Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blogtober #10 | TOWIE Love Addict & Platinum VIP

Blogtober is flying past!
Today I shall be reviewing another scent I received a while ago, as I could not attend the launch of the products event. I have two scents to show you, both by TOWIE aka The Only Way Is Essex!
I wouldn't say I am a fan of TV shows merchandise & products, although it was a lovely experience to try!

First, is the Love Addict fragrance. This is packaged in purple, silver & holographic accents, with leopard print. This isn't too girly, but very feminine looking. Perfect to gift to someone, you're unsure about their tastes. I think this would look lovely sitting in someone's bedroom. Its already got a space in mine!
The bottle itself is so cute. It looks similar to the cut of a diamond, with a clear diamond shaped lid. Very girly & sophisticated looking. There is also a nice little touch of a leopard print ribbon, which delivers some glarmour! I have the 30 ml, which is the perfect size to fit your hand & spray, as well as being travel friendly.
The scent! This scent is described to have woody oriental accord opening with notes of lemon anise & raisin on a floral heart to keep the passion alive! Oo-er! 
I would describe this to be very fruity & floral, not sweet at all. This smells very fresh, light & delicate, perfect for every day where. From the packaging, I assumed this would be very dark & musky for night time use, but this I quite the opposite!

Secondly, they also surprised me with a male fragrance, which made my other half smile when I watched me open the package. The outer packaging to this is very sleek & defined, silver & black, with a quilted leather design. This looks very sophisticated.
The bottle itself is quite sleek & simple. I'm assuming this is what men look for in their own scent, or not! I know my other half likes cool designs, like Paco Robanne's Ultraviolet push button down the side of the bottle or Paul Smiths Extreme with a twist off top. Anyway, this bottle looks like a cocktail shaker or something similar to me. Its silver & subtle.
This scent is described to be a fruity oriental accord opening with bright citrus notes of lemon, ozone, mandarin, pepper & cardamom.
The scent is very musky & dark, in my opinion. I would personally say this scent is more suited for night time, as it is quite fragrant. I would agree with the notes of fruit in this, although I wouldn't say its overpowering, quite subtle.

So, that's my thoughts on TOWIE's fragrances. I wouldn't have thought to run out & puchase them myself, as I'm personally not a fan on celebrity fragrances, although these were a refreshing change to try!

You can purchase the Love Addict here (link). 
Platinum VIP here - (link)

Have you tried these fragrances? What's your favourite scent?



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