Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sleek Blush By 3 Candy Collection

This summer, Sleek launched their Candy Collection, featuring three blush shades, with three finishes; cream, matte and shimmer. A lovely little selection of something different, in one handful size. What is lovely about this palette, is the three shades; they look individual worn alone, or you can layer them together, which compliment each other seamlessly.
Blush By 3 Candy Collection Sweet Cheeks (Sleek, £10.00) is the first Sleek product I have tried, and I luckily won this Limited Edition palette through Tattooed Tealady's June Giveaway! I enter so many competitions, and rarely win anything, so this was super exciting news to finally try something I entered to win! I am quite a heavy handed person when it comes to applying make up, so when I use my usual FashionistA Blush in New York (Superdrug, £4.00), I don't need to worry about applying too much, as the pigmentation is quite weak, leaving me with a subtle glow, which doubles as a highlighter, and pinched cheeks look. It was realty refreshing to experiment with different shades of blush, I normally would have been too nervous to try. I would never have dreamed of picking up a lilac toned blush, but in fact, this is my favourite of them all! Dolly Mix (centre shade) is the matte finish out of the trio, which again, is different to what I usually wear. For being an unusual shade to what I am used to, I find this compliments any eye look I go for; which is typically a contoured neutral eye and liquid liner flick. I have quite fair skin tone, so this really does pop against my skin and adds something special, when I go simple on the rest of my makeup.
The cream finish of the trio, is the shade Cupcake (left shade). Again, I found this has a warm, purple undertone, but is very bright and adds an instant pop of colour. It's been a good few years since I have used cream blushes, but the pigmentation of this blush is immense. The product picks up so easily with one swipe and gives such an impact of colour. When initially swatching, I barely touched the pan, as I didn't want to stick my mitts straight into it, and the above swatch transferred. In comparison to the other two powder shades, you can see they would work perfectly in combination with the cream, to set it and give the blush longevity. Lastly, is the shimmer of the trio; Candy Floss (right shade). This is so pretty to look at - a bright coral pink, with subtle gold flecks running through it. This shade is super pigmented, so a little will go a long way, as once it is on, it is on! For being a powder blush, this has the impact and longevity of a cream.
What is your favourite Sleek product? I am so impressed with this Blush By 3 palette, I'm really interested to see what their eyeshadows have to offer!
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  1. I really want to buy this just for dolly mix. It's gorgeous. Wish it was available just as a single.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I know, right! I tried to look on their site for a single pan. As it's my most favourite and used out of the three, it would be ideal to have it on it's own! I do want to have a look and swatch at their other blushes!


  2. I'm in love with these shades!! I have yet to try and sleek products as my local superdrug doesn't stock them, next time I go into town, these are definitely on my list of things to buy!

    Jen xx



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