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Blogtober #15 | Skincare Routine

I like to think that skincare is the most important routine for myself. Having better looking, healthier skin, means I don't need to apply as much heavy make up. I love the concept of BB Creams, but sometimes they aren't enough coverage & it defies the point if I cover myself in concealer.
I will be talking through the steps of my skincare routine. Like my haircare routine, this is pretty simple & basic. I don't like to have to much to do, or I will become lazy or forget! Anyone else?

I start by removing my make up. I always use make up wipes. Always. This is just my preferred preference. I like to use a wipe to remove the majority of my make p, then using a cleanser to deep clean my skin & remove the remainder. Currently I am using No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes, which I have also recently reviewed here for Day 3 of Blogtober (link). I usually pick these up, wherever I see them or whenever they are on offer. I do like Simple's face wipes. Primark or Poundland are just as good, too.

Once I have removed my make up, I take a cleanser. I am currently using a few, but at the moment, I have been opting for my newest addition: No7 Foaming Cleanser, which is aimed at normal to oily skin. This is perfect for my oily-combination skin. I pump out some of the foamed product, massaging it into my skin. I also like to alternate with No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (Reviewed - Link) & Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (Reviewed - Link). I like to use these Hot Cloth Cleansers, if I feel I need a deeper facial clean, especially if I have been wearing more make up than usual, or I am suffering form bad skin. I have compared both Hot Cloth Cleansers here (link), for Day 6!

Once my make up is completely removed, I continue on to using Toner. My current choice, is No7 Beautifully Balanced Toner. I pump the product out onto a cotton pad, then swipe across my face, removing all traces of cleanser, product, oil, etc. This gives my skin a refreshing clean slate for the night, ready for the next step. 

I add a small amount of Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream to my eye area & gently patting around, until it is absorbed. I have a small amount of this left, so recommendations would be great!

Moisturiser. As I do have normal-oily-combination skin type, some would say skip moisturiser, as you're just adding more oil, to your face. Although once I have completed the routine above, I need to replenish the natural oils I have removed form my skin. The cleanser & toner will help balance how much oil I will produce. I am currently using Soap & Glory Knight In Shining Armour Night Cream. This comes in the form of quite a thick consistency. I apply small amounts to all over my face, as well as my neck. Prevention is better than cure & all that! 

This is the end of the night time routine. As I said earlier, nothing too exciting or difficult. This routine works quite well for me. I just change some of the products, depending on how I feel my skin is like.

The morning. I really don't use anything. I would love to remember to put on eye cream, but I think I need a separate tube for my bedside table, which is wear I drag my make up to in the morning. The rest of my products are on a separate table. I always apply a moisturiser in the morning. This helps to apply my foundation better, giving a flawless finish, as well as my skin needs moisture in the morning, after being so dried out through the night. See how I have 'combination' skin now! I like to currently use Clean & Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturiser. This is light enough to not create excess oil build up, but heavy enough to give my moisture.

That is all of my skincare routine. I don't use anything as lovely as some people, but this is what has worked for my skin. I do change around some of the products, depending if my skin is having a bad day, etc. But, overall, this is what I do every night & day! Phew!

What do you think of these routine posts?



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  1. The Clinique All About Eyes Cream in Rich or normal. It is expensive at £22(ish) but it is so good at reducing puffyness and under eyes circles. <3

    Geordie Beauty Junkie xxx


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