Friday, 7 June 2013

Maxi Maxi Maxi

If you are following me on Instagram (@LuceeLoves - Come say hi!), I have been on a stressful hunt for a maxi dress/skirt. I hate the thought of wearing black tights in the summer and I can't bear to bare my legs - I have this paranoia in my head that I have overly large legs, even though curvy women can embrace theirs. Sob. Anyway, my way around this, to make me feel comfortable and confident, is to wear a breathable maxi. I can easily pull up to let the sun shine amongst them, without feeling 'too out there'!
I have mainly been eyeing up Primark. Good old Primark, eh! Firstly, I have a bottom heavy hourglass figure, so I suit skater skirts the most. I found some maxi skirts drape from my widest part of the hip, creating the illusion of a tent. Once I overcame this, I tried on a dress. I like this one shown, but it hung in all the wrong places - basically my bum.
All in all, I opted for the maxi dress and a longer roomy crop top. This gives me confidence, keeps me feeling cool and comfortable, as well as having a sneaky peek at my smallest part, my waist. I'm really happy with the final outfit choices, and this 'window shopping' gave me the opportunity to self teach how to dress myself and my figure.

This was a rambly post, but it is to prove that changing rooms are there for a reason and you don't know until you try!




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    1. Thank you! This is the skirt I opted for. It cost £10 from Primark! :)


  2. I really want a couple of maxi skirts this year. I have the same problem - I'm bigger on bottom and most just don't hang right. Or they're ridiculously long! I need to get me to a Primark! Love how you've paired it with those cropped t-shirts xx

    1. I've had such a hassle finding the right fit, and just had to try every one on! I love the combo of the maxi skirt and cropped shirt. My tummy pokes out a tiny bit, but it breaks the outfit up nicely. :)



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