date with trends. The Sunglasses Shop also stock a range of Designer and Luxury glasses, such as Ray Ban's, Gucci, Prada, Dior and more. Another great and convenient feature their services cater for, is spectacle wearers. You can order Prescription Lenses on a wide range of frames, which is a great option and change from the usual prescription frames.
The model of sunglasses I have, are the SXUC Bruno Sunglasses in White. They consist of hard wearing plastic frame, white on the top rim, along with the legs of the glasses. The bottom of the frame is a clear plastic, which I think looks so cool and individual. Out of the many models, colours and frames, these caught my eye the most, as I haven't seen any similar before. I originally was torn between the black frame and the white, but I found as I have blonde hair, and I am fairly fair, the white would compliment me better, especially in the summer! I think this frame would also look beautiful against a tan, which would make them really pop and stand out!
These frames also block UVA and UVB rays, and offer UV400 protection, UV protection upto 100%.

These sunglasses came within a few days of ordering and arrived very securely within a cardboard box, and then wrapped within a plastic bag. This is a great feature to their products, as you're safe in the knowledge that your purchase will arrive safely. One thing to note about these sunglasses, is that they do not come with a glasses case, although as the sunglasses are an affordable £20.00, for such a statement frame, you can't really complain. I have found the frames to be very durable and strong, which many affordable sunglasses snap easily.

SXUC offer a range of different styles, such as a classic aviator, sporting sunglasses, full frames and more, starting at £10. There is bound to be a frame or two that will suit everyone, at such an affordable price.

What is your favourite style of sunglasses?



Bleached Denim & Neon Pink Converse | OFFICE SALE!

Just a quick update to let you know OFFICE is currently holding some massive sales on their shoes and trainers, from Jeffrey Campbell's, Vans, Converse, Blazers, Fred Perry and more! You can catch the sales in store, or you can guarantee whether they have your size, by ordering online.
I have been desperate for a pair on Converse lately, especially for the summer. I spotted these amazing Bleached Denim and Neon Pink Converse online, and luckily caught my size in store! They look gorgeous, especially with the neon pink running through the sole of the shoe! If you are an even bigger lover of all things bright, they also include some neon pink laces. I purchased mine for £30, from £52.99, which I am so happy with!
If you pick anything up in their sale, let me know what you got or tag me on Instagram - @LuceeLoves! :)


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Discounted Essie Nail Polish Collection

I have been a huge lover of Essie polishes for a while now. Everything I look for in a polish, Essie caters for. Now, I myself, can't justify paying £7+ for a nail polish. My purse strings wouldn't let me, unfortunately. However, I have luckily came across some local stalls that will feed me my addiction, at a fraction of the price. A mere £1.99! I know many online retailers sell discounted Essie polishes, which are only discounted as they are out of season! They include Fragrance Direct and Xtras. I am so impatient when it comes to any online shopping, so I am super grateful I can get many of the shades of these sites, in my hand the same day. There has been a few shades I am not particularly keen on, but for the price of an Essie nail polish, I really cannot say no.
I have so far accumulated 9 shades, which I was quite surprised about. I really would like a lovely nail polish rack to display these in, as I have started to expand my little collection! Some things I would like to point out, is each polish has it's pros and cons, which I will review. There is one shade I have yet to try, and I think I am going to pair it with L'Oreal's Confetti Top Coat, to break the colour up a bit. I also own one polish, with which I believe is their older brush. The rest have the signature flat, rounded brush. So, onto the shades!

Sugar Daddy
This is the very first Essie polish I ever bought. I was so excited to find an Essie polish, I didn't even care of the shade! Sugar Daddy is a very sheer pink shade. Ideal to use as a French manicure, or if your nails need to look polished, but you aren't a fan of colour. This does take up to 3-4 thin coats to have an opaque result, although if that's what you're looking for, I would suggest seeking another formula out of their range, with a similar colour.
Neo Whimsical
Now, without a doubt, this is my favourite all time shade. I have actually worn this numerous times, and had lovely compliments on it. I rarely reapply the same shade so soon after wearing it, but I adore this. In the bottle, it looks like a very muted nude. Almost a white with a touch of nude. On your nails, it transforms into something else. It's almost a muted pink, lavender in certain lights. A very difficult shade to describe, although I love to wear this for a professional look, something demure. The formulation is lovely to work with. Two thin coats and you're good to go.
We're In It Together
This is a shade I knew I didn't really need, but I had all the other shades in stock, and I was craving a new one. This is a light pink, with a pearlescent finish, with blues and purples running through it. As beautiful as it looks in the bottle, this does not transfer onto the nails very well. This requires 2-3 thin coats for an opaque finish.
Off The Shoulder
This has to be my second favourite and first favourite for summer colour! It's a gorgeous girly pink, with no shimmer. I have worn this a few times and I am in love with every application. The formulation of this one is thicker than the rest, so you can get away with one good coat, or again 2 thin coats.
Bikini So Teeny
It wasn't until after I purchased this, I seen online swatches as it floated around my blog reader. This is a light blue/lilac in certain lights, with the finely milled shimmer running through, in silver. However on me, this shimmer does not transfer, which I don't really find as the shade is so pretty, soft and pastel like. This polishes formulation is similar to the one above.
Navigate Her
I believe this is another one of the first ones I picked up, and not my favourite. I was obsessed with the fact I could get Essie, so I wanted every shade the stall had available. This is a pale green. An odd shade at that. I have worn it possibly twice. Application wise, this is the poor of the lot, in my opinion, It's a very thin formula, although does apply opaque with one application. It's one of those that shows your ridges in your nails, if you haven't used a filler prior.
Mojito Madness
I have yet to try this one. I have had it for a few months now. I'm not particularly keen on the shade in the bottle, however, I have seen swatches online, and it doesn't look terrible. This is a good colour to have if you like nail art. This is the shade I believe I will air with the confetti top coat, to give it some dimension. It does look perfect for summer, though!
Orange, It's Obvious
At the time of purchasing this, the stall hadn't restocked in a while, and they had this shade and some I already owned, available. I thought I may as well pick it up and I might be able to find a use for it. In the bottle, it is super orange, like neon orange. This is what scared me slightly. However, with the little burst of summer we had, I broke it out. It's not actually that bright on the nail, so it's bright and wearable for summer. I imagine with a white base, this would really pop!
Very Structured
Finally, my least favourite. A poor one to end the post on. This was one of the first I purchased, around last autumn. The shade seemed appropriate. It's like a burnt orange/brown shade? Again, difficult to describe. I don' believe this is the most flattering shade, and probably only suitable for autumn or nail art. I have the old brush in this polish, which is just a straight and thin brush. I struggle to create a neat finish, as the newer brushes have a flat, rounder brush, which makes it perfect to curve around the cuticles.
So, that is my lengthy blog post on my current Essie collection. I do love some of their current summer shades. With my experience with their discontinued polishes, if the shade is perfect for me and the formulation is what I like, I probably would purchase one full price, as I do reach for these every time I paint my nails. We shall see!
At the moment, Fragrance Direct are selling a few of the shades I have reviewed here (link).
If you're interested in seeing swatches, let me know. You can also check out my Instagram: @LuceeLoves, as I swatch on their as soon as I have painted my nails!
What is your favourite Essie shade?
Lucee Loves.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Maxi Maxi Maxi

If you are following me on Instagram (@LuceeLoves - Come say hi!), I have been on a stressful hunt for a maxi dress/skirt. I hate the thought of wearing black tights in the summer and I can't bear to bare my legs - I have this paranoia in my head that I have overly large legs, even though curvy women can embrace theirs. Sob. Anyway, my way around this, to make me feel comfortable and confident, is to wear a breathable maxi. I can easily pull up to let the sun shine amongst them, without feeling 'too out there'!
I have mainly been eyeing up Primark. Good old Primark, eh! Firstly, I have a bottom heavy hourglass figure, so I suit skater skirts the most. I found some maxi skirts drape from my widest part of the hip, creating the illusion of a tent. Once I overcame this, I tried on a dress. I like this one shown, but it hung in all the wrong places - basically my bum.
All in all, I opted for the maxi dress and a longer roomy crop top. This gives me confidence, keeps me feeling cool and comfortable, as well as having a sneaky peek at my smallest part, my waist. I'm really happy with the final outfit choices, and this 'window shopping' gave me the opportunity to self teach how to dress myself and my figure.

This was a rambly post, but it is to prove that changing rooms are there for a reason and you don't know until you try!



Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hello, I am back!

I've had a fab night tonight, at the #bbloggers chat! I thought I would create a little post to say thank you for all the recommendations I received and a hello to the new people I have met tonight!
I have been quiet on the blogosphere lately, but I have still been madly in love with all things beauty, especially my current nails! Iam currently sporting Essie's Orange, Isn't It Obvious, with some cute and bright eBay fruits. I never do a pedi, but I wanted to wear my new sandals and wear my new L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat I won. I will do a more in depth post on that soon!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and a HUGE thank you for tonights #bbloggers chat!

Friday, 17 May 2013

A whole new world through contact lenses..

For anyone that has been following me on Twitter (come say hey: @Luceeloves!), you will be aware I have finally been trialling contact lenses. I have worn glasses since I was a young child, it's all I've ever known to see. As summer is approaching, and curiosity kicking in, I have been really interested in the concept of seeing, without the need of glasses. I visited my optician at Specsavers for a few appointment  to establish my eyesight, the health of my eyes and to order the correct prescription that I needed. Specsavers have always been a super friendly company, which I have been with for years and years.

My appointment to try my contact lenses quickly approached, and I had no idea really hat to expect. I had heard they may out them in for you (which would scare the life out of me, someone else poking me in the eye!), etc. A kind woman assisted me in the whole process, with a calm and sensitive voice - which helped me a lot, as it can be frustrating putting delicate jelly circles into your own eye. She guided me in what I needed to do. I had researched a lot before making my decision to try them, anyway, so I had an idea of how to put them in. For me, the process was fairly easy. I mean, I did drop the contact lense on to the mirror, but I got there in the end! My main problem was removing them! You have to essentially 'pinch' the contact out of your eye. I still need to master this, gracefully.

Overall, I have worn them properly, with my complete own assistance for 5 hours. They were slightly.. not uncomfortable, but I was aware they were there? As with a new prescription on my glasses, my eyes took a day or so to adjust to they new lense, so I assumed this would be the same. I am still adjusting to the whole thing, but I know in time, it will become easier to pop them in and out without really thinking. I've been enjoying the freedom of being able to wear eye make up, that can be seen, although I have been incredibly aware of how precise I have to make my make up now! I am looking forward to the summer and nights out (what nights out?!), where I can change my appearance to suit me!

Are you a first time contact lense wearer? What are your thoughts?



Monday, 13 May 2013

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I've seen this product pop up on my Blogger feed, Instagram feed and YouTube feed, so I knew it must be something I need to try - or just a newly hyped product. A few tweets later, I discovered it was on offer for £3 at Asda. Perfect price and opportunity to give it a whirl. 
I am the worst at morning skincare. To be completely honest, I just use a light moisturiser, and that's only for my makeup applications benefit! As I believe MissBudgetBeauty mentioned and made me think, it's not really ideal to apply makeup on top of the previous nights moisturiser, etc. Every morning, I literally have the time to apply makeup, dress and leave. I can't bear to wake up 10 minutes earlier, so this is an ideal product for what I am looking for. The L'Oreal Micellar Solution is advertised as a cleanser, which dissolves makeup, unclogs pores and removes impurities, whilst toning and soothing the skin. I complete agree with these statements. 

I personally won't be using this as a cleanser to remove my makeup. I'm quite content with my method of double cleansing - makeup wipe and then a deep cleaning product. I have been using this for after my cleanser, almost as a toner, to completely remove everything. I pour a little on a cotton pad - and I mean a little, I firstly practically submerged the cotton pad and found it too soaking to really be manageable to use, without pouring down myself. With a dampened cotton pad, I swipe across my face, as I would with a toner. This has a funny texture when being applied, as in the pad sounds squelchy and foamy, but it actually isn't. The residue evaporates quickly, allowing you to continue with your skin care regime. You don't need to rinse this away either, which is great to save time. I'm planning on using this in the morning, to remove left over skin care products and give my skin a clear base to begin applying my moisturiser and makeup. It's soothing to apply, quick and efficient. 

You can pick this up from Boots for £4.99