Thursday, 20 June 2013

SXUC Bruno White Sunglasses

Since trialling contact lenses, after wearing glasses since I was young, I finally took the opportunity to try some sunglasses, and feel like everyone else in the summer! Today, I have to show you some gorgeous sunglasses, which have a unique twist on Ray Ban Wayfarer's, at a fraction of the price.
The Sunglasses Shop are an online store, who is the largest in the UK. They aim to deliver top quality products, at affordable prices, which is great to keep up to date with trends. The Sunglasses Shop also stock a range of Designer and Luxury glasses, such as Ray Ban's, Gucci, Prada, Dior and more. Another great and convenient feature their services cater for, is spectacle wearers. You can order Prescription Lenses on a wide range of frames, which is a great option and change from the usual prescription frames.
The model of sunglasses I have, are the SXUC Bruno Sunglasses in White. They consist of hard wearing plastic frame, white on the top rim, along with the legs of the glasses. The bottom of the frame is a clear plastic, which I think looks so cool and individual. Out of the many models, colours and frames, these caught my eye the most, as I haven't seen any similar before. I originally was torn between the black frame and the white, but I found as I have blonde hair, and I am fairly fair, the white would compliment me better, especially in the summer! I think this frame would also look beautiful against a tan, which would make them really pop and stand out!
These frames also block UVA and UVB rays, and offer UV400 protection, UV protection upto 100%.

These sunglasses came within a few days of ordering and arrived very securely within a cardboard box, and then wrapped within a plastic bag. This is a great feature to their products, as you're safe in the knowledge that your purchase will arrive safely. One thing to note about these sunglasses, is that they do not come with a glasses case, although as the sunglasses are an affordable £20.00, for such a statement frame, you can't really complain. I have found the frames to be very durable and strong, which many affordable sunglasses snap easily.

SXUC offer a range of different styles, such as a classic aviator, sporting sunglasses, full frames and more, starting at £10. There is bound to be a frame or two that will suit everyone, at such an affordable price.

What is your favourite style of sunglasses?




  1. You suit them a lot
    I have to be careful picking sunglasses as I look like a wasp a lot lol

    1. These are the first sunglasses I've tried, so it's lucky they suit me, as I haven't distinguished what do and don't suit me!

  2. love the white bits on the frame of the sunnies! looking lovely!

    Check out my new all-black outfit post on blog! :)

    1. I love how unique and different they look! Thanks for stopping by!


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