Friday, 5 October 2012

Blogtober #5 | Current Empties #3

Its Blogtober, Day 5!
Today, I am going to be showing you my current empties. Some favourites, some average..

Imperial Leather Japanese Spa & Softly Softly Jojoba Milk & Vitamin E Shower Creams
These are pretty bog standard products to find in your bathroom. I believe I picked these up when I was food shopping, so not a lot of thought went into these. They are super creamy, especially when using them with one of those poofy scrunchy things in the shower/tub!

Radox Spa Purify Shower Cream
I found this so lovely to use, especially when I have been having bad skin days. I'm assuming as it contains clay, it seems to soothe my skin. Its lovely & refreshing. As I only have a tub, I imagine this would be amazing in the shower! Would definitely repurchase!

I was so happy to come to the end of this product, purely so I could include it in an empties post. I have that many body care/body butters, I didn't think I would manage to finish even one! This had a lovely souffle texture, very light. This was also lightly scented, I'm assuming the scent of Ted Baker products. I really enjoyed this!

Nothing special, but there is always a deodorant in empties posts! I received this in a M&S gift set from a family member, so its just been sitting around. The smell is non offensive & it does the job! Very feminine!

I usually use this to clean my make up brushes, which I have blogged a tutorial here (link). Although I randomly used this, out of curiosity for an actual bath. This feels so gently, smells so good. Perfect bubble bath before bed to unwind!

This is an absolute favourite of mine. A summery, fresh body wash. If I had morning baths/showers, this is what I would immediately pick up. SO refreshing!

I picked this up after I got my hair dyed, as well as it being on offer, I thought it was perfect timing to pick it up. I love to try colour protecting shampoos. Hoping they prolong my hair colour or keep it vibrant. I'm not sure whether this does what it says on the tin, bit it was lovely to use everyday!

I have reviewed these products already here (link). Before I even start, I would most certainly repurchase. I mean, who doesn't want their bathroom filled with the infamous pink packaging & S&G scent?!
This left my hair feeling so divine. The shampoo was quite average, good lather. The conditioner  however - this left my thin hair feeling so much thicker & manageable. So lovely!

My hair had been feeling a bit worse for wear. After using my straighteners to curl my hair, I felt as though my hair was about to snap! I heard a few Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers rave about this for replenishing hair, so I gave it a whirl. This smells so good. I left this on my hair for the whole duration of my bath. After, my hair felt so soft & smooth. I need a bottle of this in my life!

This lasted me a good few months, which is great. The product has tiny little beads, which remove the dead skin & remaining product, that my make up wipe has failed to reach. I felt this really deeply cleaned my face, as well as making my skin look a hell of a lot better! I would love another bottle of this!

Montagne Juenesse Passion Peel Off Mask
This was a lovely refreshing mask to apply. If you're the type to potter around the house throughout the day with a face mask on, this would be ideal for you! I did find this mask took some time to set, so you could fully peel it off. I would advise using a thin layer, meaning you can get a few uses out of one sachet!

Nivea Pure & Natural Night Cream
Basically what it says on the tin, a very caring night cream. I found this took a little more work to fully absorb, but I can imagine this would be perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Pure Deep Cleanse & 3-in-1 Wipes
I picked these up from Poundland I believe. If I ever pop in, I always pick up two of these for £1. Purely because they are cheap, handy & do the job. As I have said before, I do like to just use an average make up wipe to remove the majority of my make up, then use a good cleanser to remove everything else!
I have reviewed the ones I am currently using here, the No7 Quick Thinking Wipes (link).

Bits & Bobs..
Primark Cotton Pads
I picked these up when I was paying for my shopping at the tills. Always get dsitracted! I really could not get on with these. I wanted them to use to remove my nail polish, as well as using my Toner. Hopefully you can see the pads have lots of circles all over them. Once you tried to use this, it would fall apart into those pieces! So frustrating. I picked up another pack recently but checked the cotton pads to see if they were the same. Luckily, I got normal ones which have been great! Two packs for £1!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Do I even need to mention this? Every girl & her mother must have this. Its an amazing concealer, to hide blemishes & dark circles. A staple in my make up bag!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
I like to change up my foundations once they have ended, for some variety & see what's new on the market. This is a foundation I do return to. I like the coverage & the consistency for my combination skin. As its a glass bottle, when the product began to run out, I had to remove the top & use the long pump straw to remove the foundation. So much product gets left behind! Definite repurchase!

No7 So Smooth Base Coat
Sadly, my trusty base coat came to an end. This had lasted me awhile, although the very last of it dried up. I would buy this again, as it prevented nail polish staining my nails & gave a nice base to my nails. I'm on the look out for a new one? Maybe OPI Nail Envy?

LYNX Fever Shower Gel
This is a bit of a sneaky one, as its my other halfs, who owns literally all of the Lynx Shower Gels! However, this is also my favourite. I always slyly pinch some of this in the bath, especially in the morning! Its so refreshing. A very neutral scent. This is also my other halfs favourite!

Aqua Fresh & Minty Toothpaste
I added this, purely as an addition to my Empties collection. Nothing special about this, just a toothpaste! It doesn't have any special ingredients to whiten or what not, just give you clean teeth & fresh breath. I did get incredibly bored of this, so I was happy to see the end! Recommendations on any whitening teeth products?

So, that is that! A very long one! This will be probably my last Empties post for awhile, as I have successfully used up most of my products apart from all of my body butters & moisturisers, which I never seem to use up! I have some huge The Body Shop Body Butters I really want to use up, before they expire, as I have had them a while, just never used! I have barely opened them or touched them, so I am hoping they are good to use, as I would hate to throw them away!



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