Monday, 8 July 2013

My Summer Favourites!

I must start this post by asking how everyone's summer has been? I think throughout the country, everyone has been welcomed by some gorgeous sun! I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you all about a few of my summer favourites! This weekend, I have spent with the other half, a lovely friend, and some newly met friends! A bit more exciting than my usual boring weekends. I dined at a gorgeous restaurant, where I tried something new, as we were in the presence of people who were familiar with the food. I can't remember any of the names, although I know the starter consisted of Olives, Salami, Bread, Goats Cheese. Safe to say I won't reorder, although it was nice to try something new and out of our comfort zone! Other than that, I have enjoyed a wander through the park and visited my new favourite place - Pets Corner, where you can freely pet Goats, Pigs, and see some birds. Lots of fun!
Anyway, enough of my chit chat! As the sun has definitely made an appearance - round of applause - I am super anti burn/tan. I mean, that's half true and half a lie! Let me explain.. I am a sucker for lathering on sun protection. I really do want to protect my skin, and I do enjoy embracing my paler self. For the past few years now, I have been devoted to Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect+ SPF 50. I don't feel particularly educated on SPF's to be honest, I don't think it's regularly established enough, although I knew that the higher the factor, the better the protection, so I opted for full on factor 50. This is a clear spray, non sticky. This has never let me down, it's incredible. I apply it before I leave the house, and pop it in my bag for top ups, although I have just applied it once in the morning, and I still came home burn free! This bottle has also lasted me ages - perfect for families!
PS. At the moment Boots are offering half price on selected Garnier Ambre Solaire sun protection and aftersun.
Now, for the counterpart of that ramble! As much as sun protection is so important, I do feel like I look healthier and feel better within myself with a bit of a glow. This is where Garnier SummerBody comes in! I have mentioned this before on the blog, and every other BBlogger is in love with it, but it's the perfect combo of moisturiser and self tanner. As you apply it daily, the tan builds up to a warm, sunkissed glow. I often apply this three days in a row, and I'm happy with that, but it really does give you a natural colour, especially if you're as pale as me, it does not go orange!
My nails have been LOVING Essie's Action! I have a bright orange Essie already, although I thought I would add another to the collection. In the bottle, this does look like a pale, muted bright orange, although on the nails is a different story! Now, this does take three, tacky for hours coats, but the end result is so worth it. It's almost hitting a neon orange, which I am all over! Next time, I may try a coat of white polish, then a coat of this, to speed up drying time!
On the note of orange, my lips have been loving Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti! This is a gorgeous orange, a wearable on at that. I am usually so not one to brave a bright lip colour, but there is something special about this one. The formula is so moisturising, too. Perfect for summer days and evenings! And finally, to finish of my summer look, I have been adoring Paul Smith Floral perfume. It's a perfect combination of floral and sweet for summer. I have been waiting months to wear this, as it really is one of those summer scents!
So, how have you been spending the summer so far?
I would love to hear your favourites!
Love Lucy. x


  1. I really love my Revlon Lip Butters, Tutti Frutti is a gorgeous shade. I also love Essie polishes :)

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I love the lip butters! They feel so comfortable on the lips and they're so pigmented!
      Essie polishes are my favourite! :)


  2. I love Tutti Frutti in the summer! Such a bright fun colour :)


    1. It really is! Has summer written all over it! Still really want to try some more shades! :)



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