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Blogtober #6 | Hot Cloth Cleanser Comparison

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, so since I am blogging everyday in October for Blogtober, this is the perfect opportunity! I will be showing you a comparison of Hot Cloth Cleansers today. This will include No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser & Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Got Cloth Cleanser.

The Packaging
Firstly, is the appearance. The No7 one has clear packaging, so you can see how much product you have remaining. I also really like the way its been constructed, to push up all the product, as you use it, so you're not loosing a drop of product! The design is very simplistic, although I must add that No7 have redesigned & reformulated all their products & packaging, so it may now look slightly different. On the reverse, they have also included some bath time reading, about the product & directions of use.

The Liz Earle comes in the form of a light blue matte packaged bottle. Very simple & classic, which will sit in your bathroom discreetly, as well as being neutrally packaged gift to someone. Liz Earle has also listed the naturally active ingredients on the front, which is great for immediately seeing what is included, for people with sensitive skin, etc. On the reverse of the bottle, there is a description of the product & its benefits, as well as directions of use, perfect for people new to Hot Cloth Cleansers.

The Pump & Application
Both products come in the form of a pump. This is a great design of he distribution of the product, so you can pimp out how much you want. Personally, I just use one pump, from either of the products. This is enough to remove the remainder of my make up & cleanse my skin. If I am having a particularly bad skin day, or I have had a lot of make up on, etc, I will use a second half or full pump. 
Both products pump to distribute a sufficient amount of product for your face, which is great, so you don't have to concentrate on how much to pump out at a time & potentially waste.

The Liz Earle pump is more small & thin, which distributes a more concentrated amount of product, as the consistency is thicker. Where as the No7's pump is more larger, as the products consistency is looser.

No7 recommends you massage the product into dry skin, in upward circular motions. Run the muslin cloth under comfortably hot water, wring out excess water & drape the cloth over your face & relax whilst the hot cloth gently opens your pores. Finalise routine by gently polishing away the product with the muslin cloth.

Liz Earle recommends to gently massage into dry skin, over eyes, face & neck. Rinse the cloth in hand-hot water, wring out & polish off the cream. Finish by splashing with cold water.

If I am feeling particularly lazy, I will opt for Liz Earle's directions with either products. If I want a deeper cleanse, I will follow No7's directions with either products.

 Formulation, Consistency & Scent
On the left, No7. On the right, Liz Earle.

Firstly, the consistency. I would say the No7 is quite thick & luxurious, quite thick cream like. I feel like this really works into my skin, if I am using this to remove my make up. Almost as if its melting it away.
This has a very neutral scent, which is very fresh & clean smelling. This is lovely to use daily, as its not an offensive scent.

The Liz Earle has quite a thick concentrated consistency, in the sense that once it is massaged into your skin, it melts into a silkier formulation. This product has a tea tree, herbal scent, which I like to use when my skin is red & irritated. I feel that this immediately calms down my skin, as well as clearing it up by the next morning.

Overall, I think these are both great products, for different reasons. I prefer to use the Liz Earle for when I have quite bad skin days. I would recommend this for anyone who suffers from acne or sensitive skin, as its very calming, soothing & contains naturally active ingredients, which is what their company strive for.

I would recommend the No7 one for everyday use, to remove your make up, remove the remains of your make up or simply to clean your face. This is also hypo-allergenic & suitable for all skin types.

This product for 100ml, retails at £12.75, or £14.25 for the starter kit, which includes 100ml pump & two muslin cloths. There is also other sizes of this product available, with or without muslin clothes.
You can purchase this online here (link).

This product for 200ml, retails at £9.95. This is a little bit more purse friendly, especially for 200ml.




  1. Great review, very informative. I've been wondering about both of these products, but in currently using Superdrugs hot cloth cleanser which I am not too fussed about (I think that's about £5) so I'd probably purchase the no7 next xo

    1. Thank you for the lovely response! It would be interesting to try Superdrugs for £5! I'm running out of the No7 one, so it would be nice to try a cheaper alternative!
      The No7 is lovely to use! Definite repurchase at some point!


  2. I've never got on with the Liz Earle version, but I'm currently working my way through another sample just to see. I really want to try the No7 one and also the Soap & Glory one sounds amazing! Lovely review, thanks :)

    Jesss xo

    1. I like to use the Liz Earle one on bad skin days. The No7 is great to use daily!
      I'd love to try the Soap & Glory one! Cannot fault any of their other products I own so far!



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