Saturday, 13 October 2012

Blogtober #13 | Nails Inc. Victoria

I love this time of year. Breaking out all of my darker nail polishes. Today, I decided to pop on a Nails Inc. polish in the shade Victoria. I believe I received this free in a magazine quite some time ago.
This is one of my favourite Autumnal shades. The shade appears to be different, depending on the lighting. In the bottle, this looks like a nigh on black colour. Once applied to your nails, you can see this is a very deep oxblood shade. I have applied two coats here, to show the maximum look that can be achieved.

I have loved wearing this polish. This iss the only Nails Inc. polish I own, sadly. I have found that the formulation of this polish has been lovely to work with. For a dark colour, I assumed this would get all over my nails, however, I found this very easy to apply. No streaks.

I have also found this polish is very hardwearing. My nails usually chip quite easily, although this polish strengthened the my nails quite a bit. Even after doing dishes & household chores, this has lasted well!
I can see myself wearing this quite a bit through Autumn, as well as Winter. This colour looks lovely on mid-length nails like mine. Very elongating. What are your thoughts?

You can  purchase this here (link).



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  1. I think I have this one too (from the same magazine, I assume) if you run out and want a cheaper version, a good dupe is Rimmels Black Cherry! Xo


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