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Blogtober #1 | Hair Oils | VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir VS Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment VS Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

I recently published a review of the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (link), where I asked if anyone was interested in seeing a comparison review of some hair oils. I have three to show you, which vary in price, formulation, texture, finished look, etc.

I have only over the past few months, started to look into products for my hair. I used to just care about giving it a good wash & let it be. Now, I like to give it some TLC, especially as I have recently been favouring my hair dryer! I like to use my hair oils, to coat the ends of my hair, then distributing the remainder up to my ears, to smooth out fly aways, frizz & all that jazz.

I have fairly fine hair, so I don't like anything too heavy, to weigh it down, more than it does already. By just applying this to my ends, I can control how the finished look, looks. Smooth & structured.

I have found that you can use these products in various of ways, in wet hair, dry hair, in other products. I will share with you the different advantages, disadvantages & my thoughts exactly!

Firstly, this is the largest quantity of product out of the three I have to show you. 50ml. This is great value for money, as with hair oils, you only need to use a small amount!
This is high in Vitamin E, rich in anti-oxidants, hydrating & deeply conditioning.
The packaging comes in the form of a clear plastic bottle, with a pipette.

The formulation of this is the weakest out of the three. Very liquidy in comparison. This is by no means a negative. As I have fine hair, this is the perfect consistency to not weight my hair down. I find with this hair oil, you will find it quite difficult to over do it. So, its great for busy bodies, to quickly apply into your hair.

The products distribution, comes in the form of a pipette. I always feel so scientific when I use this! This will allow you to easily distribute the exact amount you want, my squeezing the pipette. I personally thing this is a great idea for a hair oil, although some hair oil products are thicker than others, so the consistency of this one is great for that.
The other pro for this product, is that it isn't heavy, ideal for fine hair, or as a finishing product.

I personally haven't found any negatives for this product. I would only recommend this as a finishing product into dry hair. As the formulation is so runny, once its been distributed through wet hair, its been essesntilly watered down, loosing its benefits as a product.

Macadamia Healing
This product consists of 30ml, which is still good value for money. This is personally my favourite of the three. The packaging comes in the form of a strong glass bottle & tight screw top. This would be ideal for travelling, as its quite sturdy. This product will benefit your hair more, through UV protection, extending the life of colour treatments, reduces drying time by 40-50%, to name just a few!
This is a light weights formula, which again, you will find hard to over do, which is great for me, when I'm in a rush to get ready. The consistency again, is quite lightweight & liquidy, meaning this will not weigh down fine hair & make it greasy.

This product can be added to your other conditioning products, to create a intensive treatment, as well as can be added to colour treatments for improved absorption, resulting in a long lasting applications.
This product is the most versatile. I apply this into my wet hair, knowing it won't water down. I also like to sue this on dry hair, to smooth my hair through & define the ends of my hair.
This product is also available in three sizes, 10ml, 30ml & 125ml, as well as having other available products from the same Macadamia range, if you hair a specific hair type, etc.

The only slightly negative thing I would say about this product, is that this doesn't come in the form of a pipette. Once the screw is removed, you will be greeted with an wide opening, where you can pour out the product. This is;n;t a problem, once you're aware of how fast the product will run out if the bottle. You can always scoop it back in from your hand, if you went a bit wild!

This is the smallest quantity of product, but the most luxurious in formulation & consistency, meaning you really don't need a lot at all. This has the thickest serum like product. I like to just use this through te ends of my wet hair, as its so concentrated, I fund it weighs my hair down, when used with dry hair.
The products packaging comes in the form of a strong amber glass, to protect the oil from ultra-violet rays that could cause oxidation & degradation. This is great again, for travelling.
This is perfect for restoring your hair, to its former glory, reviving it from frizz & damage!

The glass packaging proves to feel more luxurious & 'more for your money'. This will benefit your natural hair, as well as wigs, to detangle & smooth out. Great for if you wear extensions. This is also alcohol free, which will refrain from further damage to your hair & drying it out.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend this for fine hair, as it is so thick, I just need to use a touch. On a brighter note, this also comes in a light formulation, specifically for fine hair.
Again, this product is distributed through pouring the bottle. As this is so much thicker than the other two, this won't come running out spontaneously, so your safe in the knowledge of not wasting any!
I can sometimes be to heavy handed with this, so less is more!

So, that's my review & comparison of the three. Each have their own purposes, advantages & disadvantages.
If you don't want to fork out on a pricey hair oil, I would opt for the Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir, which will do the job, for £5.19, which will give you a whopping 50ml.
If you are too heavy handed & want a good hair oil, without weighing your hair down, I would opt for the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, for £11.00. You will receive a generous 30ml.
Finally, for damaged, unruly hair, that needs major TLC, definitely the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment. for 25ml, you will be charged £12.85. This will last a long time!

I hope you enjoyed this type of comparison post! Let me know if you would like to see similar ones!



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