Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blogtober #11 | Haircare Routine

I thought it was about time I let you all know my current haircare routine. Its nothing super special, just something quick & efficient for my hair.
I generally don't spend a great deal of time on my hair, purely because I usually have a bath at night & like to have dry hair for bed. If I'm having an early bath/lazy night, I will let my hair dry naturally.
I also have blonde, short, (once upon a time curly) wavy & fine hair. Again, nothing special!

I start by currently washing my hair at night with Pantene Light Shampoo & Conditioner. I have also reviewed this here (link). This has been a great product for me to use so far. I am already considering repurchasing a back up for when I run out! This is light, gentle & powerful enough to fully cleanse my hair of product & oil build up that has accumulated throughout the day, as well as not stripping it completely & drying it out. As I have fine hair, I find that it does get greasy quite quickly, so this is perfect for now! 
I also apply the conditioner, primarily from the ends, up to my ears, just to prevent any unnecessary product & weight at the roots. My hair needs as much volume & lack of product at the roots!
 If anyone has any recommendations for fine hair, let me know below!

Next, I like to immediately brush through my hair, so I eliminate all knots & tangles, ready to let my hair sit & naturally dry for as long as possible. Letting it dry naturally doesn't always happen, as I am quite impatient & just want to get into my PJs & chill! 
I use my trusty Denman D83 Large Paddle Brush (an amazing repurchase!), which is great to brush through large surface areas of your hair - ideal for thick hair! I believe I will always return to this brush. They stay in such good condition & are gentle on your hair. 
I have also been interested in the Tangle Teezers for brushing my wet hair. Recommend?

If I remember, I like to use Regis Design Line Get It Pressed Flat Iron Spray (which I believe is only available in Regis stores), distributing through my hair. This will help protect my hair form heat, as well as enabling a flat iron look. 
I've been interested in some alternative heat protection sprays. I hear Tresemme is good?

I nigh on always like to add some hair oil/serum to the ends of my hair, distributing the remainder up to my ears. I find this helps smooth out my hair, creating a sleeker finish, as well as caring for my hair before being blasted with heat! My preferred hair oil of choice is currently Macadamia Healing Oil, as it is light enough to not weigh down my hair. I have reviewed this here (link). I add this straight after I have brushed my hair, or after adding the heat spray above, so it soaks up into my hair & has time to do its work. This product also  reduces drying time by 40-50%. I usually apply Body Butters, etc after this, then return to my hair, to provide sufficient time.

Finally, I get onto drying my hair. I loathe this part, but it has to be done, so I can either go straight to bed or just relax without soaking hair! I use my Toni & Guy Hairdryer, which has done me incredibly well for the past few years! I blast my hair firstly, then concentrating on sections, using my brush to straight dry my hair. Sometimes I just whack the hairdryer all over my hair if I am feeling particularly lazy. Can you see a pattern forming with laziness? Oops! As I have short hair, this process is now quicker, which is a bonus!
I also find if I blowdry my hair the night before, I don't produce so much oil through my hair the next day. Could just be my observation, but letting my hair dry naturally, seems to create more oil. Hm.

If I want a sleeker finish, or if I am going out that night, I will finish my haircare routine with some straighteners - Lee Stafford Poker Straight Titanium Straighteners (Pink snakeskin print - discontinued).
 I section of my hair with clips, then straighten each section - avoiding the roots of my hair, to prevent a weighted down look. I'm also as gentle on the ends of my hair as possible, to prevent breakages.

That is really my haircare routine. Writing every step out in detail, makes my routine sound so long, strenuous & shows my true laziness! But in fact, this takes no longer than generally 10 mins. 15 if I straighten.
There is some factors I will change, depending on preference, but this is what I do every night.

I hope you enjoyed this Haircare Routine post! Let me know your thoughts & if your routine is similar!



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