Monday, 8 October 2012

Blogtober #8 | Day in the life.. IKEA & more!

Second week into October! How time  has flown already!
This week, me & my other half took a trip up to IKEA for a look around & visit their restaurant. Cannot beat their infamous Meatballs! I took some photos as I went around that day & thought I would show you. Makes a change to reviews, & makes my blog a little more personal! Hope you enjoy!
 So exciting seeing the big IKEA sign, knowing what is inside! To me, its like a huge house I would love to live in. They have so many lovely pieces, from storage, accessories, furniture to food!
Of course, we could not pass up going to the restaurant. In fact, we head there first! After travelling through all of the arrows of the store. Damn short cuts being closed! 
I ordered Meatballs, with their delicious sauce, fries on the side & a chocolate dessert. I only managed to eat half of my dinner, which my other half was only happy to oblige to finish it!
 I LOVE these escalator kind of things! They are so cool! Just a giant moving path. Grateful after all the walking about! They should have these everywhere for lazy people like me! ;)
 Here we are at the end of IKEA. This is where you find the food section, as well as their own little fast food, that sells Hotdogs for as little as 60p! After the huge trek around, you cannot pass this up!
 We were really tempted to pick up some of their Meatballs & Sauce from the food section, to recreate at home. They were too tasty! 
 They even offer instant meals for the microwave! As you can tell, I get easily excited visiting here!
 This is my favourite section of the food - CHOCOLATE! I love any kind! A while ago, they used to sell little round chocolates in tube packaging, similar to Dairy Milks Chocos. The last few times we have visited here, we haven't seen any. Boo! :(
 After a look around, I decided on picking up some candles. I have been after some for a while now, ready for those toasty night inside, wrapped up. Nothing more festive & autumnal than a candle burning away!
The ones I picked up were unnamed, as far as I could tell. This is a Swedish store!
I can describe to you, what I picked up though. The one on the left is the red one, which is spicy with cinnamon  The one on the right is more sweet, with some spice. Very festive! 95p each! (link)
Lastly, we walked back through our big shopping centre, so I stopped in at Boots to pick up some No7 items, as I had a few £5 off vouchers to use before they expired. I opted for a new Base Coat, for anyone that knows me, knows I love this stuff! I wanted to try their Eye Base, too. Just for something new to try from their make up line. Finally, for skincare, I was going to try their exfoliator, but I instead chosen the Foaming Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin. Expect reviews soon! Also chucked in some cotton buds!

So, that was my day out. Nothing too special, but I really enjoyed it. Nothing I love more than spending the afternoon browsing through IKEA, dreaming of what I would love in the future, as well as their amazing storage selection. Some pieces I just HAVE to go back for!

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, I hoped it would be a bit more personal. 
Let me know what I thought!




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