Friday, 22 June 2012

49p Superdrug Sale & Primark Haul!

I have literally just got back home from a bit of shopping & thought I would share my lovely little finds! I will start witht the exciting stuff, incase anyone isn't interested in the teeny clothes haul.
So, I casually dragged my other half to Superdrug, to have a browse at the MUA stall. Conveniently, the stand next to it had a 49p sale, including lipsticks, nail poilishes, foundations, concealers, you name it, basically! As you can imaging, I immedietly dived in, amongst the other girls, of course!
I was tempted to pick up some colourful gel eyeliners, just to own, however I thought I would probably have no need for them, & stuck to what I knew I would use & love - nail polishes!
I found these little Bourjois gems, in mini form. So cute! I decided to hunt for the colours I would most likel;y use, so I picked up these.
L-R: Emplettes a New York, Club a Miami, Sunset a Rio & Cocktail a Barcelona. 
I love the colours I chose. Especially the second fom the left. I can imaging it would go beautifully over the first polish!

l also picked up this cute little Collection 2000 mirror. I don't particularly need it, but for 49p, I knew it would come in handy! It comes in basic packaging, however, inside the mirror is protected originally by a plastic sleeve bag & a velvet style sleeve bag. This would make such a cute gift to someone!
Primark Haul!

Lastly, I picked up some tees. I've recently had the builders round my home for the last week (urgh), so I've needed just some T-Shirts to potter around the flat in, opposed to my PJs! I planned on looking in the womens section, although their section was quite limited for me, or at least what I was looking for. My other half quickly suggested (before I took a tantrum. I hate being a woman at times!) for me to look in the mens section, which I do quite often anyway, although didn't think of doing. Brownie points for him!
 First: Mens section - £3.00.
Second: Mens section - £2.50.
Third: Mens section - £4.00.
Fourth: Womens section: £3.00.

I love the tops I picked up. I was looking for oversized, slouchy tees I can care-free throw on & not have to think about at 8.00am. I will defiently look in the mens section again for these types of tees!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Apologies on the quality & photography of the images. I was in a mad rush to immedietly upload this post for you guys!

Have you dived into the Superdrug sale? Mens tees - Yes? No?

Thank you!




  1. I LOVE the owl vest, there's never anything nice in my nearest Primark :( x

  2. Its the only thing that really caught my eye! I'm not too keen on the cut of it, but I'll make it work!

    My Primark just depends whats in. If you see it on the day, buy it on the day!


  3. Lovely haul hun Ax


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