Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BakerDays Personalised Letterbox Cake

The lovely people over at BakerDays sent me a generous tweet, offering me the opportunity to sample their cakes. Now, I am the biggest sweet tooth, so who am I to say no to free cake?! At this point, I was also very intrigued to determine how I would receive the cakes, if they would be fresh and whether they would be damaged in transport. I emailed the company, who informed me they offer an option to order a Letterbox Cake, which is exactly that. Such a cool concept, I think!

I was offered to send them any design/image I desired, so I thought it was only apt to send in my blog header. I did note in the email, that I would have had a floral border or some kind, if I had more time, so I proceeded to send my simple blog header. To my absolute surprise, the cake arrived with the most pretty and delicate floral arrangement, surrounding the border of the cake. This made me feel really passionate about the company, as they are happy to cater and meet all of your needs, and I think this is such an important aspect to a company, to create relationships, as well as a customer/company ratio.
I was initially sceptical to see how I would receive the Letterbox Cake. One morning I heard a thud, in comparison to my normal post. My cake had arrived! I opened the securely closed box, to discover a round metal tin, a little packet of balloons, candles and a gift card. This is such a thoughtful and independent touch to add, as since you are ordering an online cake, it could be no surprise that you forget to pick up those pesky candles, or missing some balloons! 

Inside the tin, is your perfect cake! On the lid of the tin is a patch of padding, to soften any blow to transportation, securing your cake. The cake is encased in a clear protective sleeve, with a strip of paper across, which enables you to remove the delicate cake, successfully. I thought all of these touches were so lovely.
The cake itself is delicious, need I say more? I received the Carrot cake, although they do offer many flavours, including Sponge, Fruit, Belgian Chocolate Chip and also Gluten and Wheat Free cakes. I have actually only recently got into carrot cake, which is good timing! For anyone interested or wondering, I found the carrot cake subtle and delicate, and nothing to overpowering for it's size. This Letterbox Cake is suitable for around 3-4 portions, which is perfect for a little get together with family and friends, or a surprise to your loved one. I really do love the aspect of being able to order a cake online, with any flavour and design, and the complete comfort of knowing it will arrive at the recipients successfully, whether they are home or not. I can just imagine anyone's face lighting up as soon as they set their eyes on this beauty!

Letterbox Cake's retail at £14.99, and you receive all of the named above, including the 5 inch cake of your choice.

Have you tried a BakerDays cake before?
Love, Lucy. x

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