Thursday, 16 August 2012

Current Empties #2

Welcome to my second empties post! These have been collected over a few weeks, so I am quite proud of my progress of using up all my products! It may be a long one, so grab yourself a cuppa!
I ordered this quite a while ago, not really researching into it, before I decided to take the plunge & add it to my basket! Apparently, its aim is to, well.. Perfect your complexion! I personally wouldn't say it did that. I just used this as a regular setting powder, so it wouldn't go to waste, in the hope it would neutralise some of my more warmer foundations, that were a tad too dark for my pasty complexion!

I really enjoyed using this cleanser. I would use it in the tub, to remove the remainder of my make up, after using a make up wipe. I found it did slightly sting around my eyes, which made me hesitant to finish using it.
Just some samples I ordered. I found this was quite nice to use, & a lovely base for under my make up, although, as I have oily skin, this would just contribute to the oil build up throughout the day. Boo!
I decided to take the 14 day challenge, although I just couldn't complete it, with 2 sachets remaining! For a while, I could get on with it, although again, it didn't sit well with my skin type & I found myself sighing with relief as I returned to my faithful Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Moisturiser!
A Glossybox Christmas Edition product. I used this a long time ago, just forgot to include it in my previous empties post! I loved using this! Its a lovely consistency, so rich, which makes me feel as though its working! I could just never justify the price tag to re-purchase. Shame!
Primark 4 in 1 Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes
Who hasn't really tried these? If I am ever in Primarni, I usually pick these up last minute at the till, for the sake of two packs for £1. I prefer to remove the majority of my make up with a wipe, then cleanse! These just do the job for me really. Nothing too special to say!

I have had this in my bathroom for only god knows how long. I chose to pick up a huge 500ml, as it was on offer at the time. Boy did I regret that! I just got sick of the sight of it, I decided to add it to my bubble bath. It has a lovely scent & lathers up well. Its pretty standard, really!

Again, another Avon order purchase. I was immediately attracted to the name & look of this, so I thought why not. I liked the creaminess of the product, which worked well with one of those poofy shower thingies!
This came with a set for Christmas from my Nana. I loved the scent of this, so relaxing in a night time bath! Again, this is a shower cream, so it lathers up like a dream, making your skin so soft!
This was my favourite shower gel. I just can't describe the scent. So delicious & fresh! I would definitely repurchase this! I just didn't get tired of it!
The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel
I have gone through a lot of shower products! This has a more fresh, revitalised feeling & scent, which I loved in the mornings, to awaken me! I love the oriental looking packaging, too!

Finally, the last body product! I found this tub lasted me a life time! I did enjoy using this, as I do with ALL of The Body Shop Scrubs! This was so fresh & clean smelling. Leaving my skin so soft & smooth!
I have also reviewed these here (link). These just completely refresh my hair, especially after using too much heat & I feel like my hair need some much needed TLC! I've used these for years & will continue to do so!
I remember my Mam using these years ago, when I lived at home, so I thought I would give them a shot myself. I picked up a sachet to see how I went on. This left my hair SUPER soft & just made my hair feel so healthy & every other positive descriptions you could say about an amazing product!
Pantene PRO-V Colour Protect Colour Seal
After getting my hair done, I picked this up to protect my hair & keep in the freshly dyed colour. I thought this was lovely & the concentrated conditioning powers just made my hair feel alive & revived!

Just a basic shampoo I picked up. Its been a while since I have used Herbal Essence, so it was a nice change to try. This is aimed at smoothing & softening your hair. I think it did do that, although nothing as groundbreaking as some other shampoos have done before.
N.Y.C Quick Dry Top Coat
I have had this for just too long now. I have finally finished it! I usually flitter between different polishes, although I ran out of my trusty No7 Top Coat (wah!), so I thought I would finally finish this off! I found it did quickly dry my nails & strengthening them, also. If I could find it, I would repurchase it!
I absolutely need this little baby in my life! Its the most perfect top coat for my nails. Dries fairly quickly, adding a lovely glossy shine, also extending the length of time my nails chip!

I was quite sad to see this go. Its been a good little friend to my nails! Just a spray on your nails, adds a oily residue, which so immediately dries my nails. I loved using this, especially when I have applied a fair few layers, through nail art. Its been a great product!

So, that's my second empties post! Sorry its been so long! I just kept adding empty products to my empties box, not realising I would have to review the huge pile!

What do you think of this post & the products included?




  1. I've never thought to try the primark wipes, but like you I only use wipes to remove the worst of my makeup before cleansing. Two packets for £1 is good! Xo

    1. I always pick them up if I remember or see them! I think they are handy to remove the most of your make up, meaning you don't have to waste your nice cleansers! :)


  2. All three of the last products for nails look interesting although I think I could only get them by the internet since I have not seen them here. Could you please give me some idea of the prices for those three or where I could get them if you have gotten them by internet? Thanks.

    1. You can click on the title of each product, which are linked to the products website. If they are not linked, you will be able to find them on eBay/Amazon.

      The No7 Top Coat is £7.00.
      Nails Inc. Fast Dry Spray is £9.00.



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