Friday, 17 May 2013

A whole new world through contact lenses..

For anyone that has been following me on Twitter (come say hey: @Luceeloves!), you will be aware I have finally been trialling contact lenses. I have worn glasses since I was a young child, it's all I've ever known to see. As summer is approaching, and curiosity kicking in, I have been really interested in the concept of seeing, without the need of glasses. I visited my optician at Specsavers for a few appointment  to establish my eyesight, the health of my eyes and to order the correct prescription that I needed. Specsavers have always been a super friendly company, which I have been with for years and years.

My appointment to try my contact lenses quickly approached, and I had no idea really hat to expect. I had heard they may out them in for you (which would scare the life out of me, someone else poking me in the eye!), etc. A kind woman assisted me in the whole process, with a calm and sensitive voice - which helped me a lot, as it can be frustrating putting delicate jelly circles into your own eye. She guided me in what I needed to do. I had researched a lot before making my decision to try them, anyway, so I had an idea of how to put them in. For me, the process was fairly easy. I mean, I did drop the contact lense on to the mirror, but I got there in the end! My main problem was removing them! You have to essentially 'pinch' the contact out of your eye. I still need to master this, gracefully.

Overall, I have worn them properly, with my complete own assistance for 5 hours. They were slightly.. not uncomfortable, but I was aware they were there? As with a new prescription on my glasses, my eyes took a day or so to adjust to they new lense, so I assumed this would be the same. I am still adjusting to the whole thing, but I know in time, it will become easier to pop them in and out without really thinking. I've been enjoying the freedom of being able to wear eye make up, that can be seen, although I have been incredibly aware of how precise I have to make my make up now! I am looking forward to the summer and nights out (what nights out?!), where I can change my appearance to suit me!

Are you a first time contact lense wearer? What are your thoughts?



Monday, 13 May 2013

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I've seen this product pop up on my Blogger feed, Instagram feed and YouTube feed, so I knew it must be something I need to try - or just a newly hyped product. A few tweets later, I discovered it was on offer for £3 at Asda. Perfect price and opportunity to give it a whirl. 
I am the worst at morning skincare. To be completely honest, I just use a light moisturiser, and that's only for my makeup applications benefit! As I believe MissBudgetBeauty mentioned and made me think, it's not really ideal to apply makeup on top of the previous nights moisturiser, etc. Every morning, I literally have the time to apply makeup, dress and leave. I can't bear to wake up 10 minutes earlier, so this is an ideal product for what I am looking for. The L'Oreal Micellar Solution is advertised as a cleanser, which dissolves makeup, unclogs pores and removes impurities, whilst toning and soothing the skin. I complete agree with these statements. 

I personally won't be using this as a cleanser to remove my makeup. I'm quite content with my method of double cleansing - makeup wipe and then a deep cleaning product. I have been using this for after my cleanser, almost as a toner, to completely remove everything. I pour a little on a cotton pad - and I mean a little, I firstly practically submerged the cotton pad and found it too soaking to really be manageable to use, without pouring down myself. With a dampened cotton pad, I swipe across my face, as I would with a toner. This has a funny texture when being applied, as in the pad sounds squelchy and foamy, but it actually isn't. The residue evaporates quickly, allowing you to continue with your skin care regime. You don't need to rinse this away either, which is great to save time. I'm planning on using this in the morning, to remove left over skin care products and give my skin a clear base to begin applying my moisturiser and makeup. It's soothing to apply, quick and efficient. 

You can pick this up from Boots for £4.99



Sunday, 12 May 2013

AVON Supershock Gel Eyeliner

Avon is a brand that I think isn't recognised as much as it should be. Avon is a large online/representative coming to your door step known company. The negative to this type of sales approach, is it's difficult to get hold of there products easily, such as popping to Boots. If you do wish to purchase some products, you will have to pay P&P (which isn't great if you're just after one item) or sign up to request a representative to order for you and deliver them to you. Having said like all of that, when I can get their products easily, I grab hold of them!

 Today, I have to show you Avon's Supershock Gel Liner. I've heard about this so much through the Pixiwoo girls. Rightly so! I picked this up free with this months Marie Claire, which is also on offer for £2.50. Bargain! I'm not an eyeliner kohl person. I like a liquid line on the above lashline, or occasionally a pencil line for a softer look. Only on a night out (which I assure you, is a rare occasion!), I will create a smokey look and use black in my waterline. Having said this, I heard too may good things to not pick this up to own. 

 I tried this on just my lashline and it was lovely! Such an intense, black and pigmented colour. I will say, as this is a gel formula, the consistency of the pencil is incredibly soft. Literally melts on contact with your skin. Once you have become comfortable and aware of how heavy handed you're allowed to be, it's perfect to create a line, without liquid. The pencil is so delicate, you could also use a brush to apply this product, for a more precise finish, or as a base, for an intense smokey eye. This does give you time to play around annld manipulate the product, to blend, etc, before setting. Once set, this will last you, especially in your waterline! 

I'm so happy with this eyeliner. Next time I want a dramatic look, this is most certainly something I will grab first! Another Avon product I repurchase, is their face powder. It's so finally milled and lasts forever. Avon products may jot be easily accessible, but they are worth it! 

You can purchase this online here (link). Currently on offer for £3!

 Have you tried this? What is your favourite Avon product? 



Saturday, 11 May 2013

NIVEA Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream

Lately, I've been having one of those unfortunate times, of running out of all of my products. Sob. I popped to my local Asda, as I knew some deals were on - possibly a little L'Oreal Micellar Solution - post to come!
My combo skin has been all over, and been unusually dry recently, which called for a revamp of my skincare. I had been using Liz Earle's Light Moisturiser, as my skin had been playing up, and I didn't want to put on anything too heavy and full of unnecessary ingredients to disturb my skin more. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream is enriched with Vitamin E and suitable for primarily Normal to Combination skin. This also supports the skins regenerating process during the night, which is exactly what my skin was looking for, to rebalance oils and repair my skin. The Lotus Extract also supports your skins moisture balance. 
 I believe this is a good all rounder basic night cream. Especially for skin that is slightly suffering, it is very calming, has a non offensive scent and is very good on your bank balance! I don't like to confuse my skin with various products, so this is a perfect balance of being gentle and doing the job.

You can pick this up from Boots for £4.35.
ASDA also have an offer on for £2.00!

Have you tried this before?



Thursday, 9 May 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

I'm very late on the bandwagon, but I have wanted to try a Revlon Lip Butter for some time, I just never thought to pick one up! After a recent burst of sun over the past couple of days, I decided to go wild and take advantage of Superdrugs offer.

I am obsessed with orange. If I could get away with sporting a Paramore-esque orange and pink hair do, I would! I rarely wear any lip colours. I suppose I lack yhe confidence to wear it down the street, never mind in town. But, I have always wanted to try a wearable orange lipstick. Please welcome Tutti Frutti!
As you all know, Revlon Lip Butters are a comfortable lip colour. Pigmented and moisturising. Once the initial 'gloss' has worn off, you are left with a visibly muted colour of the original shade. Of course, you can reapply to create more of a sheen. One thing I do love, especially for someone who doesn't wear colour alot, is this can be worn with one sheer swipe, or builded up to an intense colour, the same as in the bullet.

The packaging is also worth a brief mention. After reading many reviews to gain an idea of what the shade would be like before searching away, I had read someone mentioned the packaging was difficult to open and close, as in the lid of the product takes up the entire packaging, with an edge to grip onto, to remove the lid.
Not something everyone will be bothered about, but I found it to be a relatable subject. Another aspect I love about the packaging, is the coloured lids that match the product shade. Also, they have a little clear window at the top, which allows you to store your products the right way up, so you can see the shade correctly, rather than rooting around, reading shade names.

I'm really happy with these Revlon Lip Butters, and I would love an everyday, my lips but better shade! I like the look of Pink Lemonade! Recommendations?
You can pick these up from Boots for £7.99.

What is your favourite shade?



Monday, 6 May 2013

MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow

I am a huge fan of MUA. Alas, some of their products can be hit or miss, a lot of them are great high street dupes for the real deal. MUA is a perfect brand for teens starting to experiment with the prospect of makeup, at an affordable price, for something that is good quality and in trend with high end makeup. One of their products I genuinely use everyday, is their eyeshadow palettes. The Undressed, to be exact. As much as I would love the original UD Naked Palette, this is a great alternative.
Today, I have to show you MUA's latest set of trios. These consist of three domed, baked, marbled eyeshadows, in a little pot, ideal for travelling, small makeup bags, or if you don't have a great deal of storage space for your cosmetics. I do have to start with the facr that they are beautiful to look at. The similar shades run through each other, even after a few swipes of the product, the marble still runs through, rather than just a layer of prettiness.
The first I have to show you is Legendary. This is a gorgeous little palette for everyday wear. They include golden, shimmery shades, which are perfect for a wash of colour over rhe like lid. All of the shades compliment eachother well, so it's something you can easily just use on it's own for shadow. They are also packed with pigmentation. For only £3, it's such a great product to own, and in great timing for the summer evening's!
The second one I have to show you, is in the shade Theatrics. This is a little alternative to the previous one, as not all the colours could compliment eachother as easily. This one is best suited for night time, as they are very dark and dusky. Again, pigmentation is great, but all the shades are very shimmery.
Both of these palettes are available online, or at Superdrug for £3 each.
Have you tried eaother the of these?
What is your favourite MUA product?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub and Sugar Crush Scrub

As we all know, Boots had its good old 3 for 3 offer on, that is really too good to pass up on. After some gentle winging about not having any girly products to use (we have a rack of every Lynx shower gel going), the other half decided to treat me to some S&G products - how lovely is he! I knew I wanted a scrub and shower wash, although I hadn't visited their stand in so long, I didn't even know what they had!
I repurchased the Clean On Me Shower Gel. I love how massive the bottle is. This sits in the corner of my tub, ready to be pumped into my poofy thing - y'know.. no?

I also chose The Breakfast Scrub. I had heard some lovely reviews - and rightly so! This smells like syrup and pancakes and all things sweet and delicious. If you don't have a sweet tooth or a liking for anything syrupy, this one won't be for you, although the consistency of the scrub is very thick and holds itself together. Great for if you're wanting an all over exfoliation before tanning, etc. This is named as an exfoliator, rather than a scrub. I normally would have classed them as the same, although you can definitely compare the difference between the two.
Sugar Crush is labelled as body scrub. This is more loose in formulation, compared to The Breakfast Scrub, perfect for everyday/two day scrubbing. Its more finely milled and has more of a liquid consistency, so you don't need much water to dilute the product, again, in comparison to the previous one. On to the scent! This was touch and go to me picking this up. I know the whole citrus scent is S&G latest venture, but I can't say if I am a fan! This is made up of smashed brown sugar (sounds so good) and sweet lime. A weird concoction, I say! I am still on the fence, but I would imagine this would be lovely and awakening to use on the mornings!
Out of the two, I think I do prefer The Breakfast Scrub, only because I do prefer sweet, sickly scents. I really like the density in both scrubs, allowing me to alternate the use of both, from day to day.
The Breakfast Scrub - £9.50.
Sugar Crush Scrub - £8.00.
Have you tried either?
What is your favourite Soap and Glory product?

Friday, 3 May 2013

Real Techniques Stipple and Powder Brush

I have always ummed and ahhed about picking up some Real Techniques Brushes. Not that I thought they weren't worth the money, etc, but because I have always relied on my trusty other brushes, that have kept me well over the years - not to say that are not well loved!

Boots recently had a 3 for 2 offer on, which we all know is increasingly difficult to avoid. I knew I wanted a Powder Brush, as my old and battered Cosmopolitan one really had seen better days, needed trading in. I also had been debating between the Buffing Brush and the Stipple Brush. I opted for the latter. For two reasons I chose this: 1. I couldn't genuinely see myself using the 3 other brushes that were included in then set, and 2. I am used to using a Stipple Brush by e.l.f. so I have the technique down to a T. I thought to myself, by using a denser brush like the Buffing one, I will use way more product than I am used to. However, I have been contemplating purchasing the Expert Face Brush as a replacement of the Buffing Brush..
Okay, with all of that out of the way, I will share my though on both brushes! The Powder Brush is packed full of bristles. Way more than I am used to! I use my brush with Avons Pressed Powder and find they have paired perfectly! The talkon bristles pick up a finely milled amount of product and evenly distribute across the face, within seconds. As the brush is so fluffy and large, you a few sweeps across the face and your shine free. The shape of the brush also lends well to your hand and as the end of the handle is solid and round, you cab store them standing up, if that is your preference.
Moving onto the Stipple Brush. I do have mixed feelings towards this one. I really wish I didn't. Firstly, I am used to a foundation brush with longer bristles, which allowed me to stipple and brush the product onto my face. With the Stipple Brush, they are very short and dense bristles, with not a whole lotta room to blend and manipulate the bristles. Then again, it IS named the Stipple Brush! For doing just that - stippling, once I have applied my foundation, it does take more work to blend, etc. I have found I need to distribute the foundation over my face, and once the brush is more dry and has less product on, I can then and only then blend, otherwise I would need one brush to apply and another to blend. Annoying. Another side note is that the bristles have unfortunately shed on me a few times. Only 1 or 2 at a time, but I thought it was worth noting down!

When I took these photographs of the brushes, I had given them a quick spot clean, as they had been used twice since they were deep cleansed and I forgot to take photos straight away! Another thing possibly worth mentioning is I found it tricky to clean the Stipple Brush. The outer bristles were fine, it was just the centre ones that were still orange tinged from the foundation. I'm putting this down to the bristles being so densely packed, that you do really need to give this a good scrub.
I know every beauty obsessive will have read reviews on these brushes several times already, but I hope mine helped some others! They are lovely brushes, for a very affordable price. Ideal for beginners and of course, beauty lovers!

Stipple Brush £11.99 (link)
Powder Brush £12.99 (link)