Thursday, 25 October 2012

Next Beauty Event!

I was very kindly invited to attend the Next Beauty Event a few weeks ago, although sadly I was unable to attend. Gemma, who I have been in contact with, generously sent me the events photographs for me to share with you, as well as all the info of the new A/W12 Collection!

I am so excited to show you the new collection. One of the things that immediately attracted me to the products, is the price! For great quality products, this won't break the bank, allowing you to treat yourself, too! I have shown you four of each from the collection, my personal favourites. There is so much more in addition to each collection. If I added them all to this post, it wouldn't have ended!

As per usual, I have linked all of the products and info under the title!

L-R: MilanLondon, New York, Paris.
50 Hour Candle £9, Four Reed Diffuser Set £18, Eau De Parfum from £8, Body Creme £8.

Milan captures the aura of that fast-paced and furiously stylish Italian city. Top notes of melon and green apple give way to a heart of magnolia and violet and a lingering woody base. Confident yet feminine, this fragrance has a super-chic modern edge. 

London has lychee and citrus top notes, a heart of rose and peony evolving to a powdery musk and cedarwood base. This intriguingly eclectic aroma reflects the British capital’s renown for individuality and creativity.

The essence of cosmopolitan uptown New York is represented by a radiant and captivating white floral, featuring tuberose and gardenia with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed orange blossom. 

Paris, the home of haute-couture, is perfectly portrayed by an exotic floral bouquet of orchid, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orange blossom, with a base of musk and warm amber. It’s sensationally sensual and unapologetically decadent.

Just Pink Eau De Toilette 75mlJust Pink Fragranced Candle

Cashmere Collection

L-R: Eau De Parfum £12Manicure Set £6, Cashmere Essentials £6.50, Cosmetics Set £10.

Gold Collection
Womens FragranceWomens Fragrance
L-R: Eau De Toilette £12, Nail Library £10, Fragrance Gift Set £12Dazzling Gift Set £16.

Next Beauty Blogger Event

Here is just a few of the images from the event. I wish I were able to attend that evening, but I am happy to have been given the opportunity to talk about the event & inform you all on the new collections!
If you would like to see more of the images from the event, you can view them here (link).

Have you had your eye on any of the new collections?
What are your thoughts?



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Friday, 19 October 2012

Blogtober #19 | No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser

I picked this up a few weeks ago. I needed to take advantage of the 3 for 2 with my No7 Vouchers!
I had a quick browse & decided I can't really go wrong with a new cleanser, that I can use daily. As much as I love my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, I can't justify using it daily for the price!

Anyway, this product comes in the form of a pump, foaming cleanser. This is aimed at Normal/Oily skin, which is what I have. I find I can never find a good balance with my skin type, so its a never ending search. I pump one pump of product out & apply to damp skin. This massages so gently & delicately into your skin. This would be ideal for people will sensitive skin.

I like to use this on clean skin. Well, I take the majority of my make up off with a make up wipe, then continue on to this. My skin genuinely feels so fresh & clean after using this. I think as the product comes in the form of a foamed product, it melts into the tiny creases of your skin, removing all of the impurities & hidden make up on your skin.
The scent is quite mild, so not offensive. This would be lovely to use daily, morning & night, without dreading or getting sick of the scent. For 150ml & only needing one pump, this will last me a long time! Note; the image above of the product is only half a pump, so you can imagine how much you get for your money.

You can pick this up from Boots here (link) for £9.00.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?



Thursday, 18 October 2012

Blogtober #18 | Montagne Jeunesse Exotic Fruits Face Masks!

Hello! Today I'm going to quickly show you something I received this morning. This brand never fails to put a smile on my face. As a brand that I have used for years, when my Mam did, I know I will love them!

Montagne Jeunesse have released a new face mask collection, in the form of exotic fruits! So exciting! 
The new face masks include; Paw Paw Peel Off, Prickly Pear Peel Off & Dragon Fruit Sauna. They sound so delicious, no doubt they will smell good enough to eat! 

I must say, I am most excited to try the Paw Paw Peel Off, as this is aimed at pores. I don't have totally bad skin, but I do think it could do with some help. This contains Grape & Noni Juice, which are both full of antioxidants to help fight off infections. This will also help reduce the appearance of scarring & inflammation, which in theory, will banish those pores. I think this sounds so up my streets & probably many others!
I will be reviewing these three face masks more thoroughly through the next week or so. Whenever my skin needs it. I can't wait to try them & keep you all updated!

These are currently available at Boots, ASDA & for £1.29 each.
Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts?



Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blogtober #17 | No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing & Brightening Eye Base

Its Blogtober day 17! Phew! Where has this month gone already? Are you all prepared for Halloween? 
So, today I am going to quickly talk about No7 Stay Perfect Soothing & Brightening Eye Base.

I had been wanting some sort of product, for my eye shadows to cling to, making them appear their true shade, not faded! A few weeks ago, I needed to use up my £5 off vouchers, as well as taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer. I purchased some skincare, as well as this eye base.

The product comes in a white, snap closed packaging. Its quite small, so it is perfect to take travelling & won't take up any unnecessary space! The product itself is a light pink, although once blended onto your eyelids, it sheers out in colour. Really good if you don't want a actual colour on your eyes.
The product itself is really creamy, as you can probably tell from the pictures below.

This has been a lovely product to work with, to help my eye shadows appear more true to the shade in the pan. I have also found no creasing through wearing this. I don't particularly wear my eye make up ALL day, but for the 10 hours that I do, this keeps everything on my eyes, where it should be!
I've really been enjoying using this. Its so quick to swipe your finger across & apply to your lids. This retails at £7.00. You can purchase this here (link).

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blogtober #16 | 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Lilac

As I have mentioned in my previous Blogtober posts, I am in love with wearing darker shades on my nails! I am also loving applying a matte top coat, to create a more flat, less dimensioned nail look. I think this looks great on dark colours, as they are fairly flat alone, anyway! 

I decided to break out the old magnetized polishes & give them another whirl. I loved the concept of these when they were released. Everyone went crazy for them!
For anyone that reads my blog regularly, you will know how much I love nail polishes & everything to do with my nails! I don't tend to stick with trends, I just choose what I fancy applying on my nails that day, whether it is dated or not! Just me?
I found by using this top coat, you can really see the definition from the magnetized separation!
I think this is a very Autumnal look. As I own all four of their Magnetized polishes, that come in dark colours - no doubt you will see them often in the next few months!

What are your thoughts on this nail look?



Monday, 15 October 2012

Blogtober #15 | Skincare Routine

I like to think that skincare is the most important routine for myself. Having better looking, healthier skin, means I don't need to apply as much heavy make up. I love the concept of BB Creams, but sometimes they aren't enough coverage & it defies the point if I cover myself in concealer.
I will be talking through the steps of my skincare routine. Like my haircare routine, this is pretty simple & basic. I don't like to have to much to do, or I will become lazy or forget! Anyone else?

I start by removing my make up. I always use make up wipes. Always. This is just my preferred preference. I like to use a wipe to remove the majority of my make p, then using a cleanser to deep clean my skin & remove the remainder. Currently I am using No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes, which I have also recently reviewed here for Day 3 of Blogtober (link). I usually pick these up, wherever I see them or whenever they are on offer. I do like Simple's face wipes. Primark or Poundland are just as good, too.

Once I have removed my make up, I take a cleanser. I am currently using a few, but at the moment, I have been opting for my newest addition: No7 Foaming Cleanser, which is aimed at normal to oily skin. This is perfect for my oily-combination skin. I pump out some of the foamed product, massaging it into my skin. I also like to alternate with No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (Reviewed - Link) & Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (Reviewed - Link). I like to use these Hot Cloth Cleansers, if I feel I need a deeper facial clean, especially if I have been wearing more make up than usual, or I am suffering form bad skin. I have compared both Hot Cloth Cleansers here (link), for Day 6!

Once my make up is completely removed, I continue on to using Toner. My current choice, is No7 Beautifully Balanced Toner. I pump the product out onto a cotton pad, then swipe across my face, removing all traces of cleanser, product, oil, etc. This gives my skin a refreshing clean slate for the night, ready for the next step. 

I add a small amount of Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream to my eye area & gently patting around, until it is absorbed. I have a small amount of this left, so recommendations would be great!

Moisturiser. As I do have normal-oily-combination skin type, some would say skip moisturiser, as you're just adding more oil, to your face. Although once I have completed the routine above, I need to replenish the natural oils I have removed form my skin. The cleanser & toner will help balance how much oil I will produce. I am currently using Soap & Glory Knight In Shining Armour Night Cream. This comes in the form of quite a thick consistency. I apply small amounts to all over my face, as well as my neck. Prevention is better than cure & all that! 

This is the end of the night time routine. As I said earlier, nothing too exciting or difficult. This routine works quite well for me. I just change some of the products, depending on how I feel my skin is like.

The morning. I really don't use anything. I would love to remember to put on eye cream, but I think I need a separate tube for my bedside table, which is wear I drag my make up to in the morning. The rest of my products are on a separate table. I always apply a moisturiser in the morning. This helps to apply my foundation better, giving a flawless finish, as well as my skin needs moisture in the morning, after being so dried out through the night. See how I have 'combination' skin now! I like to currently use Clean & Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturiser. This is light enough to not create excess oil build up, but heavy enough to give my moisture.

That is all of my skincare routine. I don't use anything as lovely as some people, but this is what has worked for my skin. I do change around some of the products, depending if my skin is having a bad day, etc. But, overall, this is what I do every night & day! Phew!

What do you think of these routine posts?



Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blogtober #14 | Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

As soon as I hear 'free samples' I can't really say no, can I? This gives me the opportunity to try a product, before parting with my money. So, I just received my little samples, and I immediately gave them a shot that morning! I was really happy to hear they came in the shade Light, as most don't!
 As I tore away at the packet, I discovered a very dark and orange product, peeking its way out. My heart sank a little, as I really do need a light shade, for my pasty skin. Luckily, once I poured this onto the back of my hand & started buffing it in with my e.l.f Stipple Brush, the product just melted into my skin, beautifully. The colour definitely sheered out in colour, which was a huge sigh of relief to me!

I was hoping this was similar to Garniers BB Cream, as I fell in love with those samples, also!
This has a light coverage, as it is really only a perfecting cream, not a foundation. You care easily able to build this up, once the product has sunk in a bit.

I sometimes have difficulties with any dewy, radiant products, as I have combination to oily skin, which requires me to apply setting powder, which really does defy the point of the products, as I am covering up the healthy, radiant look of my skin, with a matte powder, to keep oil at bay.

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8 in 1 BB Cream creates an instant fresh-faced glow without looking all made up..
The gel based formula enhances skin with 8 benefits in 1.
  1. Creates a natural glow
  2. Compliments skin tone
  3. SPF30 UV Protection
  4. Hydrates all day
  5. Blurs imperfections
  6. Oil-free, non-greasy
  7. Looks visibly smooth
  8. Feels fresh
Overall, I do think In would like to purchase this, as it is light in weight, as well as the shade. I always feel like I am doing my skin some good when I use BB Creams!

You can pick this up at Boots for £7.99 here (link).

Have you tried this before? What are your favourite BB Creams?



Saturday, 13 October 2012

Blogtober #13 | Nails Inc. Victoria

I love this time of year. Breaking out all of my darker nail polishes. Today, I decided to pop on a Nails Inc. polish in the shade Victoria. I believe I received this free in a magazine quite some time ago.
This is one of my favourite Autumnal shades. The shade appears to be different, depending on the lighting. In the bottle, this looks like a nigh on black colour. Once applied to your nails, you can see this is a very deep oxblood shade. I have applied two coats here, to show the maximum look that can be achieved.

I have loved wearing this polish. This iss the only Nails Inc. polish I own, sadly. I have found that the formulation of this polish has been lovely to work with. For a dark colour, I assumed this would get all over my nails, however, I found this very easy to apply. No streaks.

I have also found this polish is very hardwearing. My nails usually chip quite easily, although this polish strengthened the my nails quite a bit. Even after doing dishes & household chores, this has lasted well!
I can see myself wearing this quite a bit through Autumn, as well as Winter. This colour looks lovely on mid-length nails like mine. Very elongating. What are your thoughts?

You can  purchase this here (link).



Friday, 12 October 2012

Blogtober #12 | OOTD Skull Cardigan

I recently got this new cardigan from New Look. I am obsessed with skull, so you can imagine my excitement when they have burst out onto the fashion scene. I love the overall look of this cardy. Its so big & snug, perfect for layering up, swooping a belt around, or as the focal point of a simple outfit. I have currently been pairing this with my Primark High-waisted Skinnies & my Primark Grey & Pink Skull Scarf!
I could go completely skull crazy, but I think this outfit paired together is enough! I pop on just a light pink top, or any simple tee that matches the colour scheme, not that you see much of it under all the layers!
Love your bones & love your wardrobe in this spooky skull print cardigan in a plaited knit design. Featuring contrast grey open front wit long sleeves, this is a fun & edgy way to wrap up on those unpredictable days.

This cardigan is so cosy & snuggly, perfect to just throw on, on those cold & dark days. I'm going to enjoy wearing this all Autumn & Winter! What do you think?

You can buy this online for £24.99 here (link).



Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blogtober #11 | Haircare Routine

I thought it was about time I let you all know my current haircare routine. Its nothing super special, just something quick & efficient for my hair.
I generally don't spend a great deal of time on my hair, purely because I usually have a bath at night & like to have dry hair for bed. If I'm having an early bath/lazy night, I will let my hair dry naturally.
I also have blonde, short, (once upon a time curly) wavy & fine hair. Again, nothing special!

I start by currently washing my hair at night with Pantene Light Shampoo & Conditioner. I have also reviewed this here (link). This has been a great product for me to use so far. I am already considering repurchasing a back up for when I run out! This is light, gentle & powerful enough to fully cleanse my hair of product & oil build up that has accumulated throughout the day, as well as not stripping it completely & drying it out. As I have fine hair, I find that it does get greasy quite quickly, so this is perfect for now! 
I also apply the conditioner, primarily from the ends, up to my ears, just to prevent any unnecessary product & weight at the roots. My hair needs as much volume & lack of product at the roots!
 If anyone has any recommendations for fine hair, let me know below!

Next, I like to immediately brush through my hair, so I eliminate all knots & tangles, ready to let my hair sit & naturally dry for as long as possible. Letting it dry naturally doesn't always happen, as I am quite impatient & just want to get into my PJs & chill! 
I use my trusty Denman D83 Large Paddle Brush (an amazing repurchase!), which is great to brush through large surface areas of your hair - ideal for thick hair! I believe I will always return to this brush. They stay in such good condition & are gentle on your hair. 
I have also been interested in the Tangle Teezers for brushing my wet hair. Recommend?

If I remember, I like to use Regis Design Line Get It Pressed Flat Iron Spray (which I believe is only available in Regis stores), distributing through my hair. This will help protect my hair form heat, as well as enabling a flat iron look. 
I've been interested in some alternative heat protection sprays. I hear Tresemme is good?

I nigh on always like to add some hair oil/serum to the ends of my hair, distributing the remainder up to my ears. I find this helps smooth out my hair, creating a sleeker finish, as well as caring for my hair before being blasted with heat! My preferred hair oil of choice is currently Macadamia Healing Oil, as it is light enough to not weigh down my hair. I have reviewed this here (link). I add this straight after I have brushed my hair, or after adding the heat spray above, so it soaks up into my hair & has time to do its work. This product also  reduces drying time by 40-50%. I usually apply Body Butters, etc after this, then return to my hair, to provide sufficient time.

Finally, I get onto drying my hair. I loathe this part, but it has to be done, so I can either go straight to bed or just relax without soaking hair! I use my Toni & Guy Hairdryer, which has done me incredibly well for the past few years! I blast my hair firstly, then concentrating on sections, using my brush to straight dry my hair. Sometimes I just whack the hairdryer all over my hair if I am feeling particularly lazy. Can you see a pattern forming with laziness? Oops! As I have short hair, this process is now quicker, which is a bonus!
I also find if I blowdry my hair the night before, I don't produce so much oil through my hair the next day. Could just be my observation, but letting my hair dry naturally, seems to create more oil. Hm.

If I want a sleeker finish, or if I am going out that night, I will finish my haircare routine with some straighteners - Lee Stafford Poker Straight Titanium Straighteners (Pink snakeskin print - discontinued).
 I section of my hair with clips, then straighten each section - avoiding the roots of my hair, to prevent a weighted down look. I'm also as gentle on the ends of my hair as possible, to prevent breakages.

That is really my haircare routine. Writing every step out in detail, makes my routine sound so long, strenuous & shows my true laziness! But in fact, this takes no longer than generally 10 mins. 15 if I straighten.
There is some factors I will change, depending on preference, but this is what I do every night.

I hope you enjoyed this Haircare Routine post! Let me know your thoughts & if your routine is similar!



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blogtober #10 | TOWIE Love Addict & Platinum VIP

Blogtober is flying past!
Today I shall be reviewing another scent I received a while ago, as I could not attend the launch of the products event. I have two scents to show you, both by TOWIE aka The Only Way Is Essex!
I wouldn't say I am a fan of TV shows merchandise & products, although it was a lovely experience to try!

First, is the Love Addict fragrance. This is packaged in purple, silver & holographic accents, with leopard print. This isn't too girly, but very feminine looking. Perfect to gift to someone, you're unsure about their tastes. I think this would look lovely sitting in someone's bedroom. Its already got a space in mine!
The bottle itself is so cute. It looks similar to the cut of a diamond, with a clear diamond shaped lid. Very girly & sophisticated looking. There is also a nice little touch of a leopard print ribbon, which delivers some glarmour! I have the 30 ml, which is the perfect size to fit your hand & spray, as well as being travel friendly.
The scent! This scent is described to have woody oriental accord opening with notes of lemon anise & raisin on a floral heart to keep the passion alive! Oo-er! 
I would describe this to be very fruity & floral, not sweet at all. This smells very fresh, light & delicate, perfect for every day where. From the packaging, I assumed this would be very dark & musky for night time use, but this I quite the opposite!

Secondly, they also surprised me with a male fragrance, which made my other half smile when I watched me open the package. The outer packaging to this is very sleek & defined, silver & black, with a quilted leather design. This looks very sophisticated.
The bottle itself is quite sleek & simple. I'm assuming this is what men look for in their own scent, or not! I know my other half likes cool designs, like Paco Robanne's Ultraviolet push button down the side of the bottle or Paul Smiths Extreme with a twist off top. Anyway, this bottle looks like a cocktail shaker or something similar to me. Its silver & subtle.
This scent is described to be a fruity oriental accord opening with bright citrus notes of lemon, ozone, mandarin, pepper & cardamom.
The scent is very musky & dark, in my opinion. I would personally say this scent is more suited for night time, as it is quite fragrant. I would agree with the notes of fruit in this, although I wouldn't say its overpowering, quite subtle.

So, that's my thoughts on TOWIE's fragrances. I wouldn't have thought to run out & puchase them myself, as I'm personally not a fan on celebrity fragrances, although these were a refreshing change to try!

You can purchase the Love Addict here (link). 
Platinum VIP here - (link)

Have you tried these fragrances? What's your favourite scent?



Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blogtober #9 | Liz Earle Skin Tonic & Light Moisturiser

The lovely people at Liz Earle sent me some products to try. I have been rapidly running out of my No7 Toner, so this was a great opportunity to try their Instant Boost Skin Tonic! I was also sent their Skin Repair Light Moisturiser, which is perfect for my combination skin.
The very kind lady that assisted me through these products, gave me the option to order a bottle or spritzer format of the Skin Tonic. I have never tried a spritzer format of toner, so I jumped to this opportunity! I also thought this would be quite similar in theory to Caudalie's infamous Beauty Elixir, as you can use this as a refreshing spray, for an instant revitalising skin boost!
I like to spray this on my face, once I have thoroughly cleansed my skin, & use a cotton pad, to remove the product. This is so refreshing, especially after a hot bath!

The Light Moisturiser comes in the format of a pump, which I am more than familiar with. Once pump gives me a sufficient amount of product for what I need. The nozzle gently distributes the product with ease & quick application.

I found the Skin Tonic has a very calming & soothing scent, almost quite similar to Lavender, in my opinion. This product contains Organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Rose-Scented Geranium, Cucumber & Natural Vitamin E. This is a lovely change to Liz Earle's herbal scented Cleanse & Polish. So, if you have been thinking about getting their line of 3 step skincare, you won't be overwhelmed with the same scent.

I found the Light Moisturiser to have a very fresh scent, which is a lovely finishing product for your skincare routine, as well as using this is the morning, makes you up gently.
This product contains Borage & Avocado Oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene & Natural Vitamin E. 
Now, of you are not familiar with ingredients, not to worry. These are all naturally active ingredients, so you are safe in the knowledge they are kind to your skin.
I have really been enjoying using these as a three step skincare routine with the Cleanse & Polish Cleanser. They are great alone, or used in conjunction with each other. Liz Earle as a brand have been wonderful to use, as well as caring for my skins needs. I would highly recommend them for if you have troublesome skin. Their products & ethos as a company, are to always keep in mind of their 'precious recipe, which is a selection of carefully chosen ingredients, to cater for your specific skin type.

All of their skincare products come in a range of different sizes & formats.
You can purchase the Instant Boost Skin Tonic here (link).
Skin Repair Light Moisturiser (link)

I have loved using these products & would love to hear your thoughts!



Monday, 8 October 2012

Blogtober #8 | Day in the life.. IKEA & more!

Second week into October! How time  has flown already!
This week, me & my other half took a trip up to IKEA for a look around & visit their restaurant. Cannot beat their infamous Meatballs! I took some photos as I went around that day & thought I would show you. Makes a change to reviews, & makes my blog a little more personal! Hope you enjoy!
 So exciting seeing the big IKEA sign, knowing what is inside! To me, its like a huge house I would love to live in. They have so many lovely pieces, from storage, accessories, furniture to food!
Of course, we could not pass up going to the restaurant. In fact, we head there first! After travelling through all of the arrows of the store. Damn short cuts being closed! 
I ordered Meatballs, with their delicious sauce, fries on the side & a chocolate dessert. I only managed to eat half of my dinner, which my other half was only happy to oblige to finish it!
 I LOVE these escalator kind of things! They are so cool! Just a giant moving path. Grateful after all the walking about! They should have these everywhere for lazy people like me! ;)
 Here we are at the end of IKEA. This is where you find the food section, as well as their own little fast food, that sells Hotdogs for as little as 60p! After the huge trek around, you cannot pass this up!
 We were really tempted to pick up some of their Meatballs & Sauce from the food section, to recreate at home. They were too tasty! 
 They even offer instant meals for the microwave! As you can tell, I get easily excited visiting here!
 This is my favourite section of the food - CHOCOLATE! I love any kind! A while ago, they used to sell little round chocolates in tube packaging, similar to Dairy Milks Chocos. The last few times we have visited here, we haven't seen any. Boo! :(
 After a look around, I decided on picking up some candles. I have been after some for a while now, ready for those toasty night inside, wrapped up. Nothing more festive & autumnal than a candle burning away!
The ones I picked up were unnamed, as far as I could tell. This is a Swedish store!
I can describe to you, what I picked up though. The one on the left is the red one, which is spicy with cinnamon  The one on the right is more sweet, with some spice. Very festive! 95p each! (link)
Lastly, we walked back through our big shopping centre, so I stopped in at Boots to pick up some No7 items, as I had a few £5 off vouchers to use before they expired. I opted for a new Base Coat, for anyone that knows me, knows I love this stuff! I wanted to try their Eye Base, too. Just for something new to try from their make up line. Finally, for skincare, I was going to try their exfoliator, but I instead chosen the Foaming Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin. Expect reviews soon! Also chucked in some cotton buds!

So, that was my day out. Nothing too special, but I really enjoyed it. Nothing I love more than spending the afternoon browsing through IKEA, dreaming of what I would love in the future, as well as their amazing storage selection. Some pieces I just HAVE to go back for!

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, I hoped it would be a bit more personal. 
Let me know what I thought!