Friday, 17 May 2013

A whole new world through contact lenses..

For anyone that has been following me on Twitter (come say hey: @Luceeloves!), you will be aware I have finally been trialling contact lenses. I have worn glasses since I was a young child, it's all I've ever known to see. As summer is approaching, and curiosity kicking in, I have been really interested in the concept of seeing, without the need of glasses. I visited my optician at Specsavers for a few appointment  to establish my eyesight, the health of my eyes and to order the correct prescription that I needed. Specsavers have always been a super friendly company, which I have been with for years and years.

My appointment to try my contact lenses quickly approached, and I had no idea really hat to expect. I had heard they may out them in for you (which would scare the life out of me, someone else poking me in the eye!), etc. A kind woman assisted me in the whole process, with a calm and sensitive voice - which helped me a lot, as it can be frustrating putting delicate jelly circles into your own eye. She guided me in what I needed to do. I had researched a lot before making my decision to try them, anyway, so I had an idea of how to put them in. For me, the process was fairly easy. I mean, I did drop the contact lense on to the mirror, but I got there in the end! My main problem was removing them! You have to essentially 'pinch' the contact out of your eye. I still need to master this, gracefully.

Overall, I have worn them properly, with my complete own assistance for 5 hours. They were slightly.. not uncomfortable, but I was aware they were there? As with a new prescription on my glasses, my eyes took a day or so to adjust to they new lense, so I assumed this would be the same. I am still adjusting to the whole thing, but I know in time, it will become easier to pop them in and out without really thinking. I've been enjoying the freedom of being able to wear eye make up, that can be seen, although I have been incredibly aware of how precise I have to make my make up now! I am looking forward to the summer and nights out (what nights out?!), where I can change my appearance to suit me!

Are you a first time contact lense wearer? What are your thoughts?




  1. I trialled contact lenses for a while but I found that they made my eyes feel too tired. I couldn't get a whole day's wear so I didn't think it seemed like a good way to spend money. Hope you get more successful results x

    1. My eyes felt similar! The first proper day I wore them, I couldn't wait to get home and get my glasses on, but I don't know if that fades with time or not..

      Thank you for your feedback, though. I hope they get better with time. :)

  2. I really hope that you continue to have success with the lenses! I've worn them since I was 14, full time since 15 and I actually forget I'm wearing them most of the time, I'm that used to them. I normally wear them for around 16 hours a day, which did take about 4months to build up to, but once you get past 8 hours you should be good to go :) x


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