Friday, 3 May 2013

Real Techniques Stipple and Powder Brush

I have always ummed and ahhed about picking up some Real Techniques Brushes. Not that I thought they weren't worth the money, etc, but because I have always relied on my trusty other brushes, that have kept me well over the years - not to say that are not well loved!

Boots recently had a 3 for 2 offer on, which we all know is increasingly difficult to avoid. I knew I wanted a Powder Brush, as my old and battered Cosmopolitan one really had seen better days, needed trading in. I also had been debating between the Buffing Brush and the Stipple Brush. I opted for the latter. For two reasons I chose this: 1. I couldn't genuinely see myself using the 3 other brushes that were included in then set, and 2. I am used to using a Stipple Brush by e.l.f. so I have the technique down to a T. I thought to myself, by using a denser brush like the Buffing one, I will use way more product than I am used to. However, I have been contemplating purchasing the Expert Face Brush as a replacement of the Buffing Brush..
Okay, with all of that out of the way, I will share my though on both brushes! The Powder Brush is packed full of bristles. Way more than I am used to! I use my brush with Avons Pressed Powder and find they have paired perfectly! The talkon bristles pick up a finely milled amount of product and evenly distribute across the face, within seconds. As the brush is so fluffy and large, you a few sweeps across the face and your shine free. The shape of the brush also lends well to your hand and as the end of the handle is solid and round, you cab store them standing up, if that is your preference.
Moving onto the Stipple Brush. I do have mixed feelings towards this one. I really wish I didn't. Firstly, I am used to a foundation brush with longer bristles, which allowed me to stipple and brush the product onto my face. With the Stipple Brush, they are very short and dense bristles, with not a whole lotta room to blend and manipulate the bristles. Then again, it IS named the Stipple Brush! For doing just that - stippling, once I have applied my foundation, it does take more work to blend, etc. I have found I need to distribute the foundation over my face, and once the brush is more dry and has less product on, I can then and only then blend, otherwise I would need one brush to apply and another to blend. Annoying. Another side note is that the bristles have unfortunately shed on me a few times. Only 1 or 2 at a time, but I thought it was worth noting down!

When I took these photographs of the brushes, I had given them a quick spot clean, as they had been used twice since they were deep cleansed and I forgot to take photos straight away! Another thing possibly worth mentioning is I found it tricky to clean the Stipple Brush. The outer bristles were fine, it was just the centre ones that were still orange tinged from the foundation. I'm putting this down to the bristles being so densely packed, that you do really need to give this a good scrub.
I know every beauty obsessive will have read reviews on these brushes several times already, but I hope mine helped some others! They are lovely brushes, for a very affordable price. Ideal for beginners and of course, beauty lovers!

Stipple Brush £11.99 (link)
Powder Brush £12.99 (link)



  1. I love the Powder Brush! I used the Stippling Brush for the first time today for foundation, I think I prefer the buffing brush xx

  2. The Powder Brush is so nice to use! I think I would possibly have preferred the Buffing Brush or even the Expert Face Brush, but I'm still trying to work with the Stippling one! :)


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