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Nails of 2011!

I thought I would make a little blog about my nails throughout 2011, before we enter the new year! As I scrolled though all my images, realised how bad quality some of them are, although at the time, I didn't think I would be taking them for a reason, just to show off my snazzy nails. So I do apologise about the shoddy phone camera pictures, but you'll get the gist just the same!

So I'll start off with some nail designs I wore during the start of the year, I believe..
As I quite obviously haven't taken pictures each & every time I painted my nails, as far as I am aware, I started these during the summer. You may also be able to tell I'm not a neat nail painter! I personally don't have the patience to perfectly apply each stroke of the polish brush against my nails, with out touching the edges. Nor do I have the patience to use a cotton bud to remove excess polish. I simply apply my nail polish - usually on a night time - & it usually comes away through the duration of chores, etc the next day. Suits me fine! Unfortunately, I won't be able to remember the brand or names of these polishes, as they could quite simply be any, as my nail polish collection is ever growing!

So, the first one is a light pink base, with the famous Barry M Crackle Effects Nail Paint in Black over the top. I was obsessed with this effect when it came onto the market, which I still am, even if it is so last season! I have a very personal taste when it comes to my nails. If I like it, I like it. Who cares what anyone else thinks?! Okay, I'm blabbering.. So, this is the outcome. I believe I used a old N.Y.C Top Coat, as that was all I had at the time, just to seal in ll the layers & protect the effect on top.

Moving on is the sparkly nail. I believe I used the same light pink as a base, & then added numerous amounts of this beautiful glittery polish on top. Unfortunately, the quality of this photo does not give the polish any justice what so ever. In reality, it is very eye catching, girly & perfect for day to day looks!

Finally out of this selection, my favourite! I used a Rimmel Black nail polish, with a hint of shimmer in. Its a lovely colour, as with the shimmer, its slightly less harsh then a solid black. I used 2 -3 (possibly 4) coats of Barry M Holographic Nail Paint on top. I could honestly wear & rave about this product all day long! Its super pretty. Gorgeous pieces of holographic particles, that are multi-coloured. I think this look is great for a special occasion or birthday, as it does look very busy & full on, I always get compliments on this nail look, as its so different & eye catching! The Holographic Nail Paint does take a long time to dry, but that mostly comes down to applying so many cots. Not a lot of the particles come out with the brush, so by the time you've applied your wanted amount of holographic-ness, you've also applied copious amounts of clear nail polish! This makes it a nightmare to take off, but I think its so worth it!
So, I think these were summer nail looks, as I decided I preferred white in the summer, as it looks more fresh & light.

The first one is a very baby pink Barry M Nail Paint shade (I believe named something along the lines of Strawberry? Probably wrong!). Over the top, I applied the white version of the original Crackle Effects Nail Paint. I thought this made all of your nails absolutely pop & add something extra to your look, especially of you were just wearing a simple white tee! I'm still in love with this look (once it was cleaned up), as I am with the next photo! Cannot wait for the summer to paint my nails bright again!

Next is pretty much the same as the other one just with another Barry M Nail Paint in a very bright lime/bogey (ew, but I love the colour) green. This is perfect for the summer & is the only really time I will wear it. I remember when I first purchased this years ago, I was too scared to wear it in case of other judgemental people - but I thought what the hell! Never regretted it!

Lastly out of these three is a lovely very light, sheer pinky colour, that is two tone. All of the colours in this polish are between pinks & purples. To add something else, to jazz it up a bit, I decided to ass Barry M Holographic Nail Paint to my ring fingers. This gave a lovely subtle, yet beautiful look. Perfect for a wedding, or something special. I love this one! Shame the photo doesn't give it any justice!

So the last of my little photographed collection that I dug out..

I love this stripey one! I used a silver polish, most likely out of the Rimmel range. I then took a Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner (luckily on its last legs, & I had a new one ready), & applied this in downward strokes. This technique is something I definitely need to work on, bit  thought it looked really effective for my first try! I think by this time, I had invested in No7 Base Coat & Top Coat, so I would have applied these before  after. I really want to try this one again. I have since got No7's Nail Art Set, which I am very much looking forward to experimenting with! If anyone would like to suggest or request any, let me know!

Second last.. I obviously done this very close to Christmas. I chose a old very Christmassy coloured red, & applied a Green Collection 2000 Gell Glitter Eyeliner to create stripes, relating to a candy cane, using alternative colours. I thought this was a great effect. However, I would have liked to let the liner dry longer than I normally would with a polish, as mine smudged & smeared once I applied a generous top coat, to seal everthing in. By doing this, I lost most of the glitter colour, but it still looks effective! I love the idea of using a eyeliner if you can't get your hands on proper nail art pens. They create the same effect & are excellent for practisng. You can also pick them up very cheaply by MUA from Superdrug. I believe for around £1-£2? Bargain!

Nearly ending.. This is the same base red coat as the previous one, just with a e.l.f Gold Glitter polish on top. I believe I only applied 1-2 coats, as I wanted the red to peep through, too. I loved this look.

The final nail design of 2011...
I recently got this one done, just in time for New Years Eve at a salon. I've just completed a separate post about this look. Its a beautiful white gel on the majority of all the nail & Swarvoski Crystals on my ring fingers. Very glamorous! I really do love this one & just want to show everyone!

So that's my nails of 2011. I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it. Its been lovely reminiscing about the times when I had my nails painted in these designs - if that even makes sense.. (Anyway!). I am very much looking forward to experimenting with different looks & designs in 2012. I'll be sure to post about these as soon as. Maybe even some step-by-step tutorials? Any ideas welcome for posts! I'd love to hear/read about some of your alternatives!

Here is some of the products I could remember using:

Any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



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