Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blogtober #4 | Homemade Pizza!

I thought it was time I posted a food related blog post, which will hopefully be first of many! I hope this will be a nice change for my lovely readers. Before I delve in, I must stress this is by no means healthy - think a heavenly treat! ;) So, without further ado..

These are the ingredient I picked up. I personally like just Cheese, Pepperoni, Salami & Chicken when I am making my own Pizza. Of course, you can add ANYTHING you like!
I started by following the instructions for Pizza Base. I just added the required amount of luke warm water in a bowl, with the Pizza Base ingredients, stir & knead.
Once I have kneaded the Pizza Base, I began to roll it, preferably into a circular shape - which I have yet to master! I added a little flour to my work surface, to prevent the dough from sticking.
I then placed the rolled out (misshaping) dough onto a greased pizza tray (I picked mine up for £1 or so from Morrisons) & mould the excess edges to create a crust, if you wish. I had a lot of edges, so I rolled them up & pinched them into place. Your dough should be fairly stretchy, to you can pull it into place.
I then spread on a liberal amount of Tomato & Garlic Puree (to your liking), as the base sauce. My other half likes to mix in BBQ Sauce. Ew! 
Then you can add your toppings. In any fashion you like! Apologies on the bad lighting. I was making two at the time. I'm surprised I managed to remember to photograph all the steps! 
Voila! This is the finished Pizza. Nothing crazy or spectacular. Just an unhealthy amount of Cheese! Oops! This is a total comfort food for us, which is quick, easy & simple. Most of these ingredients, we already have in out cupboards, so just purchase the toppings we like. I'm fully aware this is a self explanatory recipe, but I thought it would be nice to share a foody blog post, to spice things up!
I really enjoyed writing up this post! Hopefully this will encourage me to cook from scratch more!

 Do you have any favourite Homemade Pizza recipes?
What are your thoughts on home cooking posts?



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