Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MUA Lash Boom Mascara

MUA have recently launched their latest mascara, promising volume and length. Lash Boom Mascara (MUA, £3.00) features a rather odd looking bristled wand, with a contoured end, which will allow you to catch the tiniest of lashes in the inner and outer corners, to create a fanned out effect. I found the wand tricky to use at the beginning, but that's because I am used to a particular wand at a time. My preferred wand does consist of bristles, rather than a comb or plastic bristles. Once you familiarise yourself with how the wand fits and combs through your lashes, you're away! I used the wand in the same technique as I would with a typically shaped wand and found it really did grab my lashes. The first coat initially coated my lashes, like any other mascara would. The second coat is where I was really wowed. The mascara seems to work in sync with each coat, rather than taking some of the already mascara applied away, etc. It clung to the tacky lashes, and genuinely added volume and drama.
In the shots above, I have no eye make up on, just so you can tell exactly what it is doing to my lashes. From before to after, there is a significant difference, and you can imagine what the finished lashes would look like with my completed face of makeup. I found the formula of the mascara to be just right. There is nothing more annoying than a fresh mascara, and the formula is too wet, y'know - when you have to use it a few unsatisfying times until it becomes the right consistency. MUA Lash Boom Mascara offers what you're looking for, at a fraction of the price of other high street mascaras, for £3!
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  1. This post was really helpful! I've been looking for a new mascara that isn't too expensive & after seeing this post, I'm definitely going to be purchasing this! I love your whole blog too! Xx

  2. You should try Max Factor false lash effect- you can have lashes like an actress. It's quite small effect- you have dirty eyelid and lashes aren't really black. I think, I won't buy this product. Sorry, but my English isn't good, but I hope, you will understand :)


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