Sunday, 5 May 2013

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub and Sugar Crush Scrub

As we all know, Boots had its good old 3 for 3 offer on, that is really too good to pass up on. After some gentle winging about not having any girly products to use (we have a rack of every Lynx shower gel going), the other half decided to treat me to some S&G products - how lovely is he! I knew I wanted a scrub and shower wash, although I hadn't visited their stand in so long, I didn't even know what they had!
I repurchased the Clean On Me Shower Gel. I love how massive the bottle is. This sits in the corner of my tub, ready to be pumped into my poofy thing - y'know.. no?

I also chose The Breakfast Scrub. I had heard some lovely reviews - and rightly so! This smells like syrup and pancakes and all things sweet and delicious. If you don't have a sweet tooth or a liking for anything syrupy, this one won't be for you, although the consistency of the scrub is very thick and holds itself together. Great for if you're wanting an all over exfoliation before tanning, etc. This is named as an exfoliator, rather than a scrub. I normally would have classed them as the same, although you can definitely compare the difference between the two.
Sugar Crush is labelled as body scrub. This is more loose in formulation, compared to The Breakfast Scrub, perfect for everyday/two day scrubbing. Its more finely milled and has more of a liquid consistency, so you don't need much water to dilute the product, again, in comparison to the previous one. On to the scent! This was touch and go to me picking this up. I know the whole citrus scent is S&G latest venture, but I can't say if I am a fan! This is made up of smashed brown sugar (sounds so good) and sweet lime. A weird concoction, I say! I am still on the fence, but I would imagine this would be lovely and awakening to use on the mornings!
Out of the two, I think I do prefer The Breakfast Scrub, only because I do prefer sweet, sickly scents. I really like the density in both scrubs, allowing me to alternate the use of both, from day to day.
The Breakfast Scrub - £9.50.
Sugar Crush Scrub - £8.00.
Have you tried either?
What is your favourite Soap and Glory product?


  1. I love Clean On Me it smells amazing x

  2. I've tried both of these scrubs and I love them both, can't decide which one I prefer x

    1. I'm the same! I'm leaning more towards The Breakfast Scrub one, but I love both textures! :)



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